Something significant occurred in New York City over the weekend. A massive explosion was heard in Times Square on a Sunday afternoon.

If you’re familiar with the situation, you can guess what everyone was thinking. They were recalling the events of 9/11/2001, when hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center.

People began rushing away from the sound of the explosion, frightened for their lives, as one might imagine. Several videos of the incident and its aftermath have surfaced, showing individuals fleeing for their life.

It wasn’t, however, a bomb or anything else dangerous. It sounded like a manhole explosion. According to reports, many manholes caught fire and ignited the gases in the sewer system, resulting in the explosion.

Thankfully, nobody was injured in the blast, but that doesn’t make it any less unnerving.

Here are a few videos of the incident and aftermath:

In this first video, you can see people start running, but you can’t hear the explosion.

Here’s yet another video of people running away:

Here is another where you can hear the explosion, but be advised there is some strong language in this video.

If I were in New York City and heard an explosion, I would most likely flee. But the trouble is that if you can’t see the explosion, it’s difficult to know what angle it came from. New York City is a reverberating chamber. There are tall buildings where sound just reverberates. When a group of individuals starts sprinting in the same direction, mob mentality takes over most of the time, and you’ll most likely just follow them. This has been proved in trials where people began running and yelling for no apparent reason in order to observe what others would do, and more frequently than not, they simply followed suit and began running as well, despite being unclear of what had occurred.


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