At the very moment when your hope in mankind is restored because someone else is finally standing up to the MSM, along comes something like this to shatter your beliefs.

Rallies are incredibly potent tools for influencing elections. What does Dr. Oz do to thank President Trump for making the effort to hold a rally for him? He stabs him in the back.

In support of Republican candidates Mastriano for governor and Dr. Mehmet Oz for US Senate, President Trump held a massive rally on Saturday night in Pennsylvania.

Both contenders anticipate challenging contests in the Keystone State.

Dr. Mehmet Oz told reporters on Tuesday that if he had been serving in the Senate at the time of the Pennsylvania 2020 election, he would not have challenged the results.

This was a slap in the face to both the state and the Trump supporters.

On election night in 2020, Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by a margin of 790,000.

Trump supporters agree that the election for Joe Biden was then hijacked by Democrats after they sealed the doors to the voting booths and some claim they forged over a million ballots.

Dr. Oz, regrettably, is okay with this.

On election night and in the days that follow, when Democrats will undoubtedly repeat the tactic this year, he won’t feel that way.

Evidently, Dr. Oz is likewise fine with Pennsylvania legislators, not the legislature, determining the state’s election laws.

Dr. Oz might be a better choice than the communist Fetterman, but it is obvious that he will vote with Mitch McConnell as another RINO in the US Senate.


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  • The Conservatives of Pennsylvania were correct in not wanting Oz. Trump should have listened to them. Oz is still better that Bedwetterman, but time will tell if he’s what he claims to be. This article says he’s not.

    • Republicans are allowed to voice their own opinions while Democrat liberals must tow the party line. While I may not agree, I’ll respect his right to have a wrong opinion.

    • He’s a 100% pure leftist mudslime masquerading as a republican. As soon as I heard that Trump was supporting this d’OPRAH fool I knew Trump lost his mind!

    • Absolutely. Trump should have known the type of man Oz is.
      He’s an opportunistic RINO.
      What a poor choice for Pennsylvanians: Worthless and beyond worthless

  • Trump’s own fault. He should pay better attention whe he pick his allies. Look around…Pence, Barr, Mattis, Gen Mark Milley…and the list goes on. He shouldknow better by now. RINO OZ is his own fault

  • Oz was merely giving a voice to what almost every Republican in Congress, including conservations, did when the delegates gathered to affirm Biden as president. This does not mean he approved of the result; it merely meant that the process from voting to state affirmation of the vote to the casting of the final votes in Congress had been done by a variety of people and groups. It would not have been his job at that time to disregard the electoral process and interject his own opinion. That is not how our Republic works. Once a process is put into place and it appears that everyone has done his or her job correctly, then the result is final. Don’t pick on Oz over one remark about the electoral process. Look at his entire record. And, lastly, he was NOT directing his comments at Trump. Be rational, fellow conservatives, and some having a knee jerk reaction to everything you read.

  • Leaves people in PA with an interesting choice for Senator. A brain dead hoodie wearing weirdo, or a back stabber. Oz should have kept his mouth shut.

  • Trump endorsed Oz to expose him to the world to get him to admit he is corrupt. It was the only way to get him to do it. WAKE UP AMERICA! Oz would never have exposed himself. Don’t vote for either candidate….leave it blank! This is why Trump endorsed all corrupt candidates to get them to confess and they are doing it! You will see the truth coming out soon.

  • Mehmet Oz refused to denounce his Turkish Citizenship before the primary. How can we trust a man that will not support the USA 100%. Turkey is not our ally.

  • This is exactly what they want to stop people from voting for the republican candidate I do not see how his comments stab Trump in the back we need to elect more republicans this only helps the other side why can’t people see this. I would rather have him than someone who will vote with Pelosi 100 % of the time. And for the record I am a Trump Supporter.

  • No one wants Oz, but look at the alternative:
    A fake who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, supported completely by his father until he was over 40 years old, the only accomplishment mayor of a dead PA town with a horrible crime and drug problem.
    The guy had a stroke recently, and suffers from memory loss and difficulty with speech — and wants to legalize hard drugs, release criminals from prison, and abolish life sentences.

