For a democracy to survive, the elections of government officials must be secure and accurate. Anything else will destroy the public’s trust. Unfair or potentially compromised election results will destroy a democracy quicker than anything else.

Timely and valid election results are essential. If there appears to be the slightest discrepancy, the vote totals must be checked and rechecked if necessary. When it comes to discrepancies, there have been far too many in recent U.S. elections.

The 2020 presidential election had hundreds of perceived discrepancies. Many experts still do not believe the final outcome of that vital election was correct. They point to widespread evidence where the actual vote count did not realistically match the final numbers.

There are those who believe Joe Biden cheated by manipulating the election process. There’s a growing suspicion that the same thing may have happened again during the midterm elections. The gubernatorial and U.S. Senate elections in Arizona have raised eyebrows.

The number of glitches and errors both during and after the Arizona midterms is astounding. Pennsylvania had questionable errors even before Election Day arrived. There were legal battles initially, but many of those have been dropped.

Georgia had issues, despite providing a solid foundation for vote integrity with new election laws. A single, overlooked memory card turned out to be vitally important to the outcome. This one memory card full of uncounted votes flipped the results in a special election.

The race ended up being decided by 31 votes. Initially, Madelyn Orochena was declared the winner. However, upon discovery of the memory card of votes, Lynette Burnette was pronounced the winner in the Kennesaw City Council race.

No one has yet provided any details about what happened to this memory card or how the votes on it were overlooked. Orochena told WSB-TV that she’s “just doing all that I can do that’s within my rights to regain some confidence that this was a fair election.”

Burnette released a statement to Fox5 Atlanta. She said that she’s “humbled to have the opportunity to serve the people of Kennesaw.” But she almost didn’t get this opportunity. This is just another rather bizarre progression of events surrounding an election in the United States.

These bizarre events are happening far too frequently. They completely undermine the public’s trust in our vital elections. One of the most crucial U.S. Senate elections is about to have a runoff.

Republican Herschel Walker will try to overcome the odds and defeat incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock. The outcome is tremendously significant. It will establish the guidelines for the makeup of Senate committees. It could also leave the U.S. Senate split evenly at 50-50.

Despite VP Kamala Harris having the tie-breaking vote, the Georgia runoff is far from inconsequential. All eyes will be on Georgia on December 6. What happened in a Georgia city council election should never happen. Lost votes, regardless of the reason, are unacceptable.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Isn’t it ironic that you can go gamble at a casino and they have no problem (1) taking your money & (2) paying out with extraordinary accuracy.
    Second, how come we can get money from an ATM and it’s accurate.
    Third, why is it we can pay with a credit or debit card and instantly verify if the transaction is valid, yet we can’t tabulate votes accurately???????? While I’m sure there are a lot of dedicated poll workers, I’m also sure there are many, many unscrupulous people who need to be in jail over voter fraud.

  • The Manifesto of the New Democrat Party: “If at first you don’t succeed – Cheat, by any means necessary.” Well whadda ya know about that – that’s what they do. What’s equally concerning is that in spite of all the ALL the evidence and and rationale NOT to vote Democrat; people still do. To paraphrase or quote Trey Gowdy – ‘that is mind-numbingly stupid’…

  • It still amazes me that each time someone wins the Lottery we know within hours exactly where the winning ticket was sold and exactly how many hit enough numbers to also win money. How about we go back to Election Day and stop this nonsense of Election Months. It makes those dishonest politicians want to cheat and the longer they have the more cheating takes place.

  • I remember the votes back in 2000 between Bush and ‘inconvenient’ liar Al Gore, where (I believe in Florida) they found numerous boxes of ballets in some democrat guy’s car trunk. On another occassian I recall hundreds of republican poll watchers being thrown out of the poll places so they couldn’t watch the cheating going on. Of course, mail-in ballots, ballot drop-off boxes, and illegal voting machines are the best voting system for lying cheating communist fascist racist democrats, because nobody can eye-witness their cheating. That’s why we should have voter ID, and in-person voting ONLY. If ya can’t make it to the polls on the designated DAY with your ID in hand……TOO BAD!!!

  • The courts have already spoken, fraudulent elections are legal as long as the democrats party wins, they stated that much in the 2020 elections, and the courts see no reason to change their minds now, no matter how much cheating is found!

