It’s really sad when Americans can no longer trust their federal law enforcement agencies. Not trusting politicians but not having faith in the people who execute our judicial process, is unconscionable. It will undermine faith in our democracy faster than anything else.

The politicization of the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) is eroding the core of our great nation. Political control of federal law enforcement and the federal justice system is essential to an authoritarian takeover of a nation. It’s happening in the United States. It must be stopped.

The radical left within the Democrat Party wants single-party rule for America. By securing power over every aspect of society, they can push their Marxist ideology with no resistance. The U.S. will be forever changed. We will be transformed into an elitist-ruled socialist country.

To accomplish this “warlike takeover” the U.S. progressive socialists have weaponized the federal justice departments. Both the FBI and DOJ have been corrupted internally. High-ranking officials in both agencies do the bidding of the Democrat Party. The corruption began years ago.

It reached new levels when threatened by an outsider wishing to run for president. Donald Trump threw a monkey wrench into their plans. One of his first orders of business was to drain the swamp. The FBI and DOJ were key players in D.C.’s corruption.

They had to do something about him. Immediately, with help from the crooked Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton, they concocted a scheme. They fabricated evidence, which portrayed then-candidate Trump as a Russian asset.

They masterminded a devious scheme to create a collusion hoax between President Trump and Russia. It was the most diabolical political scam in U.S. history. But it didn’t stop when President Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. In fact, it got even worse.

Through political operatives in the DOJ, a full-blown investigation was launched. The Mueller probe lasted for over two years. The lies and distortions of the truth plagued most of President Trump’s first term. But they weren’t done.

The FBI and DOJ knew that a second term by the popular president could destroy their plans. President Trump could not be reelected. So, the FBI stepped in to suppress information about the Biden crime family.

All information about Hunter Biden’s crooked business operations was buried. The FBI purposefully put their thumb on the scale and tilted the 2020 election. The same FBI was supposed to investigate blatant allegations of election fraud.

They proceeded to bury those investigations as well. The DOJ and the FBI worked jointly to insist that anyone who questioned the validity of the 2020 election was a domestic extremist. But their problem had still not been fully solved.

President Trump and his millions of supporters were still out there. They had to be stopped. The FBI helped to turn a peaceful election protest into a chaotic riot. Now they have something to use against President Trump and conservatives.

The DOJ has falsely prosecuted hundreds of people for felonies. The majority of these patriotic Americans are guilty of nothing more than misdemeanor trespassing. The left orchestrated a sham investigation into the events of January 6.

However, the January 6 commission is nothing more than another political witch hunt. Through this bogus investigation, the left is trying to build a false narrative against President Trump. They’re trying to prove that he obstructed justice by not acting to quell the violence.

But they fail to mention that President Trump foresaw potential problems. He offered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the National Guard to ensure nothing happened. She refused. Nancy refused, because there was a plan in place. That plan had to incite violence.

Now the left has another weapon to attack the former president. They claim he was somehow culpable for something he tried to help prevent. There is also the mystery surrounding the predawn raid of his Mar-a-Lago home. Is there a connection between the raid and January 6?

The DOJ insists they were looking for “classified documents.” They “say” that President Trump took highly classified papers that posed a grave risk to U.S. national security. If so, why did it take over a year and a half to go and retrieve these so-called critical documents?

Most believe this was a fabricated raid to search for anything that might incriminate the former president in relation to January 6. The progression of events has led to the most recent insult to our democracy. Joe Biden’s corrupt DOJ believes they have enough evidence to prosecute.

There is still a lot of doubt about how they can secure an actual indictment. What that means is, they haven’t found a way to concoct another bogus line of accusations against President Trump. If they had evidence that a president purposefully obstructed justice, they wouldn’t be waiting.

This is just another in a long line of purposeful leaks to smear the former president. They realize that it will prove virtually impossible to bring an indictment and successfully prosecute that indictment. Just like Russiagate, this is another sham.

With the wave of whistleblowers exposing FBI and DOJ corruption, there is a high chance they’ll be busted. So, they must use caution. The best it appears they can do is to leak a bunch of lies to their stooges in the corrupt mainstream media.

The rumor of an indictment is a total sham. It’s a purposeful leak; a fabricated publicity stunt. There is little chance the DOJ could win such a case, because one doesn’t exist. There is a paper trail that will certainly exonerate the former president.

