Liz Cheney Says “2000 Mules” Was Debunked — Wireless Services CEO Sets Story Straight (Video)

When liars are forced to debate actual facts, they try to insist that what people see with their own eyes is somehow wrong. The Joe Biden administration is practiced in the art. However, debunking visible facts is a trademark attribute of most “deep swamp denizens.”

One contentious debate being claimed as untrue is President Trump’s rightful claim that the 2020 presidential election was corrupted. It was. Not only were hundreds of thousands of illegal votes counted, but big tech and the mainstream media manipulated the election narrative.

Joe Biden cheated, and his cronies in the mainstream media helped him cheat. When Americans showed up at Capitol Hill to protest, things got out of hand. It wasn’t President Trump’s fault. Many believe that peaceful protesters were purposefully encouraged to do dumb things.

The chaotic result from January 6 was both unfortunate and wrong. However, they weren’t President Trump’s fault. Furthermore, his assertion that there was widespread fraud during the presidential election has been proven with visual evidence.

The American public can watch visual proof that the 2020 election was a big fraud. Dinesh D’Souza has produced a startling documentary titled 2000 Mules. The compelling film coordinated hundreds of hours of video surveillance footage.

The mainstream media needs better writers who actually use plausible arguments. In trademark fashion, the fact-checkers are trying to sell the American public a false narrative. They’re relying on incorrect arguments to dispute an indisputable point.

Their only reason is that it is an argument based on conservative ideology. The crooked liberal mainstream media simply repeats these baseless claims. It’s an orchestrated scam. All that the likes of Liz Cheney and Bill Barr do is to parrot these false claims.

One of the more bogus claims denouncing 2000 Mules involves the use of cellphone tracking data.

Volta Wireless founder David Sinclair blatantly insisted that the claims were inaccurate. He insists that the premise these half-baked journalists are using is dated. Sinclair says that virtually all the tracking data is accurate down to a few feet.

Liberal journalists are using arguments based on technology from years ago. Sinclair flat out said, “A lot of the fact-checkers, it’s clear, don’t have the technical foundation for the comments that they are making. They are making statements like ‘experts say that the location data you get from a mobile phone is going to be plus or minus 100 feet’. While that may have been true at some point, that’s really not true today at all. It’s down to being within a few feet… And these phones are using GPS locations. They’re also using location triangulation with the towers,”

A problem arises when public officials make statements based on these erroneous arguments. Bill Barr and Liz Cheney are making public assertions that are based on lies. No one should be surprised at Liz Cheney’s making such uninformed boasts. She’s an idiot.

But most wouldn’t argue that Bill Barr is a smart man. Likewise, there were times when he was an excellent Attorney General. However, in his later years, Bill Barr seems to have grown lazy. His discounting of the overwhelming facts surrounding the fraudulent 2020 election is proof.

Bill Barr seemed to sour on President Trump. Whenever this happened, his ambitious support for truth dissipated. If the election was stolen, Bill Barr would have been entrusted with a huge responsibility. It seems that Bill Barr had his mind on other things, like lucrative book deals.


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    • We will see this drip face plant herself come November. She obviously thinks she has nailed it. How sad

    • Dizzy lizzy and silly billy think ALL Americans are as naive and stupid as they are; they actually believe WE THE PEOPLE are going to swallow all their lying bull crap. I want to see these two in GITMO with a whole lot of the deep swamp creeps. I won’t even bother to list deep swamp names – – it would take too much space.

    • Need to watch 2000 Mules for yourself. You see the people doing it, taking pics for proof to get paid, and taking off gloves. I think the documentary will make fools out of this hearing. Most ballots were dropped between 12:00 & 5:00 AM. Some Mules went to more than one Dropbox. One went to some in a different county— as I remember. We ordered DVD from Amazon. Need to watch again to get all statistics

  • Biden is the result of not trusting your fellow Americans’ intelligence and common sense. He is the result of a small group of arrogant, government payroll parasites that will sell their souls for money and power. They listen to the leaders (?) who tell them what to think and do. The media are complicit. Why? Because they see the Democrats as woke, with it, of the present not the past. However, the past is not all bad.

