To many conservative Americans, former Vice President Mike Pence is a traitor. Many believe that he could have done something about the 2020 election, but chose not to.

Still there are some of those who support what he did, even conservatives.

Regardless of how we feel about what he did or didn’t do, there are still many things that we don’t know about that day. However, we can learn more and more as people like Pence tell his side of the story, which is exactly what he’s done.

Recently, Pence wrote a memoir titled, “So Help Me God” in which he talks about what happened on January 6th. An excerpt was released by the Wall Street Journal:

Thirteen days after the 2020 election, I had lunch with President Trump. I told him that if his legal challenges came up short, he could simply accept the results, move forward with the transition, and start a political comeback, winning the Senate runoffs in Georgia, the 2021 Virginia governor’s race, and the House and Senate in 2022. Then he could run for president in 2024 and win. He seemed unmoved, even weary: “I don’t know, 2024 is so far off.”

In a Dec. 5 call, the president for the first time mentioned challenging the election results in Congress. By mid-December, the internet was filled with speculation about my role. An irresponsible TV ad by a group calling itself the Lincoln Project suggested that when I presided over the Jan. 6 joint session of Congress to count the electoral votes, it would prove that I knew “it’s over,” and that by doing my constitutional duty, I would be “putting the final nail in the coffin” of the president’s re-election. To my knowledge, it was the first time anyone implied I might be able to change the outcome. It was designed to annoy the president. It worked. During a December cabinet meeting, President Trump told me the ad “looked bad for you.” I replied that it wasn’t true: I had fully supported the legal challenges to the election and would continue to do so.

Here is the ad that Pence was referring to:


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  • How did Pence throw Trump under the bus? Not seeing the logic here. Trump jumps to conclusions–usually he’s right but he never was right about Mike Pence. Pence did what he had to do under the law, the Constitution.

    • BULLSHIT. Pence is a traitorous catholic, Trumps downfall was trusting too many of them. Why was Pence elbow bumping Pelosi if “he was doing his duty” Pence is a liar and thief and catholics stick together above all else to screw someone over

    • Mike Pence did have Constitutional right to request change in electorate in 2020 and knowing that the election was stolen with a fake votes, he should of done something to request different outcome by demanding new voting, recount under a heavy control, having technology and equipment to verify every vote, which with computers doesn’t take a whole lot of time or manpower to do it…Mike Pence was against President Trump entire term as VP….however, he does have a right to his own opinion….WHAT’S DONE IS DONE….MIKE PENCE CAN NOT CORRECT THAT….

    • The lohic here is that VPOTUS was the last line of defense against the contested election. it was his job, NOT to rubber stamp the lies, but send the electors back to audit their votes & rectify the contested status (not just recounts of fraudulent votes ; all that was done). Otherwise there was no reason to have him certify; no point to that step existing. Our founders put in checks as well as balances, for reason; that was 1 of them. By just rubber stamping, Pence betrayed EVERY voting American citizen! He left us with a fraudulent system we can no longer trust to be fair to ANY candidate, or honest at all.

  • They are stupidly one issue voters against their own interests. Abortion is not the only issue facing the destruction of the country. Birth control, condoms, the morning after pill & a little self control from promiscuous sex makes it a non issue except in cases of rape or incest. They should grow up & see all the other rights we are losing….free speech, health freedom from being forced to put experimental products in our bodies, censorship of our physicians & people in general, being spied on by our government, to name a few. Free & fair elections!

    • Leslie, I’ve mentioned previously on a different article that Democrats vote for the party and not the politician’s history, mentality or character. That is why I cannot understand how Christians and Jews vote for Demon-crats. I can understand why many vote that way because they are afraid of losing their free government entitlement. Leaches never worry about anything or anyone but what is important to themselves.

      As long as they get the free stuff, they don’t worry about inflation, income taxes, real education or corruption. Actually, I think that they encourage corrupt people to run for office…………..

    • In rape or incest, MURDERING the 2nd VICTIM of that crime only adds to the pain, shame & guilt of the1st victim; that does NOT “help”her in any way. What she needs is support & therapy, & TIME !

