How much do you trust others with your money and valuables? Probably not much if we’re talking about banks.

Most of us keep our money in the bank expecting it to be secure and safe. But sadly, bad things do happen sometimes, and people lose their money.

Let me ask you another question…do you have a safe-deposit box with a bank? You expect your belongings to be safe there, don’t you? You know, I was thinking the same thing, until I started doing some research on them. The truth of the matter is that they may not be as safe as you would hope them to be.

Does your area flood? If so, and the water gets too high, your box isn’t waterproof. What if the bank burned down? Could your belongings be burned with it? It’s possible. What is someone robs the bank and steals what’s in your box? While it’s rare, it still happens about a dozen times per year, believe it or not.

But what if your own government decides to break into them “lawfully” and search your box? Well, it happened recently in Beverly Hills, California as approximately 1,400 safe-deposit boxes were drilled and opened with the contents stolen.

According to the LA Times,

The privacy invasion was vast when FBI agents drilled and pried their way into 1,400 safe-deposit boxes at the U.S. Private Vaults store in Beverly Hills.

Eighteen months later, newly unsealed court documents show that the FBI and U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles got their warrant for that raid by misleading the judge who approved it.

They omitted from their warrant request a central part of the FBI’s plan: Permanent confiscation of everything inside every box containing at least $5,000 in cash or goods, a senior FBI agent recently testified.

The FBI’s justification for the dragnet forfeiture was its presumption that hundreds of unknown box holders were all storing assets somehow tied to unknown crimes, court records show.

It took five days for scores of agents to fill their evidence bags with the bounty: More than $86 million in cash and a bonanza of gold, silver, rare coins, gem-studded jewelry and enough Rolex and Cartier watches to stock a boutique.

The office of the United States Attorney attempted to prevent the public release of court documents that exposed the government’s fraud; however, the judge denied the government’s request to keep the documents under seal.

The failure to disclose the confiscation plan in the warrant request was brought to light in FBI documents and depositions of agents in a class-action lawsuit brought by box holders who claim the raid violated their rights because they were not given adequate warning.

The documents filed with the court also suggest that federal investigators violated the limitations that United States Magistrate Judge Steve Kim set in the warrant by inspecting the personal items of box holders for proof of criminal activity.


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    • Who’s going to stop them? The American people have proven themselves to be pathetic chickenschitts! Oh0m0 was allowed to take office illegally and rob and pillage for 8 years, congress was allowed to harass, falsely accuse Trump for 4 years, the clintons have been able to violate every know federal law for decades without as much as a slap on the wrist, AOC and the other three have violated law after law since their elections, SlowJoe and Kameltoe stole their current positions and are still in office…this illegitimate government has nothing to fear from the people!

      • Jake just on simple mathematics, with the votes left to count in all 5 states when the dominion machines magickly went down, if biden won all of the votes, there were not enough votes for biden to win, but when you cheat and steal from the American people, anything criminal can and did happen. joeblow lost huge and still to date, NOTTA

        • You are 100% correct. The Dems have been fixing elections for years. Anyone who supports them is a fool
          Even if no one did, they would still win
          They have all the illegal and dead person vote , plus thousands of duplicates. The worst part were all the judges and election boards , as well as media and congress who were complicit in this I guess a death threat from Hillary still works. Sad times

        • If as I fear the Democrats win a huge landslide or even just squeak by in the ’22 elections I am sure that the January 6th even twill turn into a kindergarten party compare to what will happen to the management of our Congress, Executive Branch, the FBI, DOJ, and IRS. The Government is of the People, by the People and for the People…not the corrupt few that seem to float to the top of the cesspool.

          • Agree. Looks like the liberty tree might be in for a good watering. And it will not only be politicians that end up hanging from light poles.

            All depends on the moral dilemma of the military and police keeping their oaths when the “government” break theirs.

            Could be some REAL bad times ahead.

          • Mr. Lincoln put a stop of the We the People idea. He destroyed the republic, killed 660 000 people and starved many Southerners to death after words. Jesus said to separate from such evil. “come out from among them, be ye separate” Amerika has been socialist from 1865 to 1963. That is when we became an oligarchy “those with the gold (corporations) make the rules” big tech ring any bells? YOU ARE NOT FREE…. morons

      • So True… Everyone talks trash but push comes to shove the sheeple purr like kittens so what’s one to do spite out right disobedience. Democrats are experts at this crapola.