    • I believe the media is complicit because a LOT of money flows their way when they’re told to stick to the “approved” narrative. You can see the obvious patterns when they use the EXACT same wording on all their broadcasts. They call Trump’s election fraud allegations “The Big Lie”. They always say “baseless claims” when they speak of Trump’s claims. BLM & Antifa riots were all “peaceful protests” while the J6 protesters were “insurrectionists”. It looks to me like the reason they lie so much is that they enjoy seeing lots of monetary rewards for going along with the “master plan”.


  • This technology was used for the January 6 Rally. How do you think the FBI jailed over a thousand people who were at the rally within 6 months? Our media is such a disservice to the American people.

  • The USA is going down they’re full of liars cheats thieves greedy brats. The whole country is all screwed up. Biden Harris Clinton Schumer these people come from American towns American cities American universities American companies this is the best you can do. You get what you deserve there’s an old saying misery loves company have fun

  • The ONLY good thing about Liz Cheney is that after November she will be UNEMPLOYED !!!! SHE IS NOTHING BUT A LIBERAL TRAMP LIAR !!!!

  • LMAO! We need to change her name to make it up Liz! She will say anything since Trump rubbed her nose in her own brainwashed BS! And the movie used the exact same technology the FBI did! So if she really believed her own BS she would demand releasing the people in her jail! But not to worry she has 4 months left! Then she will be drug back and charged for lying to America! She is just another Democratic whore attempting to rob America! I think we should just deport them all and let the illegals support them! Or maybe the people are just waiting for her to lose her protection and deal with her themselves! And I am sure she would wonder why it happened to her!

  • Trump is a smart man! Bill Barr thought he could con Trump! He failed! He made claims their was no proof! He is an idiot to think that! But the government has gotten away with their criminal act for far to long! Now they are being challenged by the people and they are scared! NOBODY believes a guy that hid in his basement won anything! He could not even draw a hundred people to see him in a live event! They have worked hard to cover the evidence and have failed! The people know they are lying! They are scared the people will turn on them ! Now they are breaking the law to intimidate the people till the people set a trap and catch them! Then there will be nobody to save them like the corrupt courts!

    • @james henry james

      Recall Hillary’s words while she referred then to then, Candidate D. J. Trump:

      “If that bastard wins, we’re all gonna hang.”

      She is the whole reason for why any of this happened and STILL IS HAPPENING.
      The 2016 cheat/sore loser couldn’t have just taken her grandchildren to the aquarium, park and/or zoo.
      No, that malcontent conjured up a disgusting fictional dossier in racketeering-style cahoots with multiple government agencies; the MSM; the FISA Court as well as the Office of the President of the United States against her opponent.
      What’s worse is that she intends to throw her hat back in for 2024 but wants to eliminate all of her serious competitors before any one of them hits the loading gate.

      As far as your statements concerning the former Attorney General as well as Biden, I couldn’t agree with you anymore.

  • Liz Cheney is among the most contemptible people even to sit in the House of Representatives. She is a shame to her father.

  • Liz Cheney is a sad example of a politician. She’s not committed to her political party, her State, or the TRUTH.

  • Just look at all of the videos showing people illegally dropping election ballots in the drop boxes. Has the corrupt interviewed any of them? Has the state election supervisors interview any of them? I will believe my eyes not the liars of the deep state, facebook, twitter and all of the others who help the deomoncRATs steal the 2020 election.

  • Both Bill Barr and Liz Cheney lied to the American people! When will these liars be prosecuted? Not to mention lying Adam Schiff! And lets not forget to prosecute the courts and judges that backed the lies! If government refuses to punish these Democrat liars . The people will! And they may not like what they get! They are so brainwashed they will wonder why the people go after them Maxine Waters style. They will scream what about the law to protect them? The same laws they ignored for decades as they went after their political enemies !I feel sorry for the law that attempts to protect them when they didn’t protect the people from them!

