Republicans are really expecting some big results in the upcoming midterms. We’ll soon know the results of all of the elections taking place across the country.

But it’s not just Republicans that are expecting to take back Congress. Most Democrats acknowledge as well that Republicans will once again gain control of the House and possibly even the Senate.

I think that many people are wondering what will happen when the new members of Congress are sworn in if Republicans do indeed gain control of Congress. Well, I can save you a little bit of trouble and tell you that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has told us what to expect if they win back Congress.

According to The Daily Caller,

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans are gearing up to investigate the Biden administration over a variety of issues should the GOP retake the House in the midterms this November, according to several discussions with ranking members of Congress and McCarthy.

Topping the list of GOP targets are Biden’s DOJ, the Department of Education and the border crisis. Republicans also intend to prioritize inflation, COVID origins and Big Tech.

As it gets closer to election day, McCarthy told the Caller that “a House Republican majority will be ready on day one to exercise Article I authority to hold the Biden administration accountable.” McCarthy said that “every congressional committee has an oversight responsibility, and under a Republican majority we will finally get the answers the American people deserve.”

Some Republicans are hoping to impeach Joe Biden, but I don’t think that this will happen because Republicans are not anywhere near as vindictive and childish as the Democrats are. I don’t even know why they bother impeaching presidents when they don’t have enough control over Congress to convict him. It happened with President Trump obviously, but the same thing also happened with Bill Clinton. Republicans impeached Slick Willy, but because they didn’t have enough control over the Senate, they were unable to convict because Democrats don’t convict Democrats.


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  • Hopefully they will follow through with these goals. In the past, when the Republicans had the majority edge, they wanted to be “nice guys” an not go after the corruption on the left. IF McCarthy is serious and he can get enough colleagues to join in, we could finally see the Democrats get what they deserve for their corruption.

    • We should all be worried about this. What Republicans “plan” to do to the Democrats is usually just part of their campaign to get the majority, but is quickly forgotten about after the election. It shouldn’t be this way, but our side needs to give everything right back to the Democrats that they’ve given us. I don’t want to hear things like, “We’re not going to sink to their level”. That’s the talk of a loser.

  • I think this is a case of “Counting your chickens before they hatch”. We can only hope the Republican wave is as strong as the poles are predicting but don’t forget we are dealing with Democrats. Anything can happen.

      • I must admit some hesitation in believing Kevin McCarthy, he was, after all, a protege of Paul Ryan.

        We must hold his feet to the fire to keep his word.

        • McCarthy cannot be trusted, what he says is just to win and then he does nothing or as little as he can of whatever he promised. I hope we can keep him out of the Speaker’s chair, he’s just like Ryan and Boehner before him, two faced phonies.

    • “Don’t count chickens is exactly right.” Here it is election night and many questionable actions are being employed by other side, including shutting down voting machines, etc.

  • Let’s hope that Republicans stick to their words to investigate the corrupt biden administration. biden has done so much to harm this country in such a short time that it’s almost unbelievable, and to not investigate and hold him accountable would be akin to how Democrats refuse to hold criminals accountable today.
    Weaponizing government institutions such as the DOJ, FBI, ATF and others and using them to illegally carry out an agenda that could not be put into affect through Congress or using government institutions in order to attack political rivals are things that must be stopped. A president who refuses to do his sworn duty by protecting this country and it’s borders cannot go unpunished.
    And as far as impeaching biden, IMO it’s something that must be done. It would not be vindictive or childish as the author implied, it would be showing that even presidents must be held accountable for their actions, and it would be done because there are without a doubt, illegal and unconstitutional acts being done by biden and they have to be stopped and biden held accountable. The American people are tired of high ranking politicians getting off scot free whenever they commit crimes. They are tired of them becoming multi-millionaires off the backs of hard working Americans, and even when their crimes are exposed, getting off without suffering the consequences.
    Just because Democrats have made a mockery of impeachment of a POTUS, and have used it as a tool to use bogus and fabricated charges in order to remove a sitting president doesn’t mean that impeachment is something that should not be done when the circumstances exist. Impeachment is something that should be avoided if possible, but when warranted it should be done in order to prove that the US is a country of laws that apply to everyone, even those at the top.

  • I sure hope this is true. Th Den of Corruption is (like most of Amerika) swimming in lies, fraud, deceit and (what use to be men) dis-honesty. I will not be content with half of Amerika being of the communist mindset. The other half blind to their agenda (death & debt).

  • Why would the democrats be upset…? Could it be that when they are done with Biden, they will have to go after the rest of the rotten party?

