The Democrats are making progress in an effort that will enable them to steal any election in the future.

It really does look like freedom is on its last leg here given that they have full control over the House and Senate.

The House of Representatives just passed a bill that is going to completely wreck our election system.

Our election system is already jacked up and riddled with holes already, that’s how they were able to get away with this last one in 2020. But this bill being passed into law would be a disaster.

So what does this bill do exactly?

Well, it cancels the voter ID requirement which should be common sense, right? We show an ID for so many things in life, but when it comes to voting, it’s racist according to the Democrats. Yet, here they are trying to force everyone to get vaccinated and then to carry a vaccine passport with them, which is an ID that you have to show to go to some places.

The bill prevents states from having to maintain and update their voter rolls which is a huge window for fraud to occur.

It federalizes elections instead of them being state elections. Some people may not realize it, but in November, there area actually individual elections in each state and those results are pooled together. What they’re proposing would be something akin to getting rid of the electoral college. They know that they can’t do that so they’ll try the next best thing.

This also gives the Department of Justice too much power and grants them the ability to veto election laws that they may take issue with. That way Democrats can cheat because certain laws can be changed, added, or dropped on the fly.

Republican Congresswoman Debbie Lesko tweeted,

H.R. 4 gives the Biden DOJ authority to designate a voter ID law as a voting rights violation or as evidence of voting discrimination. H.R. 4 is an unconstitutional way for the federal government to dictate elections and a way to weaken the vote of the American people!

I hate the Democratic party. I truly do. They are wicked and incredibly dishonest. I could continue on and on about how bad they are, but I doubt I need to tell you that. You already know.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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      • The Electoral College is to make it fair for ALL states due to the fact that the States that have the most population are also predominately democratic. If it weren’t for the E.C. the Democrats would always win because the Red states have way less people. So the electoral college has 1 vote for each Senator and Representative that each state has.

      • That occurred to me, also, BUT an individual alone could not raise the kind of money or have the kind of support that they get with a party. The ones who would win are those with someone like George Soros funding them and we would be in the same mess we are now in.

      • IAN. Apparently you do not know why our Fore Fathers put the Electoral College into our constitution. They knew that if we did not have the Electoral College, states with smaller populations would never again have any say in the results of our election. Our Founding Fathers had the foresight to see what would happen when large cities with dense populations would always elect our President Just where have all of the rioting and shootings been taking place? Large cities with dense populations.

        Believe it or not, states with less dense populations are often the states that bring food and other necessities to states with denser populations.

        During a time when people wee talking about what happens if our farmers lose their financing and farms cease to exist. Where would people get food? AOC said “they will go to the store and buy it” (perhaps not actual wording, but certainly the jist of what she said). Just how does the food get to the store in the first place? Farmers grow it and canning place put it into cans and ship it to stores.

        Furthermore, where are the murders and riots taking place? In more populated areas. Certainly not in the rest of the country.

  • I am making a good salary from home $1200-$2500/week , which is amazing, under a year back I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now it’s my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone, Here is what I do….

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  • I want the names of these ‘people’. There is a price to be paid, elections or not. Shame on them. My 7th great-grandfather along with the founding fathers are turning in their graves!

  • This will go to the Supreme Court. It is a violation of the Constitution. REMEMBER folks any law that violates the Constitution is NULL and VOID and we are not required to follow it.

    • You mean like the 2020 election! This country is a total joke . Laws and elections don’t mean a thing. 70 million American citizens had their vote stolen.

    • The Supreme Court will never hear this and besides they are in cahoot with the Democratic party in DC as well as with Peolsi. Violation of constitution means nonthing to Pelosi and her crooked Party.

  • Be careful what you cheat for…you just might get it. Like letting of age terrorists into the country. They won’t check or care about killing liberals, now will they?