  • The 2020 election was clearly stolen. I was somewhat agnostic until I saw 2000 Mules. The so-called “experts” who assert GPS is only accurate to a hundred feet or so are liars or ignoramuses. It’s possible they are both, but they can’t be neither.
    400,000+ votes are more than enough to have altered the outcome in the election. If we had a non-partisan FBI, this would be vigorously investigated. Sadly though, the FBI, The CIA, The FISA court, The IRS, and (obviously) The U.S. Post Office are now under the control of the Democrat Party.

  • Here is the bottom line. President Trump not only ended Bush and Clinton political dynasties, but will end Chaney’s too.

  • Ms. Cheney at 11pm Wed night on One America News please watch Capitol PUnishment, that documentary will shake your world

  • Lix Cheney has already been ‘debunked’ herself and they want to remove her!…She is a disgrace! The truth IS that Dems lied and there IS fraud proof! It will get out when all the liars get out of the way! Democrats are communist who mouth words of Constitution, but mean none of it, as they are in with all that want to bring DOWN America to communism! All they have done is because they hate America and P, Trump because he is strong and could not give rats whiskers what they have to say any
    more than true patriot Americans do! Cheney and Fems are an evil disgrace to the nation and all Dems should be removed– as well as all Rhinos!


    • Don’t they hang traders in Wyoming? And there is plenty of land as well! Scary place for a trader!

  • AND THIS! Looney Liz Cheney has gone bat crap crazy! Just another reason to send her fat behind packing! Not to mention her performance when she could not even read a tweet without screwing it up! Maybe she can run on the Democratic ticket with the rest of the brainwashed lunatics and losers! Maybe she could be a TRANS FOR NANCY PELOSI! She certainly does not deserve to live in America!

  • Liz Cheney gives bat shit crazy a whole new meaning! She has set a new standard for being a brainwashed moron! Second only to her Dad that started a war to get rich! Should we forget he ordered killed a plane full of people? Then would not allow 3000 scientists, engineers, and architects to examined the site as they all called BS! And now the foremost authority on building collapse agrees with them ! THEY LIED! Must run in the family!

  • Liz Cheney is as ignorant as she is deceitful and disloyal. And that is a huge statement. She excels at all three. Wyoming can do better.

  • NO *itch Cheney! YOU have been debunked though! YOU are a LIAR EXTRAORDINAIRE! We ALL know that 2000 Mules is spot on!

  • This proves just how much a FAKE Republican Cheney is. She is nothing but a Democrap claiming to be a Republican not even a RINO. She is a FAKE Republican who used to talk like a Republican on the record and in public but this story shows she has gone full Democrap. All that SUCKING on Democrap RECTUM has filled her head with WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER and killed off anything remotely like a brain cell or brain cell fragment.

  • Cheney and Kinzinger need to be put out to pasture. Kinzinger is such a pu$$y, that he has decided to not run again. Maybe the federal government should not pay his retirement money. Liz Cheney is going to be taken out in November. If she is going to try and run for President and runs against President Trump, she will lose big time. Some of these politicians still have a bad case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). I think it’s great that President Trump lives rent free in these politicians heads.

  • Lizzy The Lezzy is nothing but a liberal liar !!!!I can hardly wait for November, when ALL of these liberal liars will finally be put to rest !!!! REPUBLICAN TSUNAMI 2022


  • Both traders Barr and Cheney will be reminded for the rest of their life how they sold out America! I wonder how much they got paid ? I wonder how many people will spit in their food ? So far they don’t realize what is happening. But when they lose their government security the people will be waiting for the traders. And they will wonder how this ever happened to them. They were told they could never get caught! And now the entire planet knows they are traders! When the new government is in lets hope they are prosecuted and jailed! Or tossed out of the country. As they don’t deserve America! They will most likely get Clintoncide before the real leaders are exposed. Their usefulness is over!

  • I think that Ray Charles himself could clearly see the election was rigged. If anyone has the tiniest amount of logic in his brain, it was overwhelmingly clear that Joe Biden was teased about being a confused old man, nobody showed up to hear him speak at his “rally” and was widely seen as a complete buffoon as vice president.
    Trump was wildly popular, had enormous crowds showing up at his gatherings and had proven his mettle with a fantastic economy and national status. So…he made a few little wimpy liberals upest with some mean words!…They deserved it!



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