Kellyanne Conway is definitely not your typical woman. She’s very assertive and confident in herself and while she served under President Trump she did a very good job.

She has now expressed the opinion that she thinks that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should not run for president in 2024 and instead he should remain as governor and serve two terms there.

According to Conway, it would be in everyone’s best interest for DeSantis to not run for president in 2024.

At the Turning Point USA conference that took place in Tampa earlier this month, a straw poll was conducted. Kellyanne thinks it sent a clear message about what Republicans want in 2024.

This week, Conway stated on Fox Business Network that the TPUSA straw poll revealed that Trump had approximately 80 percent support, while DeSantis only had 20 percent support. Conway is a former and probable future advisor to former President Trump. DeSantis only has 20 percent support.

As a result of this, Conway strongly recommended that DeSantis concentrate his efforts on completing another successful term as the governor of Florida and then running a successful campaign for the presidency in 2028.

This would, in essence, smooth the way for Trump to become the nominee.

“He’s a great Governor, he’s fascinating. He could be a two-term, and he’s got a great sense for the culture warrior part too. Ron DeSantis can be the best two-term Governor in Florida in modern history and run for President before he’s 50,” Conway said.

“The poll is significant for President Trump, because Gov. DeSantis did speak on Friday night. He was well-received. He’s an unbelievably successful and consequential Governor of Florida. But it’s President Trump who led in the polls,” she added.

Kellyanne Conway has made it abundantly apparent that if Donald Trump decides to run for president, it will unquestionably cause the field to clear up. And in the event that he makes the decision not to run for office, it is quite likely that whoever takes his place will campaign on a “America First” platform.

After removing Trump’s name from the list of potential candidates, DeSantis emerged as the undisputed victor, receiving 87 percent of the vote. The big question is going to be whether or not DeSantis can keep up this kind of momentum for the next four years. But I’m sure he’ll do fine.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


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  • I have always admired Kelly! The Democrats have only challenged her a few times and paid dearly for it! My favorite was when she was on the Wolf Blitzer show and rubbed his nose in his attempt to bring her husband into the mix and she took his entire show from him and embarrassed him! He looked like a whipped puppy at the end of his own show! Don’t ask her a question and then try to cut her off from giving her complete answer. THAT WILL NEVER WORK! GOOD JOB KELLY! Would love to pick a fight with her! Think of all the tactics you could learn. Trump chose wisely with Kelly!

    • No one could say it better, James Henry. Your thoughts and mine (on this matter) are exactly the same. I’ve thought this way for the past year and a half.

    • Got to meet her at her book signing in July. She is delightful and listens to what you say to her. Strongly recommend reading her book.

    • No! DeSantis/Gabbard. A game chsanger. I’m sick to death of Trump. Has he been sabotaged at every turn? Absolutely. But he is his own worst enemy and even though I cheered for him. I’ve had enough. DeSantis is a real leader. An adult. Trump is in bed with the WEF , Gates and Pharma. Ivanka is a WEF “ Young Global Leader”. Ditto Nikki Haley

      DeSantis has taken “ The Great Reset”, BlackRock/Vanguard/StateStreet,the WHO, UN, NATO, Faustus, corporatistmultinationalism, vaccine devastation head on. Gabbard and Musk were WEF “ Young Global Leaders”, renounced The Great Reset, ESG head on.

      Trump has been silent but for attacking DeSantis and Musk in the most despicable, puerile, shameful, unwarranted vileness. He attacked Mahar for endorsing DeSantis. Attacked Rogan for endorsing DeSantis.

      As he crowns himself “ King of the vaccine, claiming to have saved “ millions of lives” as people are dropping dead and continuing his baseless attacks on those who did nothing to hurt him. Nancy Mace, for God’s sake!

      He hasn’t done a damn thing to help the Jan 6 prisoners, no plaudits or recognition of Drs Atlas, Malone,Risch,Kuldorff, Zelenko, Ladapo,Hatfill,Buttacharaya, Gold,Alexander, Kory, McCollough, Oswui,Smith,Mikovits, , Levitt, Sethi,Ionnides,Mercola, Shiva,Ionnides, Mullis,No tributes to RFK Jr., Montagnier, not a nod to Navarro, Flynn, Turley,Iversen,Brand, Greenwald, Taibbi, Bret Weinstein, Neil Oliver,Farage, Lara Logan, Sharyl Attkisson, Lee Smith,Terry Turchie, Bill Binney,JW, Project Veritas, Ian Miles Cheong, Revolver,Glenn Beck, Leo Terrell, Ron Johnson, Dr Ben Carson, Morgan Ortagus cheated from her Tennessee candidacy, nothing to Scott Pressler, Brandon Straka,Brandon Tatum, Pastors Scott and Burns, Sonnie Johnsoon, Rob Johnson,Dave Reaboi, Zudhi Jasser, Asra Nomani,no recognition of Roxanne , the other unarmed female stampeded on and beaten to death by the Capitol police,… fuck him!

      • Hello….do you realize Gabbard is a WEF Young Global Leader and was a CFR member for 5 years. They are cleaning her up to run but they can scrub her globalist affiliations all they want but I have the CFR rosters and took a screen shot of her as a member of YGL before they scrubbed her. The fact that you obviously are too easily impressed by a pretty face and obviously do know research is why this country is in free fall

  • A lot can happen in 2 years. Odds are Democrats will cancel the 2024 election after stealing this years elections. The DNC election fraud apparatus …is still intact!

