It doesn’t take a genius to understand the differences between small businesses and massive corporations.

One can afford to pay their employees a certain amount of money which is higher than minimum wage, then there are some that can’t.

Google and Apple can pay their employees more because they bring in billions of dollars per year, Uncle Mike’s Snow Cone Shack does not.

One company makes billions of dollars, the other one makes tens of thousands.

This is why the government needs to keep their noses out of private businesses because they kill businesses that way and pave the way for monopolies, making it much more difficult for everyday Americans to go after their dreams. The American Dream is fading away and it’s all because the government is moving it farther away from us.

Minimum wage is one thing that wrecks businesses by forcing employers to pay wages that they can’t afford. Believe it or not, some people are there for more than just a get rich quick scheme. Remember, they agreed to work there for a certain wage.

Having the minimum wage track productivity growth is not a crazy idea. The national minimum wage did in fact keep pace with productivity growth for the first 30 years after a national minimum wage first came into existence in 1938…

Think of what the country would look like if the lowest paying jobs, think of dishwashers or custodians, paid $26 an hour. That would mean someone who worked a 2000 hour year would have an annual income of $52,000. This income would put a single mother with two kids at well over twice the poverty level.

And, this is just for starting wages. Presumably workers would see their pay increase above the minimum as they stayed at their job for a number of years and ideally were promoted to better paying positions. If we assume that after 10 or 15 years their pay had risen by 20 percent, then these workers at the bottom of the pay ladder would be getting more than $60,000 a year.

$26 per hour would absolutely ravage our economy. You could say goodbye to your job if you’re earning under that, that’s a guarantee.

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  • Freedom of speech not withstanding, this “I get paid from home” bs is getting out of hand. As it is clearly advertising and not appropriate in this forum IT SHOULD BE DISALLOWED!

  • Poeple want higher pay than minimum, should go back to school, or go to a Trade school to learn knew skills to fill higher paying jobs. Minimum paying jobs are for entry level, or beginners in any industry.

  • People wake up the FEDS. do not have the power under the constitution to set any kind of wage min. or max. The FEDS DO NOT control we the people. They just BULLY businesses who they have no power over under constitution. And theses agencies they set up cannot make laws either. READ the Constitution. This DC government has no power over We the People, EVER! They have made up all thee agencies who go around making all these rules we do not have to follow. If it is not a law passed by the congress it means nothing if you follow the still in effect CONSTITUTION.

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  • A recent cartoon asked the question rhetorically, what exactly is the minimum wage. The answer was $0-wages increase with rising minimum wages until they reach a point where the business owner can no longer afford to pay employees. Then, the owner lays the workers off and their wage becomes $0. Everything Biden has touched so far has turned into a pile of crap so look out minimum wages-it appears Biden plans to screw you up soon.

  • If somebody looked deep into who is really running the country they would find its obama he talked about how he wanted a 3rd term thats why the election was rigged to give him his 3rd term behind the scenes because brain dead dont even know what day it is or wheres hes at…

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  • Sarcasm) Good for the liberal commie Democrats. I hope they do destroy the economy. Apparently that’s what it’s going to take for the citizens of this country to fight back with a real armed insurrection.

  • The problem with a minimum wage is it applies to teens with no job skills and adults trying to live outside of their parents home. We need a teen minimum wage and an adult minimum wage. Neither is a guarantee of financial security since only skills, education, or training can create higher wages. I would recommend a teen minimum wage of $8 an hour and an adult minimum wage of $10.00 an hour. Index them to same annual increase as military members COLA. Then, get out of business decisions.

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  • A minimum wage of $26 /hr. sounds good. Of course a loaf of bread would probably be $10 and the cost of living otherwise would be increased astronomically. The litards and other demented democrats wouldn’t care because they’re on the dole anyway. It would be the rest of us, We the People, that would suffer even more than now with an increasing inflation rate and decreasing security thanks to the “defund the police” group of America haters!!

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