An insane 18-year-old Uvalde, Texas man went on a shooting rampage. After blasting his grandmother in the face, Salvador Ramos frantically headed for Robb Elementary School. Somehow, the gunman was able to access the school through an unsecured rear entrance.

What transpired next is unthinkable. Ramos barricaded himself in one of the classrooms. After telling the terrified young children, “it’s time to die”, he started shooting them in cold blood. First responders described a scene that was incomprehensible horror.

But how in the world could this happen? Schools have become almost excessively secure. Why was there an obvious point of uninhibited entrance into the school? In addition, according to eyewitness reports, it took an inordinate amount of time for law enforcement to act.

Why, with an active shooter inside an elementary school, did first responders not have a plan in place to immediately act? Jacinto Cazares, the father of one of the dead children, said he watched anxiously as a host of police officers stood around doing nothing.

Cazares even shouted out, “Let’s just rush in because the cops aren’t doing anything like they are supposed to.” Just the idea that Cazares had enough time to process what was happening and make such a vocal response clearly indicates that too much time lapsed.

The grieving father said there were no fewer than 40 armed officers outside the school. Cazares was puzzled as to why they “didn’t do a darn thing (until) it was far too late.” Even witnesses who lived across the street from the school said police seemed slow to respond.

Eventually, only four of over 80 U.S. Border Patrol agents on site entered the building. One of these agents finally shot and killed Ramos. However, the horror had already happened. A total of 19 students and two adults were dead.

Could some or all of them have been saved by swifter action? One father, plus a host of eyewitnesses, seems to think so. U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz told CNN a different story. Ortiz insisted that as soon as the agents arrived, “they didn’t hesitate.”

Someone is mistaken. Certainly, with a child inside the building, Ramos’ sense of time may be distorted. But what about the feelings expressed by all the unaffected eyewitnesses? Why do most of these individuals insist that there was an odd delay in police response?

From the time Ramos shot at the school security guard, and then entered the building, he spent nearly 40 minutes killing the students inside the classroom. Are we supposed to believe that it took over a half an hour to “formulate a plan of entry”?

If this is true, someone needs to revisit the strategies used by law enforcement when faced with an active shooter. No one is denying praise for the courageous border agents who went in and shot the gunman. But why did it take so long?

If swifter action had been taken, how many children might not be dead today? Liberals are once again screaming about gun control. As usual, their deranged ideology will not allow them to focus on the real problems.

How did an obviously insane 18-year-old legally purchase firearms? Where is the accountability for the social media posts that clearly showed he was a potentially dangerous person? Why was the rear access door to the school not locked?

What might have happened if the teacher had been armed and trained in the use of a firearm? These are the questions that need to be answered. Crazy people are going to get guns, legally or otherwise. Mental illness in our nation has been swept under the rug for too long.

As unfortunate as it has become, our schools must be secure. Any lackadaisical approach to school security must have consequences. But the left is after the guns again. They are so blinded by their own stubborn ignorance.

Guns don’t kill people. Crazy people with guns kill people. Unfortunately, 19 more children are dead because the far-left refuses to negotiate on anything but an all-or-nothing approach to our Second Amendment. Until they do, Americans can expect to grieve again.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • “… In Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748 (2005), the Supreme Court ruled that police have no obligation to protect citizens. And yet, the United States federal and state governments have practically stripped their citizens of their inherent God-given responsibility for self-protection and intervention, with the exception of those who jump through government hoops to secure a concealed weapons permit….”

    For more, see Chapter 12 “Amendment 2: Constitutional vs. Biblical Self-Defense” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at Bible versus Constitution dot org. Click on the top entry on our Online Books page and scroll down to Chapter 12.

    Listen to “The Second Amendment: A Knife in a Gunfight,” delivered at the Springfield, Missouri Firearms and Freedom Symposium. Go to our Video page and scroll down to title.

  • I’m setting here remembering what my School Resource Officer (a former Army Military Policeman) and I talked about after a school shooting. I was working as a Custodian at a K-8 school here in Florida. I’m a retired Army Special Forces NCO and had counter-terrorist training. He told me that his orders were to draw his pistol and go after the shooter. He said he would drop his keys by the trunk of his car and go. I told him I would immediately go to his car and get the shotgun in the trunk and back him up.

    Fortunately this never happened while I worked there. I feel that hiring former servicemen/women would generally improve school security.