      • Don’t Bet The House on that! they All will have TARGETS on their backs…We Will get Even in the End. my next vote will be with a Winchester

      • Not only the FBI but ALL Government Agencies including Federal and State Officials such as Senators and Congress persons. The penalties need to be harsh enough for them to think twice before they scam the American people. A minimum of 10 years in prison would be a nice start so let’s start with Nancy Pelosi and her husband for insider trading and making MILLIONS! Something you would go to prison for.

      • the French gov;t. fears the people that ride scooters (mopeds). They shut down Paris twice because of a parking tax. The law was repealed. THEY do NOT have a second amendment to back their actions up. Amerika is full of cowards, scared of sissies & perverts. The greatest generation should shoot us before they die off… wimps, wussies

  • The FBI is full of Thieves, LIARS, and all sorts of Fucking CRIMINALS !
    I do not put any Trust in anything they do or say !
    All those people that had Lock Boxes that were robbed should do a class action suit to get back all they lost from the FBI !

    • Try reading the article, fool! The box holders filed a class action lawsuit! Of course it’s a pretty slim chance they will recover their property.

  • With the exception of a handful of whistle blowers, Biden’s FBI is corrupt from the top to the bottom. The FBI brass is controlled by the fascist globalist democrats and the rank and file agents are Wray’s Gestapo storm troopers that raid people’s homes and plunder through women’s underwear like they did in Melania’s clothes closet. The FBI should be gutted and rebuilt or closed forever.

    • I pray that the corrupt FBI shows up at my door for a little “chat”. I just hope they bring their own body bags. I am not afraid to die for my country, and these democrats are the enemy. I can guarantee that I will take out far more of them before they get to me. Lock and Load, Patriots!! Our time is coming. Be ready….

  • The FBI is making it perfectly clear that they are a criminal organization and need to be arrested, Charged, Tried and convicted and placed in GITMO. They are most definitely a Domestic Terrorist group.

    • It is obvious that you have no idea what you are talking about. GITMO is for terrorist from other counties to be lock up in so they are not in the USA and not subject to the rights Americans have. Also you have no idea how the law works. If the FBI is doing something wrong it is on a few people in the FBI not the entire FBI. If you are an agent and your supervisor gives you a warrant signed by a judge and tells you to serve it how can you be arrested, tried, convicted and placed in GITMO.

      • Ask the Jan4 locked up demonstrators exactly what those rights as American citizens are. Gitmo prisoners have more rights and better treatment. At least they have been charged with a crime.

      • It comes down to we now have a legal system that is corrupted by Lawyers and Judges who have been pushed along and had the right strings either paid off or pulled by George Soros and his corrupt open Society Organization that circumvents our Constitution. Do you wonder why Russia, Hungary, and the UK have desires to latch on to him and his family? I say round him up and deliver him to any of those places with his sons and rest of his family. Oh, he has even had his family marry into the California Kissing Cousins that has run the state into Bankruptcy and a complete disaster. Anyone want the California Governor Newsom to be running the nation? Expect the rest of the nation to look like California with people crapping on the streets and sidewalk, taking over the open places you own, and crime becomes ramped. They already have their eyes on your savings no matter where it is: IRA, 401K, Bank Deposits, in he market, safety Deposit Boxes, or even burred in a jar in the back yard.

      • Guards at Buchenwald were “told” to do things and they did them. THEY ended up in prison or DEAD. You MUST NOT obey an ILLEGAL order!

      • Little pal. – I was a Cleveland Policeman and I can tell you details of how the ENTIRE FIB(sic) I ever dealt with did nothing but take the work done by REAL policeman and claim it as their own and then use paid rats and manufactured evidence to frame people. – On their own they couldn’t catch a cold. – The only thing I can remember the FIB did on their own since WWII was back in 1962 spend a 8 months with 60 odd agents on a report that the words of the Kingsmen record “Louie Louie” were un-intelligible backward, forward or at any speed. – Oh yea,,,,Back in 1992 they killed an unarmed woman holding a baby,,,,,and got away with it.

        The the possible exception of the crime lab FIB has been a total determent to the American People sine the end of WWII. The country did just fine without them before 1908 and they need to be abolished at once. – Let the Federal Marshals take over their duties.

