Ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, virtually every political expert predicted a sweeping Republican victory. Even pundits who supported the Democrat Party expressed the likelihood of a “red wave” for conservative candidates.

As the dust settled across the electoral map, the red wave was little more than a pink trickle. The final results were anything but a sweeping victory for Republicans. Contrarily, it was a truly disappointing election cycle. In fact, it was demonstrably disappointing.

So, what happened? Political strategists immediately began dissecting the bizarre outcome. By all indications, with a president’s rating that was poor at best coupled with a huge sense that the country is heading in the wrong direction, Republicans appeared primed for a rout.

Some Republicans did obliterate their opponents. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio won landslide victories. Ohio’s J.D. Vance beat down his Democrat opponent Tim Ryan to win one of the state’s pair of U.S. Senate seats.

There were some other encouraging victories by Republican candidates. However, far too many projected victories turned out to be disappointing defeats. Some Republican supporters are furious. But who should conservatives blame for their underwhelming performance?

President Trump zeroed in on one specific race. Most felt Dr. Mehmet Oz was an odds-on favorite to knock off the radical progressive John Fetterman. After a stroke, Fetterman’s health was seriously questioned. Additionally, he was one of the most far-left candidates on the ballot.

But Oz got drubbed. The race wasn’t really even close. As in the Pennsylvania Senate race, Republicans must search for the reasons why they lost so many projected winners. Didn’t they provide voters with appealing candidates to rebuke the failed presidency of Joe Biden?

That’s probably the most likely reason. As the country now looks towards the critical 2024 presidential race, that’s where the Republicans’ strategy should be focused. But that’s not where former President Trump’s mindset was when analyzing the Dr. Mehmet Oz drubbing.

Strangely, the former president blamed it on someone who really had nothing to do with Oz’s campaign. President Trump blamed Dr. Oz’s loss on his wife. We’ll repeat that, just in case anyone questions that it’s a misprint.

President Donald Trump was quoted in a FOX News report that he “is blaming everyone who advised him to back Oz – including his wife, describing it as not her best decision.” What a minute. There’s certainly some reasonable explanation for this bizarre excuse.

Sure, Melania may have made a strong suggestion to back the popular TV doctor. But in the end, the final decision for endorsements rests with the individual making the endorsement. One would assume this to be true, especially for someone as headstrong as the former president.

But blaming Melania for Dr. Oz’s woeful performance isn’t the only person President Trump blamed for the underwhelming Republican midterm performance. The FOX News story went on to describe how adamantly President Trump was in his support for Oz.

The report said that it’s “Worth remembering that Trump is a grown man who endorsed Oz over the objection of some of the people closest to him, and instead went beyond just endorsing and attacked Dave McCormick from the stage at a rally.”

Tuesday night’s Republican underperformance was also colored by some other facts. Those President Trump-endorsed candidates, who won, did so in heavily red states. Most of the closer contests turned out to be disappointments for the former president’s endorsements.

There were 16 Trump-endorsed winners who ran unopposed. Republicans and the former president need to dissect what happened during the midterms. Over three-quarters of the country insisted that the U.S. is on the wrong path.

That should have spelled sweeping victories for the opposition party. It did not. Why would Americans feel that leadership is doing a poor job but reelect that leadership? Some believe it’s because the alternative was even less appealing.

Many of the key losses for Republicans were President Trump endorsed candidates. The facts do not lie. Is the former president’s appeal waning? After watching the ultra-popular Florida governor obliterate his challenger, is Ron DeSantis the new future?

After the 2022 midterms’ huge disappointment, Republicans need to take stock of what the voters told them. They are mad as hell at the current administration. However, conservative candidates didn’t appeal to them either. Analyzing the results of the midterms will take months.

Time will go fast ahead of a wide-open push that will begin with the presidential primaries. Is President Trump the right person to stop a push for big government socialism? Since the fate of American democracy rests with the Republican Party and its voters, they’d better be sure.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Why don’t you stop lying, repeating unfounded rumors, and making things up about Trump? Oz “lost” because the PA election system is still corrupt. Stop being a RINO hack and get with MAGA or join the Communists!