    • In the U.S.A. is not two parties working for well being of the citizens of the land and the builder of the wealth and prosperity of our country.
      Both parties should be a “PUBLIC SERVANTS” and as such is voluntarily seeking that role and obligations ….they campaigned for their position with “citizen’s donation”, promising to serve the citizens and group of people in their State or District….THEY’RE NOT DOING IT….they misuse the campaign donated money….they look for their “paycheck”, which is high…and their own interest….NOT THE PUBLIC they should serve as an “advocate/representative”…
      I have always questioned…why do citizens should pay for their campaign? They’re all wealthy and they should take campaign expenses on themselves!
      Why are they paid $176,000 a year salary to start, plus all the expenses and have a secret service guarding them 24/7, all on a taxpayer expense?
      The citizens / Americans are not united to stop that ABUSE OF TAXPAYERS EXPENSE….The politicians clearly don’t care for Americans….THEY ONLY CARE FOR THEIR BANK ACCOUNT, especially liberal=communist=dems….they’re stealing, lying, discriminating on every step they make.
      There should be a term for all of them….8 years maximum for any political position!!!
      When they’re done serving the “community”, they’re a regular citizen and should take care of their own expenses whatever care of their home, healthcare, protection or anything else…..
      Any politician, spreading racist, nationality discrimination or political discrimination among the LEGAL U.S.A. CITIZENS and pushing COMMUNISM DOCTRINE in the U.S.A. should be immediately removed from the position as a “PUBLIC SERVANT”. They should be eliminated rights to run for any political post in Federal or State Government / Elections.

  • Pence is a traitor on more than one front. He has no spine and no guts to make a tough decision. He cannot be trusted when the going gets tough.

  • Story makes no sense, what does is these have become two personas non grata. Don’t care to ever see either one again.

  • Pence is one of the jackals that have jacked this Country. He is the devil’s advocate in the spiritual sense. We all know that he was the evil Haman for President Trump(in modern time), also was responsible for backstabbing justices that we know as the last 2. These were all Pence’s suggestions to Trump. He is the ultimate worm that slithers on the face of this earth- rhino and never cared for him when President Trump chose him for his VP. He betrayed not only our greatest President ever, but this entire Country. His “eyes” told all about what he is made of and it’s purely evil.

  • I never liked Trump’s choice in Pence. He is a dull RINO. The D’s seem to have no problem in holding off results in elections, he could have done the same. The report was in only 1 day before this and it was supposed to be turned in to them in December. There was division in the agencies that investigated the election and some knew it showed evidence of outside interference, let alone what went on inside the country. He could have said we need to go over this report and have an audit on the evidence. I have never seen one side persecute a president so much in my life. Trump won. We know it and they know it. Biden BRAGGED about their cheating. Our country has been captured from within, in every agency. There is no longer any justice. They are bent on destroying our country. You are blind if you do not see it going on around you everywhere.

    • Another well written and thought out statement and completely right on !!!! People on here are really hitting the mark with their thoughts and saying just what is in my mind as what is going on and what needs to be done !!

    • If you consider finally seeing the truth in broad daylight back-stabbing, then I would say it is you that has been drinking too much of the Cool-Aid.

    • Pence didn’t even allow or open the floor for any questioning of the electoral votes. That’s all he had to do. Pretty arrogant for Pence to think all by his lonesome self that he was the one that could change an election outcome!
      What a dumb bell. I think the question for Congress; Senate; VP and Presidents did you ever READ the CONSTITUTION?

  • I am beginning to pay some attention to Pence, not because I am also a Christian, but mostly because most of the time he makes sense. Time will tell.

    • I am just the opposite. I once thought he was right on the mark where as now I realize it was all a show and now his true colors are coming out and that is why he appears to be a Democrat and probably always was !!

  • I think that Pence was bought and paid for by the Dems. I remember watching him and the way he was acting around Pelosi. He sold his soul just like the Dems have.
    He may as well go home and stay there because there is NO way I would ever vote for him.

