For a long time now, the UK has been one of America’s greatest allies. We have fought wars together, helped each other out in several other ways, and just been all-around friendly.

Sure things got off to a rocky start, all is fair in love and war. We loved our freedom and they wanted a war, but we handed them a big L in that department.

But that relationship has grown a little rocky ever since Joe Biden took command, or maybe it’s better to say since his handlers took command.

Last week, we actually had the British Parliament hold Joe Biden in contempt over the Afghanistan blunder. I can’t stress how huge of a deal that actually is.

This is the first time that a sitting president has been held in contempt by the UK if I’m not mistaken.

But then, to make matters worse, former British politician and Brexit leader Nigel Farage joined Carl Higbie on The Kelly Report on Monday to discuss Joe Biden’s historic failures in Afghanistan.

During their discussion on the US exit from Kabul Nigel Farage warned that the UK will refuse any military interventions with the US as long as Joe Biden is in charge.

Farage said,

“When Boris Johnson made a desperate phone call to Biden he didn’t get a response for 40 hours… The result of this is any new military engagements that they want us to engage in we simply will not do with this man in charge… I can’t even see a future for NATO… I would not trust America under this administration.”

Joe Biden is an absolute embarrassment to our country and to our allies.

You know what’s funny about all of this is that the mainstream media doesn’t report stuff like this because it’ll make the old coot look bad. But heck, not reporting on it makes us look worse.

At least if we reported on how bad he was they would respect us and just not him.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Hey Nigel you`ve got a wicked googly. You knocked it out of the backyard. Biden`s regime and England 2 countries separated by a common language. I dare say is it the ruddy Muslims chanting in unison Allahu Akbar {*j*} A people who will never rise above third-century thinking. The world needs to be cleansed from its moral thinking.

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  • I would think by now that it should be apparent to everybody, even those brain-dead, leftist snowflakes, that Ole Slo’, demented Joe Bite-me is a traitor and should face a firing squad – I’ll gladly spring for the cost of the bullets! WTFU SHEEPLE!

  • He is correct . No sane individual should have any trust in the current American government. Biden is a puppet being run by the party. He speaks out of both sides of
    His face. This admin is only after what is good for a few elite.

      • The “elite” seem to be all of those we pay to do the necessary work to keep this country running and safe. Unfortunately, it seems many of them are just scamming the people and pocketing a nice comfortable salary and the plus of retirement funds once we can get them out of office.

        Yes, there are some who are doing their best for the American people, but way too many are more interested in lining their pockets than doing what needs to be done to keep Americans safe.

        • LOL, there will be no retirement fund, and no Social Security fund after this nation is destroyed.
          The days of the United States existence is coming to an ending… And it will be like nothing this world has seen since WW2, and all of that, here on our soil.
          The worldly protector of Israel will be no more, never to rise to power again, and if this does not happen in the next 12 months, I will be extremely surprised.
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          I shared God’s warning to everyone I could for the next seven years until the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.
          God has never allowed the destruction of a nation nor of its people before first sending His warnings, hoping that the hearts of the people will turn to Him to be saved.
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  • I’m surprised the Brits took this long to realize what We the People understood right from the beginning. Unless we can get rid of this wacked out pervert shortly the terrorists won’t have to do their thing there won’t be anything for them to do it to!!

  • The 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump by the democrats who used every conceivable form of cheating and fraud imaginable to put puppet joe into office as our president. Unfortunately we do not have a viable alternative party to the democrats. The republican party is divided into RINOs and conservatives and the RINOs have seized control of the republican party which has now devolved into just another far left liberal party. A new political party is needed for conservatives who are no longer being represented by the republican party.

    • Yes there is a party, it is a pretty clean one, contains all the rights we have in the constitution and protects them. is against war for economic reasons, is against any type of collusion with foreign powers that could be classified as our enemy, believe in law and order and enforcing equal justice for all, believe in a strong military, believe in protected borders and legal immigration only, they believe in abortion if protecting the mother, fetus deformity, rape, incest. Not to be used as a form of birth control, they believe in freedom and liberty for all people especially Americans, It is a strong creed. That is the Libertarian party.. Ask Rand and Ron Paul, We have some libertarians in congress and senate, even on the courts as judges, We could transfer to reinforce the Libertarian party. Some of our Repubs would have to be cleansed to be members, that could be arranged if they are serious. Just a thought. I am more libertarian than repub.

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