But the rumors might cast another dark shadow on President Trump. There’s only one problem. Americans are on to their games, and when Republicans take back control of Congress, the gig will be up.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Since 2015 the entire political Establishment bloc has been persecuting and prosecuting Trump and all his influential supporters because they cannot tolerate his frank style and efforts to make America great. That is why patriotic Conservatives must commit to vote in person on election day.

    • Mike I believe it goes a lot deeper than “frank style”. I Believe it’s because they know he would uncover ALL the Dem-Wits corrupt activity!!!

    • When I was young, even before the Marines, I learned the Point man was most likely to be sacrificed. Lots of encouragement and shouting,”we’re right behind you” by so called friends but when push came to shove they were WAY behind you. These comments on here are a lot like that. We self censor, are afraid to establish organizations, and in general end up being invisible in this battle for the survival of our country with its culture and way of life. If no one wants to back up the one fearless president we’ve had recently then get out and Vote. Do NOT be a One issue voter. Consider the fate of America and vote for us all.

    • Vote in a corrupt election system? Overthrow this present corrupt U.S. Federal government and re-establish the Federal government in strict compliance with the Constitution as per the Founders original intent: very small with very limited powers. Return the political structure to the states and the people.

    • The entire U.S. Federal government should be taken out and returned to the Constitution as intended by the Founders.

      • the people in charge are jewish. they are they to administer all of goy’s deaths. that is why we have the jew shot with the jew 5g. all designed in israhell to kill goy.

        • Get off your Jewish rant. This is America we want to save. This sort of trash talk does nothing to further our future goals of reinstating the US Constitution.

  • instead of attacking Trump’s home all they had to do was to inquire if there were any classified documents in his possession. And that was simple enough to do. You check with the person with the ultimate power to declassify these documents. In other words ask Trump!

  • Undermining faith in our democracy is exactly the purpose of the Democrat actions against Trump. When Americans lose faith in our democracy (republic), the government (in some form) will step in and impose totalitarian control. This is already gradually happening. To maintain the human rights and freedoms Americans have come to expect, we must secure our voting system and use this system to elect people committed to our Country, its Constitution, and our laws.
    The attacks against Trump, after ignoring the abuses of Hillary Clinton and the Biden clan, are absurd and contemptible.

  • If the problem was highly classified documents that endangered this country, why take his health records and passports? Those are OBVIOUSLY private not public.

    • That is what SHOULD happen in a few weeks but we saw how they stole the 2020 election. For certain they will put an enormous effort into stealing the midterms. A LOT of money was spent to corrupt judges, election officials, the DOJ, the FBI and to put a senile dotard into the White House. They will do everything possible to ensure that costly investment isn’t jeopardized by a fair election.

  • It’s time to forgive and forget. The verbal and legal attacks on Trump started even before he entered office and millions upon millions of our tax dollars have been spent foolishly and waste fully trying to find anything to hang him with.

    Never before has so much effort, time, money, and hatred been spent and expressed on a former president. Wouldn’t the money and energy best best spent improving people’s lives or even our roads?

  • It’s time to forgive and forget. The verbal and legal attacks on Trump started even before he entered office and millions upon millions of our tax dollars have been spent foolishly and waste fully trying to find anything to hang him with.

    Never before has so much effort, time, money, and hatred been spent and expressed on a former president. Wouldn’t the money and energy best best spent improving people’s lives or even our roads?

  • There is NO JUSTICE,
    in the D.O.J.,
    The CommunistcRATS,
    have LIED it away!
    There is NO TRUTH,
    in the F.B.LIE,
    The DemocRATS,
    just LIE and DENY!!
    America is now,
    Under attack,
    by forces within,
    If they are not stopped,
    We’ll continue to fall,
    Until nothing is left,
    No freedom at all!!!

  • Trump was a target before he even took his oath of office. If this wasn’t a red flag of the target he had on his back by the Democrats I don’t know what was!

  • Wray & Garland need to be prosecuted along with Hilary & Comey! These people should never be allowed to hold public office again.

    • They should face a firing squad for treason against the United States, including Soros, the Obamas, Pelosi, Schumer, and all the rest of the Dems and RINOs in D.C,!!