    • Well said, Sheepdog. I have no trust in any part of this corrupt government. Maybe something will happen at the SOTU to clear out some of this scum…. Then we can clean up the rest…

  • If they had a warrant why did they have to drill into 1400 boxes. The bank has a key to one lock and they could pick the other

  • You don’t get it. My thoughts are any domestic terrorist group are Terrorists and all in my mind belong in Gitmo where they cannot have contact with the outside world. I Know the law probably better than you but you on the other hand have to blast others that you don’t agree with so you are nothing but a useless blowhard just looking for someone to blast with comments that show you are just a little person Trying to act like a biig shot. Just another Blow Hard

  • just more from the commie democrat pedophile cult fbi and other alphabet agencies –
    commie democrats declare there are rules and laws for thee, but not for any of the commie democrat pedophile racist woke cult party.

  • The FBI continues to prove they are a Terrorist group and need to be taken out. If they show up at your door shoot first and ask questions later. This has gotten way out of order. We have the fox guarding the hen house

    • It all started when a kenyan born muslime was illegally let into office, piglosie needs to tried for treason and it’s real easy to know obozo is still not a citizen of the United States, obozo is the reason the American taxpayer is paying the taliban to rape little boys and girls with the help of bozo

      • If you look deeper you’ll know that this whole charade was planned long before Obozo was even born. It’s bigger than Obozo. It’s bigger than Soros. They’re puppets just like O’Biden…they just have a bit more functioning brain matter than O’Biden does (and who doesn’t?). Read books like “The Planned Destruction of America” by Dr. James W. Wardner and you’ll see how all the dots connect and that the evidence we’re plainly seeing now is the result of decades of planning. We’re being controlled and manipulated by a powerful group of elites. O’Biden is too utterly stupid to pull off such a massive election theft. He can’t even ride a bicycle. You’ve heard of the elites before, with innocent names like “The Federal Reserve”, “The Bilderbergers”, “The Council on Foreign Relations” and “The Trilateral Commission”. It’s all a coordinated plan to create “The New World Order” where a “select” group of people get to control (and depopulate) the rest of us. Worldwide socialism: we’re seeing it unfold before our very eyes. The U.S. has been a hindrance for them, but once they topple our government there’ll be nothing holding them back.

      • the founders and Jesus said that We the People should separate from such lawlessness. NOT try to persuade communist to stop being communist. safety & happiness, read the pre-amble, IT is only 202 words. you can do it, sure you can

    • I smell a glowie . no violence. the ones who do bad will be put on public trial and send to a prison. nothing else . you do not call for violence it gives Biden and others what they want . I smell a ray Epps type with you and a few others . people better be careful who they listen to

    • Definitely agree, Sheepdog. My weapons are loaded and readily available at a moment’s notice. Anyfed that comes to my door will get a chance to see if their body armor is adequate (it isn’t). The terrorist and corrupt US government needs to be dismantled. I’m ready, and hope the many millions of true Americans are ready to defend her from this corruption.

  • EFFING Crooked cocksuckers!! Wonder how much the bastards stuffed in their pockets! Your government at work for you!

    • “a nation of the gov’t., for the lawyers and ON the people” shall never perish from the face of the earth. tyrant & mass murderer Abraham Lincoln

  • What do you expect. When demorat presidents get in there is a purge. Probably long, long ago the HR departments were first purged then loaded with reliable useful idiots who would screen and only hire good, loyal useful demorat marxist/socialist/communist people. It has probably been going on for decades. Remember way back when Hillary couldn’t get her health care plan passed. She accused there was a vast right wing conspiracy against her. It was probably there were too many people who were to smart to be taken. I believe right then she accelerated building a vast left wing conspiracy and it finally got to the point that they could capture a full presidential election. She almost had it in 2016. They doubled down and used the fauci crook to perpetrate his sickness crap to cover it.