    • THE STATE BROKE IT”S OWN RULES ABOUT-YOU GUESSED IT-MAIL IN BALLOTS. They were only supposed to send ballots to those who asked for them and had a reason to not vote in person. They sent out ballots to everyone. Their rule was, the mail in ballots could not be counted until after the polls closed. That is why the debate was not held until all of the mail in ballots were in. Fetterman could not lose. The FIX was complete. I have a feeling that only Democrat registered voters were sent NON-REQUESTED mail in ballots.

  • Time to designate UAF Report as SPAM!! I’m DONE reading FAKE news from you all!! Good GAWD!…..you all must have a collective IQ of 12…..that matches your ages.

    “the red wave was little more than a pink trickle. The final results were anything but a sweeping victory for Republicans”

    MOST RepubTards, running, won OUTRIGHT! The only ‘SWEEPING’ was the MASSIVE amount of CHEATING!! THIS round of CHEATING was NEXT LEVEL, compared to 2020. Why?? “IT’S THE ECONOMY (& CRIME), STUPID!”. You see, THIS election saw the DEMONRATS voting RepubTard!! In MASSIVE numbers, because they are unemployed and/or having a hard time putting food on the table (while employed); GAS/Diesel keeps climbing; they cannot pay their rent/mortgage; heating oil/gas/Elec is through the roof…….and, CRIME IS OFF THE CHARTS!! So, with massive amounts of ‘D’ now voting ‘R’……the CHEATING was MASSIVE…..2020 pales in comparison!! There are only a ‘handful’ of Li.bT.ards that will vote ‘D’, NO MATTER WHAT.

    This will be the LAST time that I read/post to UAF…..your FAKE NEWS will now go to my SPAM! SEEEEEEE ya!

    • I just posted about that scam, but I did not know it was 800,000mail in ballots mailed to everyone. They weren’t to count them until after the debate. How did they count a million mail ins that quickly as there are 2 envelopes and they all must have been perfectly filled out???

  • This is Trump at his worst. I remember it was Trump the nominated Wray who sucks. It was Trump that pushed Fauci and gave him the power and Fauci was not only bad he was criminal. OZ ( imagine a cartoon name in politics) didn’t learn a damn thing from his difficulties he had in the primary. What did he think a primary is for. It’s where you find out where the weak points are and fix it. Iz was a idiot thet got beat by a brain dead galoot.

  • Republicans are famous for shooting themselves in the foot. One example was abortion as 70% thought it was a woman’s decision. Yet republicans insisted on addressing the issue harshly. They should have kept their months shut. How about focusing in on all the issues that were available and there were a ton. Yes they addressed to some degree but just addressed while the democrats hit hard on those running against them. I quoted a long time ago there wasn’t going to be any red wave because as I looked at individual races most were running neck to neck. No where did I see any red wave. Now if I could see this what was their problem in seeing it? If a lot of people felt like I did it was the spineless republican’s that got us into the mess to begin with and the fact that even when they controlled both houses when Trump was president all they really did was fight each other.

  • Amerika still has a yankee problem. Will “we” ever grow a pair and separate from this evil empire? Stop paying to be abused by our EMPLOYEES?

  • I think President Trump did make some mistakes, but he had several RINOS working to make his pics & him fail. Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, the MSM, Liss Chaney, Keven McCarthy. Even the Chair of the NRC Ronna McDonald? she was the fox (no pun intended) in the hen house, giving our donations to anyone calling themselves a Republican, RINOS included. And let’s include former Speaker and snake Paul Ryan, who works at FOX and had to have had an influence on their programing.