      • Absolutely would change the criminal cabal paradigm that’s been in place for many years overnight!
        These abuses and crimes I assure you would drop to zero!

  • There should not be an investigation or any arrests or a trial, Just simply overpower Garland, Wrey, Pelosi, Naddler, Schumer, Schiff, McConnell, and force them out into the publics veiw and execute every Damn one of them or lead them to the Gallows and Hang the Anti-American, Anti-Police, Anti-Constitution Bastards until they quit kicking.

    • It may very well come to that if this upcoming election is corrupted as the last was; the proverbial shit will have to finally hit the fan! Things are at the boiling point already!

  • I sure wish you people knew how to either GET TO THE POINT, or summarize your reporting. I get 40-60 conservative blogs a day, and they’re all great, however, I don’t have the time to read ALL of what I’m sent. Now i’m just scanning the middle of these trying to find the main point of the topic. I’m about ready to do what I did to the media 40 years ago, and just ‘unsubscribe’ to all. I don’t have the time, nor patience to read daily novels!!

    • I totally agree. I do not have time to read all the emails I receive, and nor do I want to. I’m 81 years old and work full time. My time is too precious to read all these articles. I’ve tried to cancel most of them, but seem to receive even more after. I do the same scanning and deleting. A waste of my time for most articles.

  • This article is incredibly and unashamedly biased. It does not even get to what the DOJ is charging Trump with. As an independent / unaffiliated voter, I hope Trump does get charged with those infractions he did that were against the law.

    • You mean like the J6 Unselect Committee is biased? You obviously have TDS. You want President Trump to be charged with something, anything, you don’t care what. WHY?? You think Biden is good for our country? Wake Up Tom. Our country is being destroyed. It is being destroyed BY DESIGN. Refute this if you can.

      • Right Katie and anyone like Tom at this point who doesn’t see reality yet is either totally gonzo or doesn’t give a rip about justice nor America!

        • …and yet another possibility…they’re paid shills for the Democrats. Some of these posters aren’t stupid like Joe. They can actually put together sentences that make sense. If they really think that O’Biden is good for the country, they’re obviously stupid (“gonzo”, as you say). There are some that really think socialism will somehow work and all you have to do is have someone like Joe or Obozo go “all in” to make it happen. Yeah, they’re idiots too as history has repeatedly shown that the ideology is a complete failure! But I think most of these pro-O’Biden posters are just shills, paid to push the Dumbocratic narratives in hopes that they’ll be handsomely rewarded. Yeah, they’ll find out in time that they were stupid to think they would. Socialism has only so much room for people at the top levels. The rest get to live in misery.

          • The history of socialism and its benefactors coupled with the genocide along with the utter brutality of what it actually does and doesn’t do for humanity is easy for anyone with a few brain cells to research; and they can find that Karl Marx worshiped Satan and convinced his own daughters to commit suicide! So why do so many go around thinking it’s a great way to run a society? Many idiots among us who are either delusional or insane which doesn’t leave much hope for civilization at this point when they have proverbially shot themselves in the foot killing or destroying the best form of Government to have ever be established on planet earth by the Founders of the US Constitution! We are in a world of shit right now!
            I do have to say that many who were aware of these pitfalls went along with the higher echelon to be in the winner’s circle; so selfish greed was and is their motive. Why did Cain slay his own brother Abel! Same disease and evil.

    • If you want to see where the CORRUPTION is, and who needs to be in jail…. see my post below. I will give you a hint….. It was discovered with the Durham investigation into Igor Danchenko…. and the culprit is the FBI…. and the LAWS that they BROKE in their attempted COUP of Trump.

  • My precious father a World War II veteran that went overseas at 17 years old and had never been off his block, would not believe this is the AMERICA he and so my others fought for. I don’t recognize my own country, but WE THE PEOPLE will peacefully not allow our corrupt government to destroy our incredible country. No matter what you do no matter what you say President Trump 45 will be President Trump 47 that you can take to the bank. We know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. President Trump is the best President our country has ever had right alongside President Lincoln.

    • YES Deborah; God bless you and your Dad just like mine who did the exact same thing back then! I’m with you 100% and I pray to God the miracle is coming that will flip this evil current paradigm completely over to what America always stood for and should again! Amen.