    • Sadly, I agree. Our country is lost. Liberals need to wake up before we find ourselves under Communist rule. There is no doubt we are headed that way. Mandates, mandates, mandates. Not acceptable in a free country, only in Communist regimes.

  • I fully agree with Kelly Ann. I am a FL native. DeSantis has done a fantastic job for us. We want him for our governor again. The rest of the country needs to leave him alone. He will be our governor for the next 4 years, then he will have a couple of years to campaign as candidate for president. That way, FL stays safe for now, AND, the country would be able to have 12 years under Republican leadership with Trump and THEN DeSantis.
    And for those of you that are pressing to have DeSantis as VP in 2024, I say NO, LEAVE OUR GOVERNOR ALONE. You can have him in 2028. I’d like to see Trump pick NC LT. GOV. Marc Richarson for VP. He is very passionate and a very smart man.

  • trump has ZERO chance of ever being reelected! He needs to go away and die so Desantis will do just fine with Trump long gone… Trump only guaranties 4 more years of democrat control… he is a troll and needs to disappear and shut his big mouth….

    • It is people like YOU, LIZ CHENEY, and other RINOs that might give us 4 years of democrat control – NOT President Trump. It’s not likely though since we are sick and tired of you and your ilk.

    • Really, just how did you come to this determination? Trump really won in 2020, we are seeing the truth come out, the left is falling apart, and now we will start hearing who did what and how before to long. Trump is the greatest president our country ever had. Sorry Andrew, your democrat party is finished in politics! The funny thing about it is, they did it to themselves!

  • Sorry Kelly,
    The only candidates for the POTUS in the past three elections have been McCain, Romney and Trump versus Obama, Clinton, and Biden. None have the character, integrity, and leadership abilities of those such as Washington, Adams, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Coolidge, Truman, Eisenhower, and Reagan.

    Let that soak in, because that is our fault, and will be our fate.


    I voted for former President Trump against Clinton and Biden. And I will vote for whoever runs against the future Democrat/Socialist/Communist candidate. They believe not only that all is fair in love and war, but whatever leftist Democrats say and do. They lie, cheat, and steal continually. Their core value is that the end justifies the means. They are EVIL; LET ME REPEAT, EVIL.

    However, former President Trump should NOT be our candidate for the next POTUS. He had many good programs and policies, but his time wasted on McCain put Biden in office and the Democrats in power in the House and Senate.

    His criticism of McCain for being a POW in North Vietnam cost us the open Senate seat in Arizona and therefore the Democrats now control the Senate. Ten of my 1964 USAF Academy classmates (pilots) endured that North Vietnam POW torture and hell. Several others died in combat. Former President Trump never once put his life on the line in war.

    And his recent negative comments about Colin Powell are another example of how to lose votes from those who served with and respect his service to our country.

    Trump needs to read about the success of Reagan and Coolidge who focused on programs and never wasted time belittling their political opponents.

    And why does former President Trump criticize his most loyal friends and staff who may disagree with him? He is not a god and all knowing, and his biggest faults are his lack of humility (PRIDE), big ego, failure to listen to others, attacks on people because they aren’t physically beautiful, and his wasted efforts to belittle his political opponents.

    We will need former President Trump’s financial help and the support of those who voted for him in the past, and only by selecting persons like DeSantis, Haley, Tim Scott, Pence, John Kennedy, Rick Scott, and Mike Pompeo will our next POTUS and Vice POTUS be experienced and wise conservatives that can save our nation.

    Regarding former President Trump, I admire many of his attributes, but he has too many negative political deficiencies.

    Thanks from John C. Sowers
    Retired Military
    Hot Spring Village, AR

  • Firstly…..Conway should NOT be trusted! WHY people are putting trust in her, is beyond me!! She is playing a role; the role of ‘Pro-Trump’/’Pro-America’. When, in fact, she is exactly like her Globalist-doucheee husband……..ANTI-AMERICAN!

    Second……only the Low IQs think it’s a good idea for DeSantis to run in 2024; either as POTUS or as Trump’s VP. Both…….WRONG!! America would need DeSantis for the EIGHT years AFTER Trump. WHO would come AFTER Trump’s term???…….DESANTIS!!
    A lil FYI: DeSantis CANNOT run as Trump’s VP. A POTUS & VP candidates CANNOT be from (their legal residence) the SAME STATE. SO, for DeSantis to run as Trump’s VP, Trump would have to change his legal residence (ie MOVE to another state).

  • Desantis should stay Florida governor, Florida is doing well with Desantis,
    I don’t think Desantis should ever run for president,
    There’s too many swamp people that would interfere and
    Cause trouble,
    Presidency needs a majority of house or congress to get things done,
    Desantis is getting things done alot better in Florida as governor.
    Trump shouldn’t run in 2024 ,
    IF Trump looses it’s Going To Really hurt.
    There’s a difference between the popular vote and the electoral college vote.
    IF Trump runs Democrats will rig election or if Trump wins antifa rioters come back.
    Trump should pass ,,,

  • Very hard to say, even with as much I read and listen, exactly why some conservatives hate Trump. In my mind he was exactly what we needed. There’s too much PC mush with language watered down to be nearly meaningless. One finds oneself trying to determine what the hell they mean or what exactly they said and you end up with RINOs living by the POLLs instead of voting for things to help the American People’s future.



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