  • No matter how you try to spin it, Pence is a no-good pos that stabbed Trump in the back. Another example of just how deep the swamp is! Pence COULD have stopped things dead in their tracks. He knows as well as the rest of the country that the election was stolen and We The People and America are suffering horribly because he is a traitor.

    Think where America would be today if the crooked politicians and courts hadn’t allowed a stolen election!

    • Yes and many of us will agree 💯 percent. Pence’s are attached at the hip with all the ‘Republicans In Name Only” RINO’S for sure‼️ The everything about the Stolen Election and Jan 6th. was planned and a set-up by Nancy in lock step with the D.C Swamp Creature’s and our so called Justice departments.

  • Mike Pense tries to blame Trump for everything, but if you look back on his actions while serving as Vice President you will see that from the very beginning, the only moves Pense ever made were to enhance his own position. Never did trust him.

  • Duh! just about all of Trump endorsed candidates lost. There is no way Trump will ever be president again. People will vote against him no matter who the democrats nominate. The man will sabotage the 2024 election if the republicans nominate anyone else. Why is he attacking other republicans who did well this election. He is an albatross around the GOP’s neck. He has absolutely no class.

    • What rock did you crawl out from under !! His record on this general election of endorsed candidates as of this time is 216 wins and only 19 losses !! How is that bad ??? I say that is a great record !!

  • I don’t care if you dislike Trump’s Tweets! I don’t care if you dislike the openness of his speaking! I don’t care if you dislike Trump for whatever your ignorant rants. But, to dislike him for everything he’s done for you, us, everyone and this country is just plain stupid! This man has done more to help this country than Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush the elder all put together!!! Read up on his accomplishments and you will be surprised. If you just want another Obama , someone who says what your ignorant ears want to hear than go kiss up to him. If you want to hear truely what needs to be done, what is going on, and no BS than you would understand President Trump! He speaks his mind and that’s what the people love! Yes he makes mistakes but what president doesn’t. At least he makes them working for YOU , and not against YOU, like the America hating Obama, or the dope Bush, or the moral less rapist Clinton! People who can think know what Trump is all about. People who want just another lying politician don’t have a god damn clue!

  • Sending disputed certificates back to the state legislatures is not overturning an election, simply delaying a decision (certification ),until fraud or counting of illegal ballots was investigated.

  • Who is panzy ass, worthless , Rino Mike Pence to throw ANTBODY under a bus ???? Rino Pence has been under the bus and that’s where the dimwit will stay . Republicans hate him and the socialist democrats are just using him.

  • Does anyone else remember seeing the way Pence and Pelosi acted when they were together on stage at the Capitol? I think the Dems paid him big money to do what he did.
    Someone needs to look into this idea!

  • While Dems are leaping with joy that their cheating has once again been successful, Republicans are being stupid donkeys and blaming each other. Just stop it, for pity’s sake. Do something useful, like putting all that energy into working out how to stop the Dem cheating. You are letting conquer and divide work for the Dems and turning true Americans away from you. I have always firmly supported voting no matter what, but now I know my legal vote will be negated by cheat votes and Republicans will do nothing but wring their hands and let it go on I am about to decide to throw the towel in.

  • Dear Mike Pence,

    There is only one person that I hate more than Joe Buy-Dung – THAT’S YOU.
    There is only one person that I hate more than Killary Scankles – THAT’S YOU.
    There is only one person that I hate more than Nasty PigLousy – THAT’S YOU.

    Here’s the deal Mikey Boy:
    If your name is on any ballot I will vote for the other candidate. And I don’t care who that ‘other’ candidate is. If it means for the first time in my life I will vote for a Democrat – I WILL DO IT. Even if that Democrat is Joe Buy-Dung, Cackles Harris or Satan himself.



    And if somehow you win the RNC Primaries – good luck winning the General Election without 75 Million votes.

  • Didn’t like Pence as VP, don’t like him as a Prez candidate at all.

    Don’t like him period.

    Don’t trust him, period.



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