A federal judge called for a landmark Supreme Court decision on freedom of the press and libel laws to be revisited and overturned as it allows, liberal media to make up any lie they want against conservatives without worrying about defamation lawsuits because the standard for proving your case is just much too high.

If the rules were changed to make those lawsuits easier to prove, the New York Times, WaPo and CNN would be out of business.

He went on to complain about media bias against conservatives while the power brokers in Silicon Valley help to bury stories such as Hunter Biden’s laptop and Andrew Cuomo passing the death sentence on nursing home patients.

The press which has previously been known to be the protector of the people has become the propaganda arm of the Democratic party. There is no real journalism left within the media today.

U.S. Circuit Judge Laurence H. Silberman, a Reagan appointee, launched a broad attack on the Supreme Court’s unwillingness to revisit its ruling on Tah v. Global Witness — a defamation case.

Silberman is arguing that SCOTUS must reverse a previous court’s decision on New York Times v. Sullivan“. That was the case that laid out what you needed to prove defamation.

That ruling made it impossible or nearly impossible to win a defamation case even when it’s obvious that the outlet is nothing more than propaganda for the leftists.

Notice that the lamestream media’s fake news always favors Democrats, not most of the time but every single time.

If these stories were just mistakes, they would favor Republicans at least once in a blue moon, but they never do.

From The Blaze

In the 1960s, the New York Times published a full-page advertisement soliciting donations for the legal defense of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who had been charged with perjury. The ad contained several factual inaccuracies and claims that police in Montgomery, Alabama, had locked civil rights demonstrators in a college campus dining room “in an attempt to starve [the students] into submission,” among other threats of violence.

Montgomery Public Safety Commissioner L.B. Sullivan — who was not named in the advertisement but was in charge of the police force — sued the Times for defamation in a case that was litigated up to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously for the New York Times in a decision that was influenced in part by the practice of southern officials threatening northern newspapers reporting on civil rights abuses with lawsuits to silence them.


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