  • It doesn’t make sense to impeach Joe Biden after the midterms unless it is for treason, or high crimes. Why? The idiot you’ve got and know is better to have than the idiot you’ll get if you’re successful! And just look who we have waiting in the wings! :O

      • Wait until the swearing in in late January, vote Trump in as Speaker of the House, then impeach both Biden & Harris, making Trump next in line. Install him back for the remainder of Biden’s stolen term so he can run for his legitimate second term in 2024. How’s that for a Democrat nightmare!!!?

        • Good idea except I fear, the evil, completely without any redeeming character Commucrats will find a way through the internet to change the numbers; just as they did in the Arizona election last week. Poll workers stood and watched as the “completely trustworthy” machines added thousands of numbers to the Commucrats and never counted nor gave any to Kari Lake. Saw the process as it was being recorded on video. Look it up. The pole workers were absolutely stunned. George Soros must pay his minions well.


  • Don’t want McCarthy as anything he is a rino, need to put a real Constitutional Conservative as speaker, done with these wishy washy politicians need good honorable honest Strong politicians ready to fight for the real good not made up perverted garbage

  • Is anyone outraged about the ridiculous “investigations” against Donald Trump? They can’t defeat him so they want to put him in jail. The leftists have to be removed from the government.

  • Whatever happened to a Congress that passed bills that were of benefit to the American people? I agree that the Bidens need to be investigated and sent to jail but that is not Senators & Congressmen’s sole purpose. If they spend all their time investigating and not getting done for the American People, they won’t be any better than the do nothing congress we have now. Investigate but please get something done about taxes, Inflation. the border, China, and oil independence. PLEASE!!!

    • The bills will be for oil and the reverse of everything Joe Brandon did. I would say those are the most important bills done immediately.

  • for what , doing his job . the democrats screwed up and broke every law we have in the last 2 years. so yes they need to be put on the spot for their corruption in our government. time to show no one is above the law. that go’s for the fbi, doj, ss, and every other law officials. don’t forget blm and antfia too. there the biggest terrorist group in our country, thanks to the democrats .

  • It’s not just the investigating and impeaching. Through all these ‘oversight committees’ we’ve also learned that there is nobody, not one agency, even though everyone can SEE with their own eyes it was unconstitutional, and still nothing is done, no arrests and imprisoning these traitorous clowns. There has been SO MANY lefties that have lied to congress……..and NOTHING happens. So they gather tons of evidence, enough to hang ’em, so what. In the end NOTHING happens!!! Sen McCarthy, I’ll believe it when I SEE it!!! And I’ll believe it more if it was Jordan, or Hawley, or Gaetz, Greene, Boebert, or Katie Lake in charge rather than some RINO!!

    • When you don’t have control of the Senate nothing will ever be done. We must get control of the Senate first.

  • He had better do all of that and more or he’ll not be speaker long. Republicans have been quiet gutless whipping boys far too long. We require impeachments of all top Dems and in 24 we require the firing of the directors of any top personnel in the FBI, CIA, NSA and any other collaborators with the true threat to democracy, the weaponized arm of the Democratic Party that gave preferential treatment to the left while persecuting the right in any way they could.

  • Number one I would never tell what I was going to do until after the election and have been sworn in then drop the hammer, pardon the pun.

  • Whatever it is that Keven McCarthy (the likely new Speaker of the House) may or may not be planning to do after Inauguration Day, 2023, IT’S NOT NEARLY ENOUGH to make up for what the despicable Dems disingenuously perpetrated against President Trump and those who supported his Make America Great Again agenda.

    November 3rd commenter RB (below) covered the topic pretty well, but all elected Republicans need to move affirmatively to implement a plan to address correcting the major issues of the economy/inflation, crime, the 5 crises occurring simultaneously at the southern border (humanitarian, public health, human trafficking (for labor and sex), drug trafficking and national security), and the major increases in big-city crime (murders, violent gang-related and random assaults, and smash a grab robberies, etc., that have occurred since Joe Biden took office; and it’s related directly to the defunding of police, the soft-on-crime Soros-backed DAs and the Democrats who run those cities, many of which are deemed “sanctuary cities.”

  • This is the last chance the country has to stop the unbalanced justice system we have with the liberals , the corrupt demo party and the fake media w/o violence.

  • The democrat Criminals must be Brought to Justice! These Rats have committed Acts tantamount to Treason! Remember what they did to President Trump? I hope the Republicans can “Walk and Chew Gum”! They can Undue the Garbage Biden and the democrats did to Our Country at the same time they are investigating and Indicting the Criminals! No More Mister Nice Guy…..Time to Unleash Hell on the democrats.