  • It’s not just Obiden’s illegal DOJ that’s the problem, but……… Democrats are the real “satanic evil” in America for the last 200 years! Slavery, blantant hypocracy, record killing of innocent babies, record fuel prices, food shortages, men in women’s restrooms and sports, secret sex change operations on our children, militarizing and using the IRS and FBI to arrest conservatives in the middle of the night, trampling all over our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments whenever they feel like it, taxes, more taxes, higher taxes, free speech censorship, spying on U.S. Presidents, conservative government officials and U.S. citizens, CRT and faggot transgenders indoctrinating in our corrupt school system, record inflation, business killing regulations, open borderes, highest crime rates/shootings in democrat run cities, Quid Pro Quo, BLM, antifa, racism, fascism, white supremacy, KKK, segregation, Jim Crow laws, dishonesty, lying, cheating, communism, and sociopathology, and don’t forget voter fraud. And if you hear “we’re from the government and we’re here to help”……go grab your gun, son. Did I leave anything out?

  • This is another power grab by a lawless government. Nothing is private anymore as long as this government continues in power.

  • And they got away with it and the Judge will just skate along like it never happened. Sorry folks who lost their belongings tough cookies to the Buffoon/Obamy/Clintongs Nazi Gestapo.

  • Whatever happened to “probable cause”? Next the FBI will be breaking into our homes on “suspicion” and looking for “illegal activities”!!!! Garland, Wrey and ALL must GO!

  • I guess that all these alphabet agencies are getting all of their criminal activities done before election day because they KNOW that after November they are TOAST !!!! If, after WE,(Republicans), take our country back in November, and the cowardly POLITICIANS in D.C. do not abolish these common criminals, then WE will have no other recourse but to take up arms and do the job ourselves !!! WE are trying to give Democracy one last chance, if they screw this chance up, it will be their funerals, LITERALLY !!!! WE ARE FED UP WITH THE COWARDS THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ELECTED TO PROTECT AND SERVE US, COWERING TO THE LIBERAL CRIMINALS, DO YOUR DAM JOB OR WE WILL SEE TO IT THAT YOU PAY THE PRICE FOR COMPLACENCY, THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING !!!! NO MORE EXCUSES, GROW A PAIR OR GET OUT OF OUR WAY !!!!

  • More criminal actions by the money and power hungry despots that now control the government!!!!! America has turned into a 3rd world dictatorship ruled with an iron fist!!!!! Liberty is lost and morality has been abandoned by the satanists in control of the nation!!!!!!!!!!

  • This isn’t the first-time officials in California were dirty. A rancher refused to sell his property to an Orange County official. That official ordered the guy’s property raided and the property owner was killed. I believe this happened 30 or so years ago

  • 1st. I don’t believe for 1 minute it was lawful. 2nd. where did all that money go??? This shows how Corrupt all branches of our government has become and how they retire multi-millionaires!!!

  • Welcome to today’s FBI. Their motto needs to be changed from “Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity” to “When the Truth won’t work, just lie your ass off”. Yeah, nothing says fidelity and integrity to the law more than demonstrating a willingness to break it.

  • So, did they get their stuff back? Was the FBI prosecuted and punished (big time). What is to stop them from carrying out more raids like this? What makes the FBI think they can do things like this to the people? Is this a free country, or have we already lost it all???

    • the republic was destroyed in 1865. The same type of abuse was happening to Southerners back then. You must have gone to pubic skul, huh? My parents loved me. Did NOT want me brainwashed by socialist. wise up, IT is already to late….. got ammo? your gonna need it

  • FBI must be dismantled and done away with. It’s core legitimate functions can be spread out to other agencies. This corrupt agency can not be fixed.

  • Today’s FBI should be prosecuted under the RICO Act. It is a continuing criminal conspiracy, stealing from Americans and abusing any Americans deemed a threat to the ruling Democrats. J6 prosecutions, political imprisonment without charges, show America to be a tinpot dictatorship.

  • for conservatives and republicans, the communist go looking for evidence to prove a crime. But for the demon-rats, they have a crime, then refuse to look at the evidence. What will it take to make you want to separate from this abuse that you PAY FOR? Is death the only way? they will oblige you (JFK, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City 183 dead, housing scandals 1974, 2008, Sept. 11 2001)

  • The Fake Bureau of non Investigation can no longer be trusted.. Thye should be completely shutdown and dismantled. There are too many democRATs in the agency… 96 percent!! We must have politcal diversity in law enforcement.

  • Sounds to me like their are very many cases of Grand Larceny here. How is it the Gestapo FBI are above the law



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