The liberal left has been overtaken by a wave of deceitful tricksters. Evidence that radical progressives helped to ignite the “Stop the Steal” protests on January 6 is being ignored. On Saturday, another “supposedly” right-wing group ascended on the Capitol.

However, this march to the Lincoln Memorial was rather peculiar. This group of masked marchers was instantly labeled as another mob of right-wing extremists. As usual, the liberal-kowtowing mainstream media blasted out references to “white supremacy”.

Oddly enough, this so-called radical march ended almost as swiftly as it started. The band of masked marchers reached their destination at the Lincoln Memorial. Then, they darted back to a waiting line of U-Haul trucks.

No one knows who these mysterious marchers ever were. Not a single conservative had any notice of such a gathering, nor did anyone know what group these marchers were associated. The group only had a name, the “Patriot Front”. But, it appears no such group even exists.

No spokesperson for any documented conservative groups had ever heard of the Patriot Front. There were no records of membership drives or protest schedules. Many feel the real story is funny on the surface, but extremely serious at its core.

Dozens of U-Haul trucks hauled the mysterious marchers away. Afterward, conservatives took to Twitter. Most felt this unexplained march was all-too similar to the bogus Tiki torchbearers, liberals disguised as conservatives, who tried to trick the fake news last month in Virginia.

The only thing fake about that whole ordeal was that the torchbearers were nothing but a bunch of Democrat operatives pulling off a dirty trick. It was a stunt. Over the weekend, conservatives on Twitter seemed 100 percent positive this Patriot Front march was a liberal scam as well.

It was a deceitful trick perpetrated by dirt bag liberals to try to paint patriotic conservatives with a bad reputation. Seems, just like the Tiki torchbearers, this trick failed. Most saw the stunt as obvious. One Twitter account tweeted, “These guys are definitely feds.”

Other tweets attached these same mysterious marchers with the feds who helped ignite the January 6 protests. Many suspicious protestors were witnessed checking their watches prior to the wave that ascended on the Capitol.

Like January 6, the Patriot Front looks like another sick trick by the radical left. These liberal clowns have zero integrity. The only game plan they have is to try to paint real American patriots as radicals. Problem is, they’re really bad at carrying out their childish tricks.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Quick way to know that it is not actually conservatives?? No antifa showed up to attack them. No blm yelling racist slurs.