Kamala Harris has been severely criticized this week after her remarks she made earlier this week which has been interpreted as a love fest.

She’s out there lobbying for Democrats in the midterm election and trying to express her love for Joe Biden.

Judge Jeanine Pirro took the time to really rip into Kamala on “The Five” after she claimed that the Southern border is “secure” and blaming President Trump and the Republicans for the crisis. What a freaking joke that is!

“Look, I don’t know how the woman gets out of bed and faces the world. She is a catastrophe,” Pirro stated.

“The number one comedy show, which is — what is the name of that show?” she asked sarcastically.

“Look, you know, maybe when she says the border is secure, maybe you shouldn’t have to listen to anything after that because you know it’s a lie. So it doesn’t matter whether that stops someone from hearing the other things she’s saying because you know right then and there that she’s lying.”

“And then she says, ‘I love Joe Biden,’” Pirro continued, pointing out the fact that Harris had essentially called Biden a segregationist during one of the debates during the 2020 presidential primary.

“She said, ‘Having been vice president, he knows what the job involves,’” Pirro added, explaining, “She’s basically selling herself to you saying because he was vice president, he could be a good president, so I could be a good president, too — but everybody knows Joe’s a disaster and you’re a disaster, too!”

Pirro continued by listing a number of the specific problems that Harris had neglected to address, including the pervasive drug and human trafficking. Harris had been chosen to lead the Biden administration’s efforts to secure the border and regulate illegal immigration. Instead, Harris claimed that Governors Greg Abbott (R-TX) and Ron DeSantis (R-FL) have failed in their responsibility to care for migrants who had entered their states by driving them to self-declared sanctuary towns.

Here they are sending them to other states where they can do the very same thing, but Democrats are griping and complaining about it when it actually shows up on their front porch and they have to put their money where there mouth is.


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  • Judge Janine is absolutely correct – Thats all demons do is talk and spit fire until the water of truth is thrown on them and floods their own backyard. They can’t back up anything they say with action.

    • “I do” hands down she is awesome! She should be the Vice President; for that matter the President! What the hell are we doing with absolute trash in those highest offices! God what happened to America!!!!

  • Can you imagine this brainless nut case as President, God help us. She’s as bad as the faker anti God Biden if not worse,, clear out the swamp in the White house , this is what comes out of California just like the Godless corrupt Newsom.

  • An insult to women in power? I don’t know. Women said to vote for them. There would never be another war if women were in power. Well, the world today is pretty much now run by women. Are we any better off? Are there any less wars? Sorry, but women are much better suited to raise children. No one else is.

  • The democrat party,
    Is going down in FLAMES,
    because of THEIR FAILURES,
    and all of their Blames.
    Anyone who believes,
    Their LIES and DECEIT,
    Can see what they’ve done,
    and watch their DEFEAT!

  • I wonder why Willy Brown gave her 2 “thumbs up” ?? Was it her intellect or
    something else ?? Just wondering, Biden made O’Bumbler assassination proof,
    (according to Mouchelle )but will Kamala Hyena do the same for O’Biden ?

  • Kamala Harris IS an insult to all women in power. I, otherwise couldn’t care less what she’s got between her legs, genitalia-wise; Harris, who was a lawyer, a District Attorney, a Senator, now U.S. VeeP, crystalizes what John Adams said almost a century and a half ago… “One Useless Man Is A Disgrace; Two Are A Law Firm; Three Or More Become A Congress!”



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