On the 58th straight days of riots in Portland raged on for hours as mayor Ted Wheeler probably remained under his desk wishing he had some cojones.

The battle between the fascists and the police went on for hours as the fascists refused to give an inch.

The attendance of them riots on Friday night was even larger than it was on Thursday night.

It began peacefully and featured the “Wall of Moms” who act as human shields for the rioters by clasping arms and standing in front of the domestic terrorists. They added a second wall called the “Wall of Vets.”

Some of the protesters concentrated on the fence surrounding the Hatfield building that houses the federal courthouse in Portland.

They tried to push the fence over and for a while looked like they might be successful but in the end they failed miserably.

They have been attacking the courthouse everyday and have attempted to burn it to the ground.

Federal officers left the building and issued warnings to the crowd not to tear down the fence.


Officers tried to disburse the crowd with a constant barrage of tear gas, rubber bullets, flash bangs and more.

But all of those work on the brain cells and the weapons were unable to find any. Many of the rioters had gas masks, makeshift shields and other onjects they used to withstand the onslaught.


From The Daily Caller

Some rioters attempted to use electric saws to break the fence down while others tied ropes and tried to pull it down. As the night wore on, others launched various objects over the fence at officers. Water bottles, glass bottles and fireworks were among the items tossed at federal officers.

Members of the crowd also chased down tear gas canisters thrown by officers, grabbing them and launching them back over the fence. Both federal officers and protesters brought leaf blowers, which have been used often in Portland demonstrations to push tear gas away.



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