  • Well who was responsible for that chip? This does not sound like rocket science! It was somebodies job to collect the chip. Who was that? Who was given it to transport? I still remember the mother daughter that was counting votes from under the table after sending the observers home! Yet don’t remember anybody ever being charged! So why is that and why aren’t the people in charge being held accountable? Seems the OH WELL! BS needs to end. And if they are part of this big a screw up! They need to be banned from anything government or voting again! That goes for Judges saying well we will let it pass this time! As that certainly is not following the law!

  • All ballots should have serial numbers printed on them and coincide with the persons name. Have one ballot for every registered voter.

  • If you keep up with elections like I used too you notice the largest population in some blue states hold back the vote count till all the other voting areas are counted doesn’t happen every where because not every state has these commies counting votes..the only possible reason for this is so they can come up with the number of votes in order to cheat the rest of the people in that state out of the real choice chosen by a fair election ..I saw with my own eyes on t.v. In the 2020 election the numbers on the election count run backwards on Trumps count and immediately Biden count run forward by the same amount..these scumbags could care less what we think..! Who is going to stop them..that gestapo FBI…nah ..that commie Merrick Garland…nah police. ..they just shoot innocent people and get a way with it ..what we need is people like the ones who fired on the British at Concord and threw that tea into the harbor at Boston

  • anything to add controversy and this time they learned from before not o OVER Stuff the votes and load more than those eligible

  • Everyone knows the elections are crooked, it is known how some are done and who has been part of it. Now the big question , what has been or being done to correct it? Answer nothing, we write about it, bitch about it but nothing happens. No one pays the penalty for one of the most serious crimes against the American people. WHY? No one with the legal rights will take it on. Are they all involved?

  • let’s begin right here in Maricopa Co. A do-over.
    Only vote in person.
    Only with valid photo ID.
    Only with valid voter registration.
    Only paper ballots with #2 pencil.
    Only hand counted
    Watch what happens. A whole new ball game.

  • I keep mentioning this all the time. The communists/socialists/satanists want a revolt in this country. If we do not revolt they will eventually take over by passing unconstitutional laws that somehow seem to pass the courts review. Either way they have put themselves in a win-win situation and we regular citizens in a lose/lose situation.

    While the evil people here on Earth will face an unbiased court in the after life, they generally get away with it here in the mortal life. It is obvious that almost all our formal governments, in almost all countries, have declared that we WILL return to a medieval system of government, that is to say the very wealthy and the extremely poor, with NO middle class. Even the United States, which was formed to prevent this, have fallen under the statist belief that “our elite” are somehow better at deciding how we should live than we do.

    When PRAVDA deigns to report overseas news we see the same thing happening to other countries that HAD moved up to citizen government. I am afraid that if world citizens don’t take back their countries back we will experience a true HELL on earth as Satan through his earthly appointed rulers destroys as much as possible of our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ plan for we his children.

    Brothers and Sisters, pick up your Scriptures, read them, understand that the natural man is an enemy of God and His Son Jesus Christ. You must reform your self through the Holy Ghost to be acceptable AND to learn how to conduct yourselves in a manner acceptable to God. Then we can take back our countries from Satan’s appointed leaders.

    • The only law that is valid is in the US Constitution. These evil DNC operatives can make all the laws they want and it means nothing so if authorities come to your door with their new laws send them packing one way or the other…its Facism no different than Italy WWIII. What gets me is the amount of DNC voters who vote D because mom and dad did. Well this is the same DNC that started 4 conflicts and failed and could care less about the people time to change thinking and shut off the evil demonic TV

  • Anyone with a Brain knows that Pedo Joe was CHEATED into Office. The LIE about there being no FRAUD is being proven WRONG with all those Democraps going to prison. The MATH says there is no way Pedo Joe won especially with 10 million more votes than Obozo at Obozo’s highest approval rating. Pedo Joe carried fewer counties and even fewer voters in those Counties. Simple common sense says you can’t get more votes when you have fewer voters. So how could a man who COULD NOT get two dozen people to attend one of his rallies get more votes??? TRUTH SAYS he did not and that FRAUD was rampant to make it look as if he won.

  • “Georgia Election Results Flip After Mysterious Memory Card Surfaces”

    Returning to paper ballots and one day in-person voting eliminates these technological monkeyshines, folks.



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