Radical California Governor Gavin Newsom wasted no time letting everyone know it will be liberal business as usual in the Golden Gate State. Newsom weathered the unique California recall process by twisting truths about his legislative agenda.

Many conservatives wholeheartedly believe that the final tally was rigged in Newsom’s favor. If anyone had any doubts whether the California governor might heed the voices of disgruntled Californians, his signature on a recent voting bill quickly erased all doubt.

Newsom is the poster child for progressive Democrat’s push to open the door to national election fraud in America. Democrats do not want safeguards in place to prevent fraud. They live and get reelected through the use of fraud and deception.

California just opened a huge window of opportunity for his party’s fraudulent pursuits. Newsom’s signature allowing universal mail-in ballots adds to California’s already overwhelming opportunities for voter fraud.

Ballot harvesting is legal in the state, plus there are an unnecessary plethora of drop boxes strewn across California. The new bill makes California the eighth state to officially legalize mail-in ballots for every registered voter, not just those who make a legal request for one.

What liberals see as a way to encourage voter participation really just encourages fraudsters to prey on the system. It’s simply another opportunity for Democrats to rig elections in an effort to illegitimately secure power indefinitely.

California ballots will be mailed to registered voters with prepaid postage included. All someone needs to do is grab the ballot, fill it out for whomever they wish, and shove it in a mailbox. To think this doesn’t open the door to election fraud is idiotic.

However, Democrat politicians aren’t stupid people. They know exactly what will happen, and Gavin Newsom’s signature helps ensure their goal. After surviving the recall, his signature on California Assembly Bill 37 erases any doubt about his radical intentions.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk


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