Anyone paying attention, and not a crazed left-wing radical Democrat, appreciates something was wrong with the 2020 Presidential Election. The number of suspicious things surrounding dozens of voting reports is astounding.

The left continues to water down any claims of voter fraud as “not prevalent” or “irrelevant to the outcome”. That is simply not true. It has been a constant strategy to cover their tracks by casting any conservative who questions the results as a right-wing lunatic.

As usual, it’s exactly the opposite. It’s like the little boy who gets caught stealing cookies out of the jar. He throws a fit and insists that everyone else is guilty of the crime he committed. It’s the liberal Democrat’s go-to playbook when they find themselves up against the truth.

Well, it seems a heavily scrutinized, high-ranking employee for the crooked, left-leaning Dominion Voting Systems is applying this strategy. Eric Coomer was the Director of Security and Product Strategy for the voting machine company at the center of most fraud allegations.

Despite calls for transparency, Dominion has continued to cover up their true intentions ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election. After bits from an infiltrated conference call were released, it appears Coomer was more than just a man in charge of security.

One Antifa supporter recounts that part of the call mentioned Coomer as “Eric from Dominion”. Eric from Dominion was entrusted with guaranteeing that Donald Trump did not win the election. If this doesn’t raise voter fraud suspicion to a new level, we’re not sure what would.

This is one of the lead employees from a corrupt voting machine company being tagged as the guarantee of a Joe Biden win. The election was stolen. The more evidence that comes to light simply substantiates a claim that continues to be dismissed as a conspiracy.

It is not. There was fraud, and apparently a great deal of fraud, in last year’s election. Coomer and his Dominion cronies have enlisted the help of the equally crooked mainstream media. Fake news has continued to run cover for these fraudsters.

They refuse to cover stories from eyewitnesses, people who saw actual incidents of vote counting misconduct. The mainstream media have intimidated and stifled any voice who they think is trying to bring truth to what the fake news labels the big lie.

Coomer is using the court system in an attempt to silence those digging for the truth. He has filed 15 lawsuits against organizations that are calling him out on his clear intention to cheat President Trump out of another term as president.

As part of the pending litigations used to divert suspicion, Coomer was compelled to give depositions. Oddly enough, Coomer’s depositions were sealed by the court. Every other deposition was made available to the radical mainstream media.

They were able to dissect every part of the defendant’s case. However, Coomer, as the plaintiff, has been shielded from scrutiny by both the courts and the media. That is, until now. Coomer and his attorneys were unable to keep these depositions from being discovered.

The revelations are shocking, if not predictable. Coomer had authored an Op-ed in The Denver Post. He insisted that any Facebook post, words that portrayed him as a radical Antifa supporter, were the result of a hack or fake account.

During his deposition, under oath mind you, he revealed that was a total lie. It became clear that the man everyone trusted with stealing the election for Joe Biden truly was a radical left-wing sympathizer.

Coomer admitted to writing Facebook messages that proved his support for these radical ideologies. The deposition reinforced the idea that he is also a liar. Coomer reported deleted dozens of posts and admitted to colleagues that he had “screwed up”.

This liar posted horrifically graphic tweets about then-candidate Donald Trump. Eric Coomer was the man in charge of product strategy and security for a voting machine system used in 28 different states.

Nearly every single one of the states where voter fraud is alleged has ties to Coomer’s crooked cronies at Dominion. The more evidence that is unearthed, the more it looks like President Trump has been right all along. The election was stolen.

Coomer’s radical Facebook rants also included a harsh “F*** the USA”. He called Trump voters “absolute f***ing idiots”. Coomer’s deposition also proved he is beyond just a Trump hater. This same man, someone who was entrusted with essential vote security, hates police.

His posts have frequently included songs that advocate the killing of law enforcement. Eric Coomer is a crazed radical who hates America. The deposition digs even deeper into Coomer’s past. He is an admitted former skinhead and a heroin addict.

This becomes even more meaningful considering the vote access he controlled in the 2020 Presidential Election. Eric Coomer was in a position to manipulate the vote count for Joe Biden. It is obvious that Coomer had the means and the motive to commit voter fraud.

Now, will his false claims and litigation diversion tactics work to deflect guilt? We can be sure his buddies from the radical fake news media will do their part to help perpetuate the real lie and cover up the truth.

The real lie is that Joe Biden legitimately earned more votes than any presidential candidate in U.S. history. He did not. The real truth is that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. This theft of our democracy was carried out by self-proclaimed radicals like Eric Coomer.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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