    • President Trump reminds me
      Of what Teddy Roosevelt daughter said about her Father-“At weddings he wanted to be the Bride, At funerals he wanted to be the Corpse “. In other words he wanted to be the Center of Attention. It is time for President Trump to let it go. Gov. De Santis is a truly intelligent Leader.

      • This is the most factual comment I have seen in years. I voted for D J Trump for President twice, and I still think he won in 2020.
        That having been said, we did not prove the results were tainted and Biden is in the White House. Former President Trump has cost the GOP the needed votes for the RED Sweep we were expecting. He has shown his true character and it STINKS. He needs to fade into the sunset and take the blame he caused the GOP. The only thing that his wife did was marry him. She is a class act and was a very Gracious First Lady.

        • Agree. I voted for Trump twice. There are issues with the 2020 election, but nothing will be done about it. So we must move forward. Doing so with Ron DeSantis as our president. Trump needs to return to Trump Inc. and get out of politics.

        • How did he cost the republicans the red wave? He backed 219 winners out of 235 don’t sound like a loss to me. The establishment republicans stopped the red wave.

  • Oz really wasn’t a bad candidate, in fact a great candidate.
    He campaigned hard around the state.
    Oz has a record as a heart surgeon.
    He was attacked as not being connected to Pennsylvania, but he attended medical school there and I think his children were born in Pennsylvania.
    The media was heavily against him, and Ophra and Obama campaigned against him.
    This is national politics.
    Pennsylvanians are going to have voter accountability, in that they are going to live with the consequences of their electing Fetterman, who voted to release murderers from prison, and Democratic Biden administration policies leading to severe inflation, while selling off the US strategic reserve emergency petroleum supplies and restricting production of oil and gas, demoralizing the military, discharging service members who didn’t get shots for COVID, and advocating for defunding the police while crime in large urban centers climbs, including Philadelphia.
    Biden Administration lax border policies have caused an influx of drugs, including cocaine, heroin, fentanyl into the country leading to over a hundred thousand drug related deaths per year.
    So people who voted to elect Fetterman and other Democratic Party members shouldn’t complain when this leads to hardship in their own households and families.

    • Lurch was CHEATED into office, to a position, mark my words, that his WIFE will no doubt fill. Where Pennsyltuckians failed themselves and the republic is not GUARDING THE VOTE, START TO FINISH IN FILTHY PHILLY! The lazy phucks should’ve embedded deep into the boards of election and as poll watchers, workers, count observers in Philly and other Marxist strongholds. Excising ignorant states–GA, PA, AZ, NY, NJ, CA, WA, OR, MA, AK, etc.–from the Union would be good. My state, FL, can be the new capital . . .

  • this is fake news why are your repeating it? Trump says it’s lies by the proaganda news allowed by smithmundt modification. SHAME ON YOU. Consider your pub unsubcribed. You should know better.

  • DEMOCRATS THREW THAT ELECTION. No one in their right mind would vote for Fetterman. Reminds me of the Biden election.

  • How could you think that Lurch’s victory was anything but a steal perpetuated in Philly? I’m glad I went from the old-timey Dem Party to independent status in 2006-7, when their CHEATING even against their own in primaries became undeniable. I pray for the destruction of the duopoly, just as Geo. Wash. and Thom. Jefferson advised. Down with the political parties, up with the republic! And I’m done with this establishment backward-thinking rag. We will save the republic as INDEPENDENTS!

  • There were several more worthy candidates than Oz in the primary. Trump’s endorsement helped Oz win the primary. He should have endorsed Carla Sands or Kathy Barnette. They were both more qualified and they were legit PA residents.

  • Commentary on the Republican under performance sucks. It totally ignores the fact that the election was rigged. Voting machines in Republican precincts only all over the country did not work, printers did not work, they ran out of inkt, or paper precisely on election day. And countless thousands of Republican voters were forced to cast their ballots in box nr. 3. Those ballots were not registered and could easily be replaced, disappeared, or interpreted for a different candidate as chain of custody was not secure before counting andthey were generally transported to a different location for processing. The realtime Edison Report data showed massive voter manipulation, injections of 50,000 to 100,000 votes at a time, in several key senate and other races always in favour of the democrats. This was a machine election once agqin subject to fraud and manipulation, and the key outstanding races in Arizona, Nevada and other states are being delayed counting to give the democrats time to figure out how they can cheat and steal these seats with mail in ballots and other swindles.

