It was difficult to understand at first, but apparently there are many people in Russia who are unaware of just how badly things are going in Ukraine as Russia continues to wage war.

I’m sure that they’re aware of the war as a whole, but are not informed on the travesties that are taking place because of Putin’s brutality.

The reason that they don’t know is because they have state-run media that only shows them what they want them to see. (As a side note, this is why the First Amendment is so important in our country). As a result of this, people across the world have been doing what they can to try and make sure Russians know what’s going on.

There has been an effort to help people know what’s really going on by leaving reviews on Yandex, which is a Russian search engine.

Restaurants were flooded with reviews that people could see, but now a group of hackers have made it easier for people to make them aware.

Hackers created a website which now allows users to choose Russian telephone numbers at random and send a message to them informing them about what is going on in Ukraine.

As part of this mission, squad303 set up a system earlier this month that allows people to send texts, messages on WhatsApp, or emails to randomly selected people in Russia. Hosted on the site, the program encourages users to let Russians ‘know the truth’ and ‘know the power of the free world’.

“We the people of the world have a message to the Russian nation,” the site explains. “A nation that is to pay a huge price because of the shameful decision of the dictator Putin to attack an independent Ukraine by armed forces. The joint action of all the states of the free world, as a response to Russia’s aggression, will lead to the collapse of the entire country.

“However, nearly 150 million Russians do not know the truth about the causes or course of the war in Ukraine. It is fed with the lies of the Kremlin propaganda. There is no free media in Russia and the internet is censored. It is possible for each of us to convey a direct message to the inhabitants of this enslaved country.”


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