Amy Gutmann, who is Joe Biden’s ambassador to Germany, returned to the United States after attending the Munich Security Conference alongside Joe Biden. Gutmann, on the other hand, was forced to travel commercial back to the United States after Kamala Harris refused to let her return on Air Force Two.

Gutmann is a longstanding friend of Jill Biden, according to reports, and Kamala Harris does not trust her.

Gutmann, who was just appointed, has come under fire for leaving Munich and returning to the United States. After all, the White House pressed the Senate for a speedy confirmation, claiming that “she was urgently needed in Germany due to an expected Russian war.”

Gutmann is not on vacation and has returned to the United States, according to Joseph Giordono-Scholz, a spokesman for the US Embassy in Berlin, because she is still “in-processing” after being confirmed only a few weeks ago.

“Every effort was taken to have Ambassador Gutmann sworn in and credentialed as soon as feasible,” Giordono-Scholz said in an email, “exactly so that she could start her tenure swiftly and participate the crucial engagements with allies and partners at the Munich Security Conference.” “Ambassador Gutmann has temporarily returned to the United States to conduct cross-government consultations and complete mandatory State Department in-processing, and will return to Berlin as soon as practicable.” Ambassador Gutmann is completely committed to the vital diplomacy that is taking place at this critical juncture. Any other suggestion is totally false.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s and Kamala’s shade war continues.

Gutmann requested a seat on Kamala’s plane but was denied boarding, according to her office.

The White House, Vice President’s office, and State Department all declined to comment on the incident, indicating that there is a lot more going on than schedule conflicts.

What if anything happened that forced the two of them to make a decision? This is such infantile conduct. It had the potential to spark a huge international incident.


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