Joe Biden can’t get a single thing right. He is a blundering, dunderheaded fool. With each decision or new policy proposal, Joe Biden cements his legacy as the worst president in U.S. history. This clown still has over 2½ years to go, if he makes it that far without getting impeached.

New reports from the secret service show that even Joe can’t get his choice of dog right. Less than six months into his term, the Biden family did lose a cherished pet. Biden’s 13-year-old German shepherd, who passed away in June.

This was certainly a sad moment for Joe and his family. We do not begrudge anyone the passing of a beloved pet. But it’s Biden’s other German shepherd that’s created a stir. Champ was never talked about as anything but a kind and congenial family member.

But according to Secret Service reports, that’s not the case with Major. Major was supposedly set to be re homed back in December, when the White House was gifted a new puppy and a cat. Apparently, Major had a far more aggressive nature than Champ.

At least one visitor to the White House claimed to have been bitten by Major. Using her adept skill at covering for her boss, the White House Press Secretary insisted the dog “was surprised by an unfamiliar person and reacted in a way that resulted in a minor injury to the individual.”

As time has passed, just like in Biden’s presidency, it turns out the story stretches the truth. Who are we kidding? It now appears to be another bold-faced lie. It seems that moving the dog to a quieter and calmer location hasn’t helped.

Major is at the Biden home in Delaware. It’s a place where Joe seems to spend more time than he does where he’s supposed to be, the White House. Logically, there is going to be a need for a heavy security presence when he’s there. That’s where Major now lives.

Evidently, the dog doesn’t much care for secret service agents. According to reports, there have been at least eight biting incidents. Agents are furious with how brazenly Jen Psaki downplays the potential viciousness of Biden’s dog.

Not only does she only talk about the one sketchy incident, Psaki completely neglects the other times the dog has bitten staff and personnel. Dogs are great. But when a dog becomes a threat, something must be done about the animal. Training might be an answer.

Possibly, Major needs to be moved farther away from the chaotic environment that revolves around a public figure. But to lie about it is absolutely not the proper solution. But it does fall in line with Joe Biden’s normal strategy.

Joe Biden can’t even get the presidential dog thing right. He uses the same tiresome strategy of lying, deflecting, blaming, or outright ignoring. Eventually, this strategy is going to bite Joe somewhere where it hurts.


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