If you still don’t think that there’s some funny business that happened on January 6th of 2021 when protesters approached the Capitol building and made their way inside then you are either willfully ignorant, brainwashed, or deceived.

Not only have we seen videos of protesters making their way into the building after doors were opened by Capitol Police.

Not only have we seen the Capitol Police just standing by to let them walk inside doing nothing about it.

Not only have we seen extreme violence coming from the Capitol Police even going as far as pushing someone off of a very high ledge in an attempt to kill them.

Not only have we seen the unlawful detention of all of these people in violation of their right to a fair and speedy trial.

Not only have we seen people who were actually inciting violence let go completely free by the FBI with no explanation whatsoever.

But now with the sham trials that are currently going on the Biden Department of Justice is actually trying to coerce people to speak against those who were involved in the protests that day, including their very own children.

The Biden regime has actually been trying to coerce a teenage boy and a teenage girl into speaking ill of their own father in order to try and lock him up for life.

“I never felt threatened by my Father,” Peyton Reffitt (the teen daughter of the defendant) told us outside the courthouse in Washington DC. “It hurts me so much that they are saying that. My Dad has never touched us once in our lives. The only way he disciplined us was through yelling and sometimes even pretending he was mad. He was beaten by his Dad as a kid and is against that- he would never hurt us.”

“I’m so upset that my right was taken away to give my testimony of the truth,” said Peyton. “They had me on the schedule for Monday but on Friday I spoke to the prosecution. I told them that I got to see more of my Dad’s vulnerably and his mind than Jackson did, and so I was more able to understand some of the things he was saying at the time. I don’t think they liked that. They realized that what I was going to say would help my dad and not hurt him like they wanted.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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