Christina Bobb, an experienced attorney and Marine Corps Major who is representing President Trump’s 2024 election campaign, appeared on the War Room to discuss the classified document crimes and cover up of Joe Biden.

Steve Bannon, host of the show, invited Bobb onto the program after noting that there was no comparison between the two cases. He then mentioned that Dana Remus, Biden’s former White House Counsel, was not involved in “storage movement” and asked Bobb if she believed that Remus was part of a cover-up.

Bannon said,

“You don’t have arguably the most powerful lawyer in Washington DC. I say Bob Bauer and her are the most powerful lawyers because they represent Joe Biden as a person. She represented the office of the President as White House Counsel and now she’s not over there rumaging… and they moved these things multiple times.

Even NBC notes these are the most classified documents we have. They have compartmented top secret, we know they are about Ukraine. They already leaked that…Why would a personal lawyer of Biden be rumaging around that closet ma’am?

Bobb agreed with Bannon, citing that there is no reason for Remus to be rummaging around in a closet containing some of the most highly classified documents ever seen. She noted that Adam Schiff, The New York Times, CNN and other Democrats were all singing the same tune about Biden’s “inadvertent mishandling” which signaled to her that they were trying to mask something else. According to Bobb, it was very suspicious that these documents concerned Ukraine as this could indicate a more significant issue at hand.

Bobb replied,

“Quite possibly. I think you hit the nail on the head earlier in the show. It’s a clean-up job. There’s no reason for her to be out there, other than they are trying to cover up something else.

And if you have Adam Schiff, the New York Times, CNN, and all these Democrats saying, oh his inadvertent mishandling of classified documents. They’re all singing that song. It lets you know that that’s the cover-up it’s not the actual story. So I don’t think the actual story has come out yet.”

Lastly, Bannon commented on how panicked many prominent Democrats have become in response to Biden’s actions regarding the classified documents. According to him, prominent figures from both sides are disturbed by what has been uncovered so far and he believes it will take much more information before any ultimate conclusions can be reached.


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  • To anyone who’s been following this, it’s very clear what is being done to cover up the financial relationship the Biden’s had with Ukraine and China most probably. This is betrayal of our country, its Constitution and the people of America. A vice president had no right to remove Classified, Top Secret documents. Presidents do and have in the past. Trump’s documents had been declassified and were locked in a secure place as the Secret Service approved it. Anything said to the contrary are politically based lies.

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    • The Constitution specifically identifies two crimes, and the commission of either one, requires impeachment and removal from office. It appears President Joe Biden is guilty of committing both bribery AND treason.

  • I only wish to Quote Joe Biden: Ref Mar A Largo September 18, 2022—-“How could that possibly happen?” Biden said during a 60 Minutes interview about Trump’s documents at Mar-a-Lago. “How could anyone be that irresponsible?”

  • Biden has boxes upon boxes of paper’s he took when he was VP. It’s in the Biden Penn building the commie Chinese paid for, you know, like Hitlery’s pay to play scam, Biden has his pay to copy ultra top secret documents scam.

  • I wonder, did the CCP turn their keys back in to the U. that Hunter got for them. ??? I am so ashamed of our top officials doing what ever they want to get WEALTH at the expense of America. It’s way past time to stand up and speak out, Of course Garland might get you but ??? Where are all the people willing to bring all this to light.

    • There is no doubt Bidens used these documents to make deals with foreign countries to gain wealth personally. Most likely Obama was in on the deal making and made the docs available. Treason at the highest order that calls for execution. Let’s clean up our self serving government regardless of political party.

      • Exactly, just how else did Obama come up with the money to buy the land and have a mansion built in Martha’s Vineyard, and it’s also questioned about Corrupt lieing Biden having classified documents while he was a Senator then VP.?
        Selling top secret documents to the Chinese Communist party and to Iran in exchange for money.? Paying off the Corrupt Communist DOJ.?

  • NOBODY, he was never authorized to take them unless at that time Barrack Obama declassified them and told Joe to take them. I highly doubt Obama would have done that. If Biden is not removed as POTUS in the next 2 weeks for basic Treason and Bribery we will know the fix is in.

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  • Biden/ Buyden is a FOREIGN Agent. He, or, He, and his Son Hunter, have been SELLING Secrets [Treason] and selling influence, to foreign Enemies, of the USA. He has also on Multiple occasions, accused President Trump, of what BIDEN Himself, had been doing, for decades



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