  • Well Dr., you said the boy was obviously insane. How do you come to that conclusion. Often people who are “insane” do not exhibit that behavior. Yes he shot his grandmother, but does that make him insane? I wasn’t there so I do not know what the plan of action was. Were You? How do you know that there was not an Officer or two in the building? You are reporting on hearsay and not the fact that you were there and saw all this. I will go a step further, why did the social media not report this guy? He said that he shot his grandmother and was going to the school to shoot up the school. Why did this not get reported? Lot of unanswered questions. There is time to analyze the situation after it is over, Monday morning quarterbacking. This was a horrible incident and should never happened but there were triggers that were there but no one recognized it.

  • Per G.A. Custer, “Always ride to the sound of the guns and attack!

    The events in Uvalde concluding with the briefings held on 5/26/ & 5/27 have once again made me hold my head in shame as a retired soldier/cop. I spent first 26 years of my life as a soldier charged with training/leading soldiers and cops in ground combat and specializing in counter-terrorism tactics (As an instructor in the Federal Civil Disobedience Orientation Program[SEADOC] spent many years teaching many senior level civilian police officers across this nation how to deal with special threats [shooters/bombers]); followed by a like number of years as a municipal police chief. Sadly, the briefings given on 5/26 and 5/27 by a senior officers from the Texas Department of Safety reinforced the reason I left government service rather than starting a one man war to negate as many self-serving/corrupt/incompetent/witless politicians and bureaucrats as one man could accomplish.

    First, both of the briefings were an admission that the responders to the shooting were not trained in proper/effective tactics and demonstrated a level of absolute cowardliness. As George A. Custer stated many years ago; “Always ride to the sound of the guns and attack!” When officers aggressively close in on a shooter’s position while trying to minimize collateral damage, the shooter is usually kept occupied defending his/her/its position rather than killing hostages. In short, basic tactics include occupying the shooter by attempting to engage him/her/it in conversation while the action team/other officers close in and shoot to kill (action team members/attacking officers do not talk, they act) at the first opportunity. Remember; “Wounded animals are still dangerous, dead ones not so much!”

    Second, stop blaming guns/ammo for killing people. Guns do not kill, people do! However, as a soldier/cop/Texan who has hunted game and/or men all over Texas, all three Americas, the Near/Middle/Far East, and Europe, I personally challenge any individual to demonstrate why one would use .223 or 5.56 super sonic ammo loaded in 10/20/30 round magazines, and fired from any semi-automatic type gun to hunt game. For the sake of the ladies and/or the wimps among you, I will just say as one who has personally shot men and seen many men hit by 5.56 super sonic ammo, that you do not want to shoot game with the same. The tissue and bone destruction is beyond most civilian’s imagination.

    In closing, I wish I had the authority to deal with any person who illegally or legally sells/provides any weapon to individuals without carefully checking their mental/criminal history. Farther more, I wish I had the authority to deal with those politicians and bureaucrats who stand in the way of providing/enforcing laws that keep guns (of any type) out of the hands of unqualified persons, and laws that provide for swift and proper punishment for those who violate the same.

    Have a nice day,

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

  • An answer to the question in the title…. Because either 17 Law Enforcement Officers didn’t have anything hanging between their legs to do anything about it, or the head person in charge didn’t. It can only be one or the other.

  • I bet the 4 Border agents that enter the building were former Military. They have the knowledge and training to make quick decisions and act as they go. The old west didn’t have as many killings as we do now. Don’t say it’s because we have more people. No it’s because people were armed. These chicken turd shooters wont attack an armed building like govt buildings, airports because they’ll get killed, so they attack unarmed innocent people and building because it’s safer for the shooter. If we start making places like schools, churches, malls as secured and armed as Airports, Govt buildings this will stop. But the Anti gunners have to keep this going till they get their agenda passed. Why punish law abiding Americans for something only a few do. Why do Govt workers deserve more protection than our Children. Kids should come first.

  • Whoever was in charge was completely unqualified to handle this. They already knew he had just shot his grandmother in the face, why the hell would anyone question whether he was capable of killing all the children is beyond comprehension! I wouldn’t want to carry that guilt for the rest of my life. Watching the parents shouting at the police, I just started bawling like a kid. My God, if that were my child, the heart break. I don’t know how people ever survive such a tragedy. I don’t think they can ever heal from such unbelievable trauma. God help them.



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