Are liberals still screaming that everything is safe and secure with out elections? Because I’m still seeing a number of elections be overturned because of malfunctioning machines or invalid ballots.

Just recently the outcome of a local election in New Jersey was changed dramatically after officials uncovered a malfunction with the voting machines that had been used. Upon investigation, it was determined that the problem laid within Election Systems and Software (ES&S) voting machines and was caused by a tabulation malfunction which resulted in some votes being double-counted in six precincts located across Monmouth County.

This mishap led to a drastic change in the results of one school board race in Ocean Township. Initially, Steve Clayton had defeated Jeffrey Weinstein by 20 votes…3,523 to 3,503. However, when the tabulation errors were corrected and the vote recalculated, it revealed that Weinstein had actually won by just one vote. Both candidates were made aware of this development on Tuesday and Clayton responded by saying that he wasn’t giving up yet while Weinstein expressed shock at such a significant error taking place.

When asked about the issue ES&S released a statement through spokesperson Katina Granger which explained how this lapse occured due to a rare human procedural error during reinstallation where technicians overlooked an important step known as database optimization which would have notified them if data had been read twice during the results loading process.

In response to this mistake Monmouth County Board of Elections is seeking legal action to ensure transparency and accuracy of their electoral system moving forward and will likely be seeking court-ordered recount for the Ocean Township school board race. Weinstein has stated his elation at this news saying he’s pleased that steps are being taken to rectify the situation so he can continue serving his community. It’s still unclear why state officials did not come forward about the problem sooner than they did.


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  • When is the new House going to investigate some of the election fraud in the last two elections? The Fake Bureau of Infestation sure won’t do it. They’re too busy sniffing around Melania Trump’s drawers.

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  • Funny the more we look the more corruption we find! Democrats spent millions stopping the people from checking the 2020 election! If they had nothing to hide they would have demanded a full fair and very public examination! After all that is the exact words used by Chuck Schumer! So clearly they had plenty they want hid! And it is not just the Democrats but the court was equally corrupt making excuses NOT TO LOOK! With something as important as our vote they should not be the deciding factor but a trial in front of a jury! All 60 judges need to be investigated in front of congress! and live TV!

  • The reasons for the Machine tabulators was a health emergency created by Covid. That is now gone. Its time to put these machines away and go back to the way it use to be.

    • didn’t you hear, covid will never be gone. the rats have a fantastic thing going, and they won’t give it up. and all it is really, is just a flu virus that can be beaten. i have not been jabbed, been around sick people, and no sign of this crap. either i am a god, or this is just a super big lie on us.

  • the on;ly real safe way is that people turn up and vote with a lkegal id carD I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO VOTE WITH OUT MY PASSPORT NEVER AND I AM 79,I WAS SENT HOME TO GET IT OR MISS YOU VOTING SO I WENT HOME AND GOT IT wakw up you idiots in america the dems are the biggest lairs in the world look at the evidence; GOD EVEN I CHILD WOULFD TEEL YOU THE SAME THE ONLUY EAY IBY MAKING IT SAFE WITH YOU OFFICAIL ID NOT DRIVING LICENCE OFFICAIL GOVERMENT OT STATE ID

  • Seriously you need a pole on immigrants this is a problem with this so-called news apps nobody gives a rats ass about Trump Biden Clinton Obama DeSantis immigrants etc. etc. polls we are fucking tired of the polls .. get rid of them

  • So….What’s New? The democrat party has been perpetrating Voter Fraud since its inception! I grew up in the Chicago Area in the 60s and it was WELL KNOWN that the Democrats, aka, the Daley Machine were “experts” at stealing votes, creating votes and making sure that every dead voter still on the Voter Rolls caste their vote! Nothing has changed but the names of the Perps! How else could a Gang of Hate America Incompetent Malcontents get into Power? DUH!

  • again, this is only one of hundreds of those machines that counted votes. no matter what the elections are for, this shows that these things can screw up. either by accident or on purpose. time to start hand counting by honest outside people.



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