  • Vote ‘nullification’ and ‘rejection’ are hallmarks of Republican election laws foisted on States so minority party Republicans in charge of States may cancel elections that don’t elect Republicans. It’s patently un-American, un-democratic and un-Constitutional yet the vanishing Republican Party or Trump cult party has passed such laws in a dozen states. This piece tries to reverse the impression to paint Democrats as the dirty dogs when it’s Republicans trying desperately to suppress votes to remain in power. Add in gerrymandering with the new Census statistics and you have a fundamental change aimed for by the defunct GOP trying to steal elections like they have since 2020 Bush v Gore. Thinking Americans, patriotic partisans, minorities and those non-white surgically targeted voters awaking from a voter suppression stupor now abetted by Trump cult appointed court judges are proposing national standards for elections to stop the theft. Only an overwhelming Democratic vote in 2022 midterm elections, 2024 national and local elections and even those beyond against such coup oriented tactics to keep perpetual power for vanishing Republican incumbents and candidates will preserve this union and its unique form of federal republic with democratic elements of one-man one-vote principles. The minority cultists want dictatorship, an authoritarian governance they can control into the distant future, moves which can sink this nation forever into banana republic status.

    • you cant possibly be a dr and be that fu-king stupid! i guess you think dipshit biden is doing a great job too!

    • May God have mercy on you. Wake up man. The democrats want dictatorship, socialism and communism. WOke, BLMl, and ANTIFA and congressional democrates are destroying our freedom and nation.

    • Just another pathetic lying Communist troll paid by the word. If Trump had been a dictator, we would not be hearing from the likes of you.

    • You need to study up[ on the original logic behind the Electoral College. Also realize this country is not, nor ever was, a democracy, which the founders understood and apparently modern academicians do not, nor do they teach American civics.

    • Take a look around and then tell me that Republicans made the mess we are now in. Remember low gas prices? Republican president. Highest number of people able to have jobs at good pay. Republican. How many wars under Republican? None

      Democrat in the White House and people are dying. Others walking across our borders expecting us to give them money and other hand outs. To say nothing about bringing Covid into our country exacerbating our current problem. Now how many Taliban have come in with the crowds that were largely unchecked because of the massive numbers of people pushing into this country?

      Democrats have given us a so called president that is the laughing stock of the world.

    • You need to read what you type. Most of what you said is about the democratic party. It’s going to take many Trumps to get this country back to American standards and 2022 will be the start. Liberal commies like need to go.

    • Who’s doing WHAT to remain in POWER…??? Ask PELOSI, she knows all about that. Remember 2020 election? She was driving the bus..

  • Even though born, raised, and having lived in Texas, for 68 out of 72 years of my life, I am with you Congresswoman Lesko, I despise the Democrat Party. As one Union Civil War veteran had placed on his headstone, he called the Democrat Party, “the Party of Treason.” It was NOT founded by Thomas Jefferson, but by Aaron Burr. John F. Kennedy stole the 1960 election from Richard Nixon, and Obama stole the 2020 election from Donald Trump, by placing Jack-ass Joe Biden in office.

  • The constitution plainly says the states have the responsibility to govern elections. I would say the congress cannot overturn that but considering the judges we have now it could happen.
    I still remember that Obama changed our emigration law with a paper and pen and Roberts said it could not be overturned by Trump because of the impact on so many people though Trump had the authority to do so.

  • Dont worry the Democrats will be destroyed by their own doing , lets face it they are in the end only there because people elected them , they will be dragged out of office ,tried , convicted and dealt with before this is over !

    • I probably have relatives that have voted from the grave.. “NO”.. they were Republicans.. their vote wouldn’t count anyway. !!

  • This is an unconstitutional power grab. Any attempt for the fed. Govt., to control the electoral process is unconstitutional. Hr4 or any other voting rights Bill that the liberal commie Democrats propose will never pass muster in the Supreme Court, which is one of the reasons why Lying Corrupt Quid Pro King Joe wants to pack the Supreme Court with all radical Judges. This way Corrupt Quid Pro will have all his unconstitutional polices rubber stamped. The voting process was specifically given to the States under the U.S. Constitution. All Hr4 is going to do is legalize the corruption of the voting process. The liberal commie Democrats want a one party rule, Democrats ruling the U.S. for the next 100 years, and a government patented after Communist China. At the rate America is going, America won’t last another 100 years. A 2nd American Revolution is long over due.

  • In future elections I will DEMAND that they see my ID! I DETEST Democrats! They are completely corrupt and everyone of them in Washington are criminals! The Democratic party MUST be totally dis-banded and every single one of them arrested!!