  • That is not enough! They need to be jailed for what they did and pay back every dime of our money they wasted with their money! That goes for the RINO’S that helped! There needs to be a major cost for corruption! And they all need to pay! If republicans refuse they are part of the scam! And soon the people will not ask and they will be no more! And they will only have themselves to blame! And no special jail for them either!

  • Need to Fire this incompetent idiot then prosecute him and all involved in this another fake waist of our Taxpayers Money, the democratic party need to payback every dime the have waisted of OR Money that we need and those retired need an immediate increase of 8% immediately Now, then again the first of the year Social Security is falling way behind in cost of living

  • the AG and the FBI and the DOJ are so corrupted and political, it causes them to be the worst criminals in the nation. The reason is you expect law enforcement to be just and when they prove they are unjust and political, they become totally useless because no one is going to believe a thing they say.

    • You are forgetting the unelected government employees, protected by unions, who are actually making decisions and enforcing rules, forcing us too comply. They are almost totally liberal democrats and every time the democrats are in power, the spoon feed these people benefits and wage increases that we do not have access to. When we get a Republican administration, these employees do everything they can to disrupt any actions being taken, Many of these employees do absolutely nothing of value for us and should be immediately terminated, but they are union, and the democrats have the unions at the trough!

  • Thank You
    for stating with clarity exactly what more than ½ of America has believed all along. Never give up! Never give in!

  • This is horrible. This man is evil, although I know he is just doing what he is told. What if it had been him who was accused of something like this? Would he have fought back? And, would he probably have said or done something that he shouldn’t have? Of course he would. Obstruction? I think that is a. stretch! But, anything to make it look bad for Trump!

  • WHY should we believe the Corrupt FBI and DOJ ??

    It took the Durham investigation into Igor Danchenko to Expose the CORRUPTION in our FBI and their COUP against Trump…

    1) The Corrupt FBI offer to PAY Christopher Steele $1 Million to Verify his UnVerifiable Steele Dossier…. NOTE — Steele NEVER got PAID because it was UnVerifiable.

    2) The FBI then had a KNOWN Russian Agent, Igor Danchenko, on THEIR Payroll for 3 Years from March 2017 through 2020 in order to Dig-Up-Dirt on Trump and to protect him from Congressional inquiries and PAID him to the tune of $200,000/year….

    3) And the FBI Ordered Danchenko to ERASE ALL Evidence of his interactions with the FBI from his Cell Phone.

    4) And this testimony Verified that the FBI LIED to the FISA Courts on 4 seperate occasions so that they could SPY on law-abiding American citizens, one of which worked for the CIA.


    If this was an “insurrection” , in your words, then WHY did Trump PRE-Authorize the use of 20,000 National Guard Troops and WHY is the J6 Commission refusing to release that testimony that was given in front of them under Penalty of Purgury by 2 seperate people and confirmed by Anti-Trumper General Milley.

    And there is NO “actual evidence” that ties Trump to what happened…. that is why the J6 commission is still trying to dig up dirt on Trump…. And their plan to subpoena Trump has BACKFIRED since he has stated the he would Love to do it.

  • My questions would be —-

    Since the FBI knew of potential Violence in advance of January 6th , WHY was the Capitol Police so UNPREPAIRED for the violence ???

    and WHY did Nancy Pelosi ( who is IN CHARGE of the Capitol Police ) DENY the Capitol Police the added security that they had been asking for , 5 or 6 times….

    Was Pelosi in on the Plot ???

    Did she want there to be Violence so that she could pin it on Trump ???
    We now know that the FBI was involve in the Michigan PLOT to kidnap Gov Whitmire ( they even helped plan it ) …. so What about the FBI’s involvement in the incurrsion ???

    We KNOW that at least 2 Dozen FBI Agents were in the crowd on J6, the question is— were they inciting the Violence like Ray Epps was.
    We KNOW that the FBI was involved from some of government documents…..
    Did the FBI help INCITE the Violence like they did in Michigan ???

    WHY did some of the Capitol Police HELP the “insurrectionists” Enter the Capitol building ???

    These are just some of the questions that I would ask….. that is probably why Jordan and Banks were kicked OFF of her committee by Pelosi…..

