I’ve discovered over the years that many people’s addictions, perversions, and trauma are caused by events that occurred in their early years.

Sexual promiscuity, toxic relationships, sexual orientation, and similar behaviors all appear to have their roots in events that happened to people when they were young. One commonality I’ve noticed among homosexual males is that they experienced some kind of male abuse when they were younger. Let me give you a prime illustration of this.

I used to work with a gay man, and one day I made the decision to ask him why he chose to be gay. In other words, homosexuality is not a genetic condition but a lifestyle choice. Identical twins would always have the same orientation if it were genetic, but this is not the case. While their orientation is different, their genetic makeup is the same.

Anyway, he admitted to me that he wasn’t certain as we continued to discuss it. He told me about how his uncle had abused him as a child. He eventually found that whenever he was aroused, he couldn’t help but think of his uncle because any time that he had experienced ar0usal, it would have been in the presence of his uncle and the abuse.  Having a specific experience might bring back memories of an event when our senses are connected to that event. I’m sure there are certain smells that can take you to memories of past events. Perhaps a song causes you to remember a certain time in your life very vividly.

This, I believe, is the case with Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley. I haven’t read through all of her diary, but I’ve seen enough to know that this a woman who has been severely traumatized and has some issues that she needs help with.

In her diary, it seems that she didn’t get the love that she wanted from her parents, especially her dad. So, she didn’t have a strong father figure in her life and always longed for that relationship, but it never lasted. Fast forward to today and in her diary, you can see that she has trouble with holding down a relationship.

She has dealt with drug problems as well for a very long time and it seems to be her way of trying to cope with her messed up life. In fact, it looks like she was on drugs while campaigning with her dad.

Ashley also seems to believe that her showering with her dad may have led to some of her problems as well, creating her s*xual addiction. She even admitted to having s*x with people at a very young age, but doesn’t specify how old.

Needless to say, this lady has some serious issues.

Mental health is a real issue, and some people really can’t cope and deal with it on their own.

Ashley Biden’s Diary by Sarah Westall


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  • Seems that about 75/80% of the political class is a screwed up perverted mess. They call themselves elites, they aren’t. They’re more like lowlifes. It also looks like we have the opportunity to change that trend, a lot of the new young politicians have a moral stance. And, they’re the conservative side of the isle. VOTE red, or we may very well not have another chance to straighten things out in this country!

  • And just who is surprised of pervert JOE? Why is it the entire perverted population is Democrats? Obama is gay! Hillary is gay! Biden is gay! And they all did their part to promote sex with kids! These are some very sick people! And if they don’t stop with all the perversion the people will stop them! And then they will be lucky to remain in the country! And as they have ignored the laws for decades. There will be no law to help them!

  • “Ashley believes her showering with her dad may have led to some of her problems as well, creating her s*xual addiction and she’s dealt with drug problems as well”  And I’ve always suspected Biden did something to Hunter as well, who suffers from the same afflictions.

  • A diary is a private communication with your self. It is not between the writer and other people. Anyone that would publish the contents of another persons diary is sick them self’s.

    • I agree that Brandon’s daughter should expect some privacy. In this case, I wonder, that nobody got this from her residence. She had stayed in a place, that wasn’t her residence. Someone picked it up. It could have been a mistake to have left it there. She may have been on drugs at the time and forgot where she left it. But is there the chance, it was left there purposely by her, to have her private life exposed? Was she feeling guilty about something? Was she wanting to get even with her father? Her life has been screwed up, most of her days living. Is this a subtle way to get even? Hunter has the same problem with his laptops. Most of his problems are with his drug use. Joe has had his problems with exposing himself to female Secret Service agents, when he was vice president. Maybe it’s in the genes.

  • The worst thing you could ever do to people like that (so called elitist’s) is to make them poor, somehow take or assist in making them loose the money that makes them what they are. I’m pretty sure every rich “elitist” would Epstein themselves, they wouldn’t be able to handle living like the 97% of the people in the world.

  • Article is spot on! In any case involving sex aberrations, if the person will give an in-depth explanation of their past, you will see how they got that way! And it wasn’t by being “born that way.” It was being taken advantage of by someone else!

  • Biden is targeting Conservatives like Hitler targeted Jews. Biden calls half of America semi-fascist and terrorists, that’s unity!!??? Biden has created a real opportunity for Republicans to appeal to all Americans! Biden’s hateful speech was a smear of 70 million people plus and in front of the flag and military on primetime TV. The GOP should seek to unify Americans tired of lies and hate from Biden.

    It’s the “Deplorables” speech all over again! If the GOP uses their heads from this point on, this can be the final nail on the Democrat’s coffins. Joe Biden is a weak minded evil man that has done everything possible to destroy this country and every hard working, law abiding citizen in it! That’s nothing compared to what he’s doing to our innocent children. If the GOP plays this right, they can stop him from doing anything else by taking both house and senate. Let the dementia riddled oaf stew in his horrible choices and take every domestic terrorist Democrat politician down with him. This country needs a chance to heal and recoup after what has been done TO us, rather than FOR us, like it should be. It’s time to cut them off at the knees!

    • Scary !!! Targeting mostly law abiding people that are, on average, patriots and good citizens involved with their communities and Country….. ??? The difference might be many of his targets are not passive sheep. Before his use of F15s he might study how Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan turned out. We do not want a political collaboration between Corporations , the DOJ, FBI, CIA NIA, the State Dept. and the Exceutive branch. It’s called Fascism/Marxism and is Contrary to anything our Constitution and our Amendments allows. Let us make our way without non elected people dictating how we are to live and play or gov agencies conspiring in their cubby holes to control who we vote for and why.

  • Democrats are the party of perverts! HILLARY! OBAMA! NOW JOE! They all want to make it legal to have sex with kids! Trying to make America their Sodom and Gomora! Well it didn’t work out to very for the last batch of perverts that tried that! Note they are sex trafficking kids into the country! Notice how happy they are about that? And now they are trying to teach kids in schools to be perverts!

  • The whole Democratic Party are PERVERTS female and male, obama had his hot dog and pizza parties at the White House kids brought in by Hillary and others that includes your movie stars for him and his democratic friends, not saying we conservatives don’t have some as well but if we find out we get them out with nothing but their shame and nothing is done to these democratic politicians judges criminals must start taking these people to task the hardest way possible and all benefits revoked citizenship if possible thrown out of America for natural life including their families that didn’t do a darn thing

  • biden is a miserable POS. As is most dem-o-rats and r.i.n.o’s. That’s why they must be voted out in the midterm’s. That’s the only chance we have to save America. And hold your representative’s accountable, make them do your will. If we can get conservatives that will do what must be done-biden is OUT, clamila is OUT, schumer, mc connell, pelosi -all the other sorry bastards selling us out -GONE or in prison ! But ya gotta VOTE and get everyone else to VOTE too. VOTE,IMPEACH,INDITE that’s the only way to save America before the shooting starts.

  • Very interesting read. Can’t really tell what, if anything, happened in the shower. She doesn’t show current animosity toward Joe, even shows love, but she may be repressing the details. Joe is clearly creepy & capable, but there’s no conclusive evidence here. Honestly, it’s a great read for those trying to understand addiction, especially the ups and downs. By the way, I have struggled with my own addictions. And very true observation in your article about events early in life shaping one’s sexuality. A family member was abused by a priest & he never emotionally left that age when he was abused. Very talented guy, but he never grew up.

  • And that is the kind of people the democrat party revers, and elects to high office, Clinton the rapist and Joe the pedo.



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