  • The Dems keep saying we are going to steal “democracy” when, in fact, what we are doing is saving FREEDOM!

  • Don’t count on any of this, the Republicans have very little courage. However they are good talkers, talk talk talk and NO action.

  • Don’t count on any of this, the Republicans have very little courage. However they are good talkers, talk talk talk and NO action. We need real courage.

  • Hopefully , the Republicans will grow some bigger balls and come down HARD on the crooked dems !! Like Boozer Pelosi and her inside trading deals , Crackhead Hunter buying a gun ILLEGALLY , the Crackheads overseas money deals , Perv Biden and how he is involved in the Crackheads financial deals , asswipe Eric Swalwell and him banging a chink spy , why slut Nancy Pelosi turned down 20,000 National Guard for Jan. 6th ,, investigate the CROOKED liberal F.B.I. and dismantle them etc.etc.etc. Contact your own State Republican senator and DEMAND that they get in gear and start putting the crooked dems in jail .

  • Release all of the Jan 6 people being held in DCs “gulag” and other places and drop all charges.
    That should be the first order of business on Jan 1.

  • Every one of the Biden Administrations policies and Executive Acts by the pen should be immediately ended and reversed, especially the war on oil products and wasted money given to Ukraine when this money should have been used for housing for Veterans who are homeless and other American Citizens who could use low cost housing and medical help. No money should be spent on illegal aliens who break our laws and enter our country illegally , at best funding to find them and send them back to any point of entry from which the illegally came in. As much money as necessary to build a wall complete and secure our borders from such as well as all of the drugs and slave trade of humans by the Cartels must be spent to protect American Citizens.

  • This too is just drama. McCarthy will not persecute anyone because the Dems (commies) have laced all the positions of power with party loyalists just like all totalitarian regimes and there will never again be free and fair elections or any alternative choice in governance. It’s been obvious since Comey absolved Hillary and it’s taking years for it to begin to hit the conscienceness of a large swath of the public. TOO LATE.


  • McCarthy, there you go again, showing your true colors before you even have the job, this exactly why you are not going to be the Speaker of the house. It is not being vindictive to rid the country of a bunch of crooks, it is just a shame we can’t get rid of all of them, oh wait, maybe there’s a way.

  • What do the Dems expect when we are dealing with the most corrupt administration in my very long life span? Suck it up, children, things are just beginning to evolve.

  • Look I hear that Steve Scalesse is going to run for speaker trust me I think he will eviscerate these criminals in congress. Cuz that is what we have, we also have watched Mc Carthy not fight!! when he should have .. We can no longer afford do nothing republicans this a fight for our country and yes we won the majority in both house’s the media drummed it up to be way more than it was. Think about it this it is a rigged system we did what we were told to do and we pulled it off.. Take the great expectations out of it and don’t forget they will play mind games with you all that listen to the main stream media they will gas light you miss lead you and that is what they did but i digress

  • We have seen this song and dance one to many times! Then they will blame the law! Procedure! Or not wanting to be like the Democrats for doing nothing! Fact is if there are not harsh consequences for Democrats and the Media, DOJ, FBI, the entire DC judicial! And the rest! They will just do it again even worse! When it is Democrats they just ignore the law! Soon the people will do the same! As what is the point of electing another mouth full of excuses! Some of the DC judges need to called in front of the people to explain why they allowed a jury full of Hillary donors? And why the rest of us can’t fill the jury with our buddies? And we need to start keeping those in jail like they did with the Jan 6 people! That includes judges!and DOJ and FBI!

  • Why tell them what you’re going to do before you have the House secured. You’re just making them work harder to win.

  • They need to investigate all who supported that FARCE Democraps, FAKE Republicans and RINOS call the Election of 2020. Start with Nutsy letting ANTIFA and BLM TERRORISTS into the Capital Building and the FARCE Democraps have been running since then what they(Democraps) call the Jan 6 investigation. Then work back to find all those who CHEATED Pedo Joe into office. Next go after that Pedophile and his Family start with Pedo Joe. Next go after Hunter not only for selling access to Pedo Joe but also for his acts of INCEST and drugging his niece so she would have sex with him. In FACT go after EVERYONE involved in the actions taken that caused the people to be arrested for Jan 6th events. Go after all Democraps who have since 1960 gotten away with every crime they allowed others to get away with or commit due to their stripping Laws of their ability to punish. As for Nutsy she needs to be put out and down for covering up her husband’s crimes and the one where he was attacked. The MORON MEDIA is hiding the FACTZ to protect her.



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