    Thus blaming Trump or his wife according to rumour only strengthens to Rino and democrat narrative spun by the mainstream media.

    Florida counted it’s ballots in one day, no problems, France counts it’s election results from paper ballots in one single day. Machines costing millions of dollars in the US election are used for only one purpose, namely to control the outcome. Thus this election was once again stolen with the help of the media who strangely knew one week ago, that the Republican red wave was only a mirage, and that democrats in the end would win big enough to blunt a red wave.

  • Funny that the Republican losses were all in blue States. The fix was in with the Dominion machines set to make sure morons like Fetterman won.

  • The only one to blame is the State of Pennsylvania’s voting rules. 50 days of voting, allowing Fetterman to hide and only having one debate, not releasing his medical records and more. His stroke could be worse than what his people say it is. Even after his failed debate, people did not watch it or were brainwashed to vote for him. Time will tell whether he will be able to handle the job and then people will realize the mistake they made. Shame the state voters couldn’t see this possibly happening.

  • So unmarried women prefer democrat governorship? They get what they vote.
    Pennsylvania wants a man who had a debilitating stroke to represent them?
    I know none of us know when we shall greet the great beyond, but did they take into consideration his continuing health? Probably not, because they have kept another truly brain damaged man in the White House for two years without merit, and that seems fine to them. Why are democrat mucky mucks investing in brain damaged candidates? Could it be that mucky mucks want puppets they can control in places of high power, in order to run THEIR agenda while claiming no part in running the governments ?

    President Trump was the most positively efficient president this country has ever had. However, he made a great mistake by listening to his son-in-law and suggesting to Netanyahu to divide the land of Israel/ Judah . God PROMISED to bless any one who BLESSES Israel and curse anyone who CURSES Israel- AND he claimed that all Abraham could see would be for Israel. The Jews have never had the whole of God’s gift of land to them under their control, and yet other nations want to take more land , so what God gave to them is reduced more. That is CURSING Israel ! The countries of the world should NEVER deny the boundaries God gave Israel/ Judah, including-and especially- the USA.
    President Trump did well in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and God blessed the years of his presidency( yes, even with the constant 24/7 persecution of the left , because Lord Yeshua said, Blessed are you when men persecute you , because they also persecuted me and the prophets before you.
    If President Trump repents of his cursing of Israel, I am certain God will forgive him and use him again in His service.
    As far as the red wave coming off as dark pink, I believe we on the right put our faith in the ” red wave ” and failed to depend on God for this country. Well, we reap what we sow…

  • I guess the saying “the buck stops here” doesn’t apply to former Presidents Trumps ideology.

    Trump needs to understand that conservative ideas are bigger than his ego. I like Trump but his ego gets in the way of getting things accomplished.

  • The cheating and corruption in 2020 was still in place for 2022 and non of the secretary of state did not get arrested for changing the laws they had no authority to change.

  • Blaming Melania? Trump just made a huge mistake….. Melania is certainly smart enough and rich enough to live on her own. She does not need this sh** from him. He has tried to humiliate her publicly, and it will not work. Melania has a lot on the ball.

  • Blame whoever you want but the dummy voters in Pennysylvania voted for festerman and two dead guys. Does that tell you how stupid those people are?

  • Why are you still calling Trump a lier? He plainly said he did not blame Melania, he thought Dr Oz was best. Why are you calling him a loser when he backed 219 winers against the 16 losers?

  • B S B S B S B S B S
    Oz was a very good candidate….just the election being run was not a fair and legitimate election. These sketchey fraud elections will not end well for the US.



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