Nothing says equity quite like urinating in public.

Public urination, defecation, and trash were all removed off the city’s list of criminal offenses earlier this month in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

“People have to clean up where they have defecated right in front of your door of your business,” Becky Bil, a small business owner in the city said. “We can’t have that downtown.”

Cherri Emery, owner of Cherri’s Chocol’art, echoed Bil’s concerns, telling the news outlet that “I don’t understand why it would be proposed that the law would be less restrictive than it is now.”

“I don’t understand why we would make it easier for them,” Emery said.

I truly don’t understand the liberal mindset. I have tried and I just don’t think there is any understanding to it. You can’t logically comprehend what it illogical to begin with.

“I definitely empathize with the downtown business owners too. They have invested a lot to be in downtown, and a lot of those spots are mom and pop shops where that is their life income. We want to be respectful of that. We hear them. We are listening to them, and we care a lot, but we care about everybody in the community,” City Commissioner Christ Praedel said.

What he’s really saying is, “You have told us that you don’t like it. We hear you and we don’t care. These people need to take a dump somewhere and it needs to be in front of your business where everyone can see it instead of somewhere discrete.”

How is this caring about everybody in the community? This sounds like it’s caring about a handful of people in the community rather than the majority of the community. Is there a place for prioritizing a minority of the community? Sure, there is. But this isn’t the way that you do it.

“If you see a person who may be defecating, someone in their sane mind would not do that,” Commissioner Stephanie Hoffman said. “There is an issue, there is a trauma, there is a crisis going on.”

The point is, we shouldn’t bend over backwards to accommodate the actions of someone who is unable to think and act rationally. I’m not suggesting that we should do nothing at all, but this is not something we should support in any way. We try to take measures to avoid that. If cities actually cared about helping these folks, they wouldn’t throw away money every year like this. However, they waste that cash on trivial matters.


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  • So mask up for Corona to stop the spread , but crap and pee in the streets , which is a public health hazard of many diseases , is OK ??? WTH are these lunatics in Office thinking ? I would bag it up and dump it where they park and walk into work !
    I won’t be visiting that city either…

  • Sue them, take the city to court. Kalamazoo is creating a public health crisis. Start voting the Democrat politicians out of office.

  • This is the last straw. Urinating and defecating in public is a hygiene issue and has nothing to do with equity and lots to do with health. It would be a better solution of the states will solve the homelss problem and install portable toilets for their use.

  • I am not a rocket scientist; however the first thing that came to mind…Stragically place several port-a-potties. Duh !!! No one should be expected to be a witness to this crap (pun intended) nor be the one to dispose of other’s excrement. Hand out doggie bags…whatever it takes. Clean up behind your dog and yourself. And, to think what the children are learning from this disgusting behavior.

    • Bernice used to work in the headquarters of a company that was downtown. There was a restaurant across the street and parking next to it. All those bums had to do was walk into the restaurant and do their duty but you could see them day after day just doing it against the building. So it seems you can do everything possible for these people but are wasting your time and money. This restaurant was open 24hrs a day so you can’t blame it on no access to bathrooms. Now this was 25 years ago and things are much worse today.

  • Sadly that will be allowed by the Kazoo Police. Pee and crap anywhere you want.

    Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller is a Democrat!
    Call him and chat.
    Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office
    1500 Lamont
    Kalamazoo, MI 49048
    Administration: 269-383-8821
    Non-Emergency Dispatch: 269-488-8911

    Send a message…

  • Peiie and craaap anywhere you want. Sadly that will be allowed by the Kazoo Police.

    Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller is a Democrat!
    Call him and chat.
    Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office
    1500 Lamont
    Kalamazoo, MI 49048
    Administration: 269-383-8821
    Non-Emergency Dispatch: 269-488-8911

    Send a message…
    kalcounty. com/sheriff/formcomments.php

  • What did the voters expect when they voted in liberal democrats? Get rid of the anti-American party members at every election.

  • If dogs, cats and birds can crap and pee wherever they want, why can’t we humans do that, too? Do animals have more rights than humans?
    Just kidding.
    It is incredible how fast we moderns are going backwards. We know better than to pee and crap in public. We know how it can spread disease. We have scooper pooper laws to make owners of pets remove their dogs or cats wastes. There is no excuse for this behavior unless it’s some diabolical scheme to bring more sickness and disease to America.

  • It boggles my mind to think anyone, homeless or drugger would do other in a public place. Go behind a bush or down an alley, but to do it in the open shows a morally loss beyond ones mental condition. Perhaps everyone should go over to the City Commissioner’s house and dump or pee.

  • For a long while, China was the only country in the world where its legal to literally crap and urinate in the streets.

    Let that, pardon the pun, sink in for the moment.

    “Your children and grandchildren will someday live under communism.
    You Americans are so gullible.
    We won’t have to fight you.
    We’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism so that one day you’ll wake up and realize that you’ve already had communism.
    Then, you will fall like overripe fruit, right into our hands!” ~~ Nikita Khrushchev, Soviet Premier to then U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson circa pre 1960s

    Now, let this sink in for the moment as well.

    France is another country that has recently installed “open air urinals”.

    I saw an article on the internet that was dated back from 2016, before the election, where NYC had past a law making it legal to do your “business” anywhere within the 5 boroughs that you liked.
    I don’t know if that law is still in place at this point in time or not.

    And, just about most people, by now are aware of what has been going on in the streets of San Francisco, CA

    But one thing is certainly clear to me….
    The country that has led the world as far as the various population control methods deployed on it’s own people is not only spreading diseases from laboratories around the world, they are showing anyone gullible enough to listen, how to get the very people to spread diseases from themselves, leading up to their own demise.

  • What a disgusting unhygienic policy. I’d like these people to defecate in front of the asshole’s home who approved this 💩!
    Well isn’t this a great idea no one will want to go there, business will fail, no tax revenue equals another failed city due to just absolutely stupid policies. Keep voting in liberals! When will people learn. Open more facilities to help these people.

    • There is plenty of jobs out there they just won’t work that’s to the democratic communist party, this is getting way out of hand, if anything put up bathrooms around the city, we are not F animals this has to stop immediately it’s our tax money used in ways not to be used, any able bodied person needs to get a job do the job show up on time stay your hours, then if need help, some supplements can be given to those trying not the lazy,

  • Democrats love their sewer like burnt down cities.Nothing you can do ,you voted Democrat so you have to face the consequences.

  • You ‘don’t understand the LibTard mindset’??? SIMPLE…….they are ALL MENTALLY ILL DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!

  • What seems to be the problem? This is what Biden voters and RINOs said they wanted and voted for. They got what they wanted, the rest of us got ……!

  • What a disgusting thing to do!!! Make a law that you can poop anywhere you want and not clean it up!!!! Yet you are required by law to clean up after your dog!! Make sense to anyone??? I sure hope not! These stupid laws need to be voted on and if not the idiots that make these laws need to be voted OUT!!!!

  • Bull how dam disgusting and dangerous these politicians need to have to live in shit and piss, on their streets and yards, not taxpayers we are Not F Europe quit trying to turn America into Europe Our Ancestors fraught and died not to have the perverted freaks of Europe here, time to clear these leftist woke politicians out of our government and our country, deport citizenship revoked and their families with them , want to live like animals then go to countries that live like animals you people throw these democratic politicians judges out of office rinos one world order freaks



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