  • Fortunately, Senate Republicans were able to block this bill from coming to the floor of the Senate, and there is a strong likelihood that even if it had passed it would have been declared unconstitutional.

  • You don’t have to go past the “no voter ID” to know that if we allow this to take place we might as well just hand our entire government over to Democrats, people who often don’t have a good grasp on what is needed to keep this country safe for the people. Any political party that would run a senile man for the presidency, then steal the election in order to make that happen has got to be un-American at best, and truly corrupt at nost.

  • Our only hope right now is that the Senate will not vote to confirm it. I think the federalizing of elections might eventually be declared unconstitutional by SCOTUS but that would be after the effect and some elections were compromised in the meantime (difficult to undo).

  • C’mon this isn’t fair at all…Pelosi must be stopped can’t you see there’s something wrong with her. She’s not thinking rationally….

    • Of course she’s not thinking rationally–she’s a Democrat! And a “California Democrat” at that. I can’t wait for her to be deposed as Speaker of the House!

  • I have not found one legitimate reason for any democrat in DC to continue to live on this planet! The worst human scum of the earth is what they are and always will be! They are the party of death, lies, violence, sexual perversion and corruption! They traffic in child sex rings, collude with the enemy, They sold out to the Taliban and left thousands of Americans, Afghans, and allies behind enemy lines! Justify why any of them should live to see another sunrise!

  • At this point, May the Good Lord forgive me, but, I wish the Movie “Designated survivor was real” it is what needs to happen, we need to get rid of all in D.C. and start from scratch all over again, What they are doing, and the republicans are guilty as well, is that they stole our rights, the most fundamental of them all…to vote… they already steal our purses/wallets/ they stole from Social Security, they are stealing our lands (Imminent domain). They spend OUR money as if it is their purse,,,Now not even the slightest case of a “Representative Government:” because voting now is a joke… We are just slaves now, just without chains other than to our bank accounts!

  • I don’t believe we have any more honest Democrats, how could they agree with what is going on in America & vote for this bill. Disgraceful, I will never vote for another Democrat.

  • Do these Democrats wants to be murdered? There are huge numbers of patriotic Americans ready to kill and die for their country. Many have already died in service to the USA during out history and we thank each and every one of them for their sacrifice.

  • No bill should be pass period on any voting Rights that we should have according to the constitution and and Laws of the States either down with the Corrupt Democrats and anti- Americans and Communists too

  • The Demos are just trying to “rig the elections” which they have ALWAYS tried to do. What a pathetic group of Americans….cheat, cheat, there MOTTO.

  • Senate still would have to ratify the bill except for one thing they would have to make an amendment to the Constitution since it changes the authority of the States to control their own elections. I pray that the 2 Democratic Senators will continue to require a filibuster and that it will still require 60 Senators to sign on. This is illegal indeed because it does require an amendment to the Constitution which means 3/4’s of the states have to sign on.

  • You deserve what you get when you vote in one who cares only for them self! You sold your vote for free stuff. Still happy?

  • Hard to Imagine how BAD the DEMONcratic party has gotten since about 1962, did the communist party sneak in about then? Seems like I heard somewhere that they would take America without ever firing a shot. Coming true unless good American people manage to get on the scene and turn things around. GOD ALMIGHTY help America now before its too late. Stop stolen elections, get the sorry people out of authority in Washington and put in GOD fearing people in office where they can make good judgement calls on things refering to America’s furture.

  • There are no honest people in our government anymore. These people that we the true American people put in our government do not work for us. The people in our Congress and Senate do not work for the true American people. These people work for the illegals.

  • HR4 is un-Constitutional because of the 1st and 10th amendments for a start. It is the most anti-American piece of rubbish ever conceived by the hateful democrat cabal, especially the doped up speaker of the house Nancy ‘the crook’ Pelosi!!

  • The bill is clearly unConstitutional because the Constitution gives the states the authority to manage and conduct elections and if the SCOTUS does it job, the bill won’t last one month and even if it doesn’t, the states can just ignore it like all the Democrats officials who illegally changed voting laws during the 2020 election without going through the state legislatures.

  • Why doesn’t the US simply split into two independent countries, the United States of America and the United States of China!



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