Let’s take a moment to recall what happened in Wisconsin on the night of the election and the following morning.

There is much that can be said, but suffice it to say that with so many suspicious acts committed that night and the following days, that alone should be enough reason to dig deep and investigate the potential of fraud in the election results.

Wisconsin was one of the states that had President Trump winning by a large margin, only for someone to hit the turbo boost button on Joe Biden’s car to launch him into space and take a commanding lead.

And this all happened in just a few short hours after leading for most of the ballot counting.

There was a batch of ballots that were dropped off totaling more than 143,000. This shouldn’t have happened in the first place because all of the ballots should have been in the location to be counted already.

When the polls are closed that also means that all of the ballots should have been delivered already as well.

However, this wasn’t the case. Of this massive number of ballots that were dropped off every single one of them was for Joe Biden.

If you’ve seen that graphic have the poll results where they showed the trend lines for both president trump and Joe Biden and how it shoots up and forms a F…that’s that F. That is formed because of that massive number of ballots.

Now we have some amazing information that will just blow your socks off.

There was an email that was uncovered from Ryan Chew of The Elections Group to Claire Woodall-Vogg who is the executive director for elections in Milwaukee WI in which she admits that the number of votes needed in order to bridge that gap and put Joe Biden back in the lead came in at 3:00 o’clock in the morning.

Damn, Claire, you have a flair for drama, delivering just the margin needed at 3:00 am. I bet you had those votes counted at midnight, and just wanted to keep the world waiting.”


This just happens to be the woman who was working by herself in a room with nobody around messing with the voting machines. She is also the person who lost the flash drives and left them behind when this massive number of votes came in as well.

Wisconsin Right Now reported,

A flash drive that contained crucial absentee voter information in the 2020 presidential election was briefly lost during the early morning hours of Wednesday Nov. 4 as the world waited for Milwaukee to reveal its ballot counts.

Sources within Milwaukee County law enforcement told Wisconsin Right Now exclusively that the executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, Claire Woodall-Vogg, realized she had lost the flash drive when she left, with police escort, the Central Count building where ballots were tallied. She was en route to the county courthouse to report “the results of more than 169,000 absentee ballots collected in the City of Milwaukee,” the Hill previously reported.

Someone really needs to dig into this deeply and start prosecuting because this woman sounds like she should be the very first one to go to trial and ultimately jail over her role in the greatest heist in the history of our nation.


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  • I’m certain Claire Woodall-Vogg was barely elected because council COULDN’T ask more questions. I wonder to which party she had no connections?

  • Any nation that refuses to address blatant cheating has no real future. Everyone knows – even those who won’t admit it – that Biden did not win. We are about to lose every freedom we ever had, and if this farce is allowed to stand, we have lost our country.

  • Honesty in the Nov. 2020 election does not exist. Even here in deep Red Texas we have found where communist democRATs tried their best to cheat and turn us Blue. The city of Austin is a prime example of this cheating with their city government all communist democRAT’s

  • Why bother with this crap , everyone knows they lied and cheated to steal the elections. What good does it do to talk about it when no one is going to a damn thing about it . You can talk till the cows come home and still it won’t change a damn thing . The people won’t stand up to fight the lies and corruption . We turned into a fat lazy nation . Our government is turning into nazis and they are trying to control us the same way . Like I said no one is going to do a damn thing , so why bother . Get ready to bend a knee to the corrupt government . stupid people voted for or helped them steal the election

  • When Hillery Clinton told Joe Biden NOT to concede until “the mail-in votes were counted” I knew damn well it was over for Trump.
    And the Democrats say “Were for Americans” yeah, right!

  • When these people admit to committing a Federal Felony, why are they not immediately arrested. Why is there not an FBI swat team breaking into their homes at 5 Am and dragging this lady out in her undies? It is because the Double standard of DOJ only applies to the Right and doubly applies to any or President Trump’s supporters This has got to stop. There are more of us than them. Lets make that clear to these criminals in officce. and most illegally.

    • For the same reason that Andrew Cuomo can grab a woman’s breast and Joe Biden can fondle, touch and squeeze the nipple of a 9 year old girl (it’s on film and she admitted that he did it).
      They’re sick perverts and they’re heads of our government.

  • These people are beyond belief.
    Morally Bankrupt and Mentally Deficient.
    Was the Price they received worth the outcome not just for them but the nation as a whole.
    This is unthinkable and only people with such hate in their hearts could perpetuate it on a struggling nation.
    There isn’t a whip thick enough, a rope course enough or a cell small and dark enough for these people.
    God Help Us!!!

    • No, she didn’t commit treason. Treason is defined by the U. S. Constitution as: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” (Article 3, section 3) That’s it. She may have committed election fraud but not treason.

  • No one has any balls in this nation…the so called authorities are all bribed and the courts are a joke…all the black robed judges have their hands out for their bribes! This is a third world hell-hole nation, it is just that the citizen’s are to stupid to realize it!

    • What do you mean by “so called authorities”? Either they are an authority or they aren’t. There is nothing in between.

  • Sounds like another one of the 20 or so “1 in a million” events that happened all over the US to put Biden in office. But, nothing here folks…..all a big conspiracy which is why we refuse to “lower” ourselves to look at it.

  • The headline to this UAF Report says: “Election Official Brags About Getting Away With Fraud”. Yet there is no talk of fraud. The official doesn’t admit to anything. Yes, there is some tongue in cheek banter in the emails about the votes arriving on time (at 3:00 AM) but that isn’t an admission of guilt. Just because you may interpret that as an admission doesn’t make it so.