At the first positive case of COVID-19 nearly two years ago, Americans were urged to listen to the experts and follow the science. Almost immediately, the confusion started. People have been told so many different things about COVID-19, it’s impossible to keep them straight.

One of the most damaging aspects of the worst global health crisis in over 100 years is the hypocrisy by liberal politicians. Blue state governors enacted Draconian lockdowns and triggered burdensome mandates, only to be caught violating their own orders.

COVID-19 policy by the liberal left has been “do as we say, not as we do.” It’s happened so many times it’s almost comical. One of the biggest loudmouth hypocrites in the U.S. House of Representatives is an infamous member of the so-called progressive “squad”.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is a prime example of a rich, spoiled elitist who believes in one set of principles for the peasants and one for herself. The state she represents, New York, has probably the most restrictive COVID-19 policies in the nation.

These insane policies have done little to nothing to help prevent COVID-19 surges. In fact, even with one of the higher vaccination rates in the country, New York is experiencing one of the worst case counts for Omicron.

The vaccination is not doing what Joe Biden and the rest of the liberal COVID parrots have squawked. “The jab” does keep you from getting the COVID-19. Furthermore, experts insist the vaccine as opposed to natural immunity may make you more susceptible to being infected.

Again, the total incompetence by health professionals, entrusted with providing the nation with sound medical advice, has been astonishing. Now AOC is not only a perfect example of liberal COVID hypocrisy, she represents how ineffective the vaccine is against the Omicron infections.

During the Christmas holiday, AOC was spotted in “party-hearty” mode at a Miami, Florida drag queen bar. She was videoed without a mask, hugging and being joyously cordial. No one really had a problem with what AOC was doing.

The aggravating issue is with how adamant she and her other liberal COVID crazies are over everyone else adhering to mandates. Again, New York has a mask mandate for just about every situation. Children are required to wear masks in schools.

Mask warning signs are plastered all over New York City. We suppose you might even have to mask your dog if you take it walking through Central Park. It’s pretty much insane. Well, there’s no problem with AOC traveling to Florida to step away from her state’s tyrannical mandates.

But she still insists that every living creature must get a vaccine. The liberal left continues to defend Joe Biden’s nationwide vaccine mandates. How odd for AOC. This hasn’t worked out well. During her little party escapade in the “Sunshine State”, AOC apparently caught COVID.

We don’t begrudge AOC for having some fun in Miami. There is no need to point fingers and ridicule her for catching COVID-19. However, AOC and the rest of her liberal elites need to stop telling everyone else how to live. They violate their own mandates.

Liberals inflict burdensome requirements on everyone else, restrictive mandates that are destroying people’s lives. The level of hypocrisy is disgusting. If something like karma really does exist, AOC just got a healthy dose of it. Oh, and she caught COVID-19 for her trouble.

Photo Credit: Chile Satelital


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • aoc is toxic, I am so sick and tired of then saying wear your mask, wear your mask, then turn around and do shit like this….SICK OF IT

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    • Besides she’s *utt Ugly as a Donkey s Rear Quarters ! I don’t know how old U R Lisa ! But back in my Younger years there was a Comity Show
      on Television by the Title of FRANCIS THE TALKING MULE. And every time I see AOC open her Big Butt Ugly Mouth it reminds me of FRANCIS
      the all round DONKEY .

      • Let’s go Francis the talking Mule. Spread the word, spread it wide. Wherever, wenever, this mule speaks, get the chant going.

        A “so sorry” to the real mule, I know you are very insulted.

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  • Could she have already been exposed and have it before she went to Florida and just not showing symptoms yet?
    Was she tested before she left to go to Florida? Just wondering.

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    • No ! G.W. All Deranged and Deplorable DummyRat are required to have the Nose Jab like U and I are. And they are All exempt from getting VACCINATED. Piglosi , put forward a Bill saying that the Congress body
      need not need to be JABBED.

  • Ah, yes…the never-ending PlanDEMic known as “COVID-19.” This is no more a health crisis than the flu several years ago. No, this is not the worst outbreak in over 100 years, rather the most exploited, hand-wringing, pearl clutching overreaction by nit-wit democrats ever as a ploy for you to give up your freedom. Every day a new lie is spun by the Fauxi propaganda machine. When will people wake up to the fact that it is all a LIE?!?! EVERY little bit of freedom people give up in the name of “safety” is gone forever. Soon there will be no freedom left.

    Resistance is NOT futile!

  • The real question is … did she get it there or did she go there with the China virus ??? Now Florida is a clean state with low and nextvto none cases so iam guessing she didn’t get the China there . Somif she went there with the China virus did she know she had it and planned to help spread it in Florida ??? Won’t put anything past the delusional democrats, specially when it’s about the Florida governor . They hate him as much as they do Trump and are trying to take him down too . Would that be a criminal offense if she did try to spread the China virus in Florida for political reasons . Corruption don’t stop at the door , it runs all the way through everything . And knowing the delusional democrat party as i do I have no doubt she knew . Did her special privileged white supremacists boyfriend get the virus too ??? I’d band her from Florida in I was the governor of Florida .

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