  • If anyone in America thinks there needs to be proof of any alleged crimes that President Trump has committed, you are crazy as a loon. This is the most corrupt government in the world and has been for many decades. Add the courts from state level to the Supreme, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NIA plus 96% of members in Congress to the list and you have a clear picture of our country today. These dishonest, treasonous thugs in charge believe someone made them God over every aspect of life in America. They, for the most, part hate this country and us. They are thieves, involved in child trafficking, drug running as well as money laundering. Further more we are the laughing stock of the world because of Bozo the clown. People in power will do anything to destroy America and they have just about achieved their goal.

  • Anything to distract from the of effect 2022 midterms?
    Biden regime, Democrat party, and the Deep State et al, get ready to say “”Bye bye”.

  • “The majority of these patriotic Americans are guilty of nothing more than misdemeanor trespassing.”

    What? The author isn’t doing his cause any good by affirming the false charge of ‘trespassing.’ That’s accepting your enemy’s premise!

    When a planned insurrection sponsored by Pelosi, Schumer and the mayor of Washington, DC included agent provocateurs and Capitol police inviting peaceful protesters into the Capitol in an entrapment maneuver, THAT IS NOT trespassing. That is known as entrapment!!

    When will the true criminals – our Democrat so-called ‘leaders’ – be prosecuted for REAL crimes??

    • True! “entrapment!” I’ll do ya one better; it is outright Conspiracy to commit Treason which is the actual crime; no by any Republican Protesting Voters but by the Democrat Cabal in the DC Cesspool! Mind you what they have done to this Nation is a “hanging offense;” not silly stupid pitiful lying BS that these degenerate Marxist power mongers are cooking up!

      Yes there is a real HELL and many of these cohorts have a reservation in it!

    • Is the capital building not the property of the government of by and for the people? – How do you trespass on your own property?

      PRESIDENT Trump 2024
      Take America Back,,,,and Keep it this time.

  • It will be up to any honest, non-partisans within these departments to root out the corruption or the people will have to. If it is left to the people to straighten them out it will have to involve reducing funding and firing the corrupt employees who lack integrity.

  • The only dark shadow are on these communist democrat. The more they come after Trump the stronger our support for him grows.


  • Does Garland go back to being a Judge when he is removed from office? I think so. And the repubs do not have the votes in the Senate to remove him. Scary, isn’t it.

  • This little lawless little puke Garland will be the first to be impeached. This is the last dying gasp of corrupt lawless illegitimate regime.

  • I will enjoy the day garland is taken away in chains. There are no excuses for these crimes against the Constitution, it is treason.

  • Was I the only one watching Obama place many commie left-wingers into the FBI and the DOJ, plus point many liberal judges to the bench all across America?

    So, I ask why is anyone surprised our country is now a POLICE STATE, or well on its way to becoming one?

    Are we all on drugs to keep us dim-minded?

    • You’re right and I saw it all too! Obama is actually quite evil as in diabolical and Satan is working though him and others, aka Biden, Pelosi etc. like him! People were stupid and just so damned lax or into this or that not giving a rat’s ass about what matters to care beyond the moment; so they happily stayed stoned and enjoyed their materialism while the house was set on fire around them!

      No respect or appreciation for what they really had and what it took for all the valiant predecessors to do in order to make it happen and keep it!

      I call that a Jackass!

  • The crime is not only are the criminals harassing an innocent man they are destroying our nation at the same time! And the courts are complicit with the destruction of our nation!

  • Funny why they didn’t raid Obama’s record stash! Or Bush’s Or Clinton’s ! The FBI has lost all credibility! Under Wray and Comey they made America a third world country! So when do they get prosecuted? This letting them go has got to stop or the people will have no more need for the judicial branch of government! They will just take care of the problem themselves!

  • I hope President Trump has learned his lesson – that MOST politicians are not trustworthy. When he returns to office I hope he fires EVERY appointee that he can and starts over. That will be thousands out looking for a job! Hopefully more than the media and liberal organizations can support.

    I’m not sure where he will find replacements. After four years in office and 4 years out of office, hopefully he has started compiling a list of those that are worthy of trust by the American Citizens. (Like he said, the politicians were after WE THE PEOPLE, he was just in the way).

    I suspect that he is having a hard time finding GOOD people to nominate for these positions. (Review the problems he had in the last administration).



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