A lot of talk have been happening recently regarding public schools for various reasons. Sadly, the common denominator in these discussions has centered around violence of some form.

School shootings used to be a rare occurrence, now they seem all too common. Obviously, what they’re doing to prevent most of them isn’t working, but they’re too lazy to take measures to further ensure that they don’t happen.

However, many of these have been prevented in one way or another. One kid was even arrested after sharing some photos on social media of him basically planning to carry out a Columbine-style attack.

Another thing that has driven this is Tiktok challenges. From what I’ve gathered, there was actually a challenge to carry out an attack. I don’t know who makes this crap up and what brainless morons follow this sort of stuff, but it needs to change. Parents need to start taking away social media like this from their children if they really care about them.

Think about it. Schools across the country canceled school because of this Tiktok challenge to keep kids safe, but parents are going to step up and take away Tiktok from their children to keep them safe?

It’s not just kids that are acting stupid either, it’s teachers as well.

A teacher in Michigan was arrested last week after leaving threatening messages on notes in an attempt to close the school.

The Detroit Free Press reported that an unidentified female teacher “was placed on administrative leave and arrested Friday after district officials said she placed inappropriate, hand-written notes, including a threat against the school, in teacher work areas.”

The teacher has not been charged yet, but was reportedly discovered to have left the messages after school officials reviewed surveillance footage.

“One of the notes appeared to be an attempt at making a false threat in the hope of closing school,” Lakeview Public Schools Superintendent Karl Paulson wrote in a letter to the community. “Based on the facts, information and timeline, the team was confident everyone was safe, and there was no need for initiating any lockdown or other safety protocols.”

Paulson added that he is “extremely” disappointed in the teacher and that the school district takes any “potential disruption” seriously.

If you still think that none of this can happen in your hometown and at the schools in your community, don’t be so sure. Everyone believes that until it happens to them. My recommendation is to seriously consider removing your children from public schools and either homeschooling them or sending them to a private school.

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