  • This is a sub rosa hit job on Dr. Oz. While I personally did not think him the best candidate, he is the Republican candidate. He may not be the perfect conservative candidate, but his opponent is “the devil you know.” Moreover, with him running against a person with no talent, no positive experience, a dubious cognitive health status and a reprehensible history, no one should be considering voting against Oz or refraining from voting for Oz as a protest. Oz’s position on contesting the vote in 2020 may not be exactly what pro-Trump factions want, but it is a prime example of Sun Tzu’s advice to not engage in battles that one may not or definitely will not win.

  • I faced the same dilemma when I had to vote for John Cornyn in our last Texas election. He is a RINO and cares less about the Texas people with his voting
    No communist. Fetter man is a communist.

  • Trump has to be careful with Oz: at the end, he will stab him in the back like Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr, James Mattis, John Bolton, and even Mike Pence among others.

  • Dr. Oz is just typical of many Republican leaders – they only look out for themselves! With Arizona and Pennsylvania now having proof of cheating in the 2020 election why are the Republicans such wimps and not looked into this? They just ignore it like it can’t possibly be true. They would rather have Donald Trump look like he was a sore loser for continuing to say the election was stolen. I am a Republican but I find most of those in the Senate and the House not willing to stand up to the truth and have left Trump out to dry on many occasions. People may not like his personality but he is the first President who has totally looked out for this country and gotten so much done in the short time he was in office and against so much foul play from the Democrats. We were in great shape before Biden and look at where we are today! l still I have to say there are very few elected Republicans that I have respect for and I hope we get some less self-serving Republicans elected this November!

  • Another time when we get to choose between cancer and dementia. Sorry the system is broken beyond repair. Burn it all down and start again. I’d rather be governed by 100 people chosen by lot than these poltroons.

  • Never watched Dr Oz on TV, just another money hungry doc, I was even flabbergasted when Trump endorsed him, but there was a reason why he did, no we really know where this rino doc stands, I’m trusting the plan, WWG1WGA

  • Looks like Dr.Os will be just another Rhino if elected, sometimes I don’t understand President Trump when he endorses such weaklings!

  • Exactly why I have not given any money to Doctor OZ and I never will
    He excites nothing & No one. Unbelievable fits him. He is a BLAND LOSER that can NEVER BE TRUSTED. He could be a USELESS and Dangerous Backstabber.
    He may even be another TRAITOR or A Planted SPY!
    Maybe the GOP Traitors I have named The McRINOS own Doctor Oz too! You know Who THEY are: and they must be thrown out too. GOP Backstabbers in charge are Kevin McCarthy & Mitch McConnell & these McRINOS may OWN Doctor Oz too.
    Remember Dr Death / Dr Fauci. We do not need another back stabber in the GOP working against us!
    If you DO NOT TRUST Someone – Never give them a penny. Trump really needs to ditch Dr Oz!
    USELESS is a word that FITS these lying medical monst*rs perfectly: Doctors have been killing us during this Planned & Manmade FAUCI PANDEMIC= Doctors & hospitals Immediately putting people on ventilators & organ stopping drugs to EARN MORE MONEY!
    Pandemics MAKE hospitals, doctors & the entire medical profession labs & DRUG Companies Billions.
    Also Vaccine Death jabs for all & even Babies & Children that Never Needed Them!
    Do you trust these doctors or hospitals – I DON’T !
    Pandemics & Death Jabs & the wrong treatments =Genocide & Depopulation & Meant to end most of us.

  • Yet another in the long line of questionable Trump endorsements. If you don’t know someone or they don’t have a track record, or there isn’t a clear best choice, then you don’t have to endorse. People say Trump will have learned from all his mistakes the next time around, but that’s just wishful thinking and not based on evidence.

  • Never liked this man, Oz. There was and still is a sneaky persona about him. Oz is a parcticing Muslim and this is why no one should trust him.

  • I wouldn’t trust him he is a Hollywood liberal. This is what got President Trump in trouble the first time he trusted all the wrong people. And believed their lies. President Trump needs to wake up and make some better choices in candidates. The People need to do their own research and find the best candidate out there. And get back to GOD This is the only way to save America!!!



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