National polls, most of which I suspect are politicized these days, predict President Donald Trump will be defeated by the frail, forgetful, and cognitively challenged Joe Biden in November.  Many polls at RealClearPolitics have Trump losing by between 9 and 12 points.  If you have paid attention to Biden’s campaigning, or the nearly total lack thereof, it must boggle your mind to hear polls like this.  Yes, leftists hate Donald Trump with a passion, but most people vote with their wallets, and despite how Democrat governors have decimated our economy using the Chinese virus pandemic to enforce lockdowns and closing businesses throughout the country, Americans know that Trump’s economy prior to that was the best thing to happen to America in a very long time.  And they know and trust Trump would do it again, while Biden can’t figure out what to eat for breakfast.

While Trump gets tens of thousands of people to show up at his rallies, with thousands more who couldn’t get in standing outside watching the event on a Jumbotron screen, Joe Biden can’t generate enough enthusiasm to fill up a beer hall without promising free beer for the night.  And the Left is gaslighting us to believe that Biden is ahead?

While the Democrats and leftist leaders got together to plot a coming coup to steal the election from Trump, Joe Biden has recently said that he’s so far ahead now the only way he could lose the election is by polling place “chicanery.”  What infuriates Americans is how Democrats project what they’re actually doing onto their opponents.

So, are there any polls at all that predict Trump will win?  Take a look at what Gallup is discovering through their polling.

According to a Gallup survey, “56% of Americans expect Trump to prevail over Biden in the November election, while 40% think Biden will win.” This includes 90 percent of Republicans, 56 percent of independents and 24 percent of Democrats. This is not the first time Gallup has polled voter expectations: The polling firm asked Americans for their predictions in every election year from 1996 through 2012: “In each of these polls, Americans accurately predicted the winner of the popular vote.” This is a much stronger rate of accuracy than most polling firms can claim and it prompts the question, “What does the general public know that the pollsters don’t?”

Don’t let this news make you complacent. Your vote is needed.

Gallup offers an important piece of the puzzle by posing  this question to registered voters: “Would you say you and your family are better off now than you were four years ago, or are you worse off now?” The percentage who said they are “better off” after four years of the Trump presidency was far greater than it has been for the last two incumbent presidents. When President Obama ran for a second term in 2012, only 45 percent of voters said they were better off than they had been four years earlier and I think most of them lied.  When President Bush ran for re-election, 47 percent answered that they were better off and I think they too lied but for different reasons. When asked the same question about Trump’s first term, 56 percent stated they were better off.

Don’t forget that Ronald Reagan asked that now famous and very useful question during his 1980 campaign, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”  Since Reagan asked that question, it has been used to measure how a president running for reelection is doing in the perceptions of the voters.

Gallup most recent poll has revealed a clear majority of registered voters, about 56 percent, saying they are better off now than they were four years ago, while only 32 percent said they are worse off.  That could be for the latter, but it certainly isn’t because of Donald Trump.  Now you know why the Democrats threw our economy in the tank, and used their own doing to blame Trump for the problems they caused for millions of Americans.

Given the fact that the Democrats and their boot-licking sycophants in the mainstream news media have attacked this president from the day he was elected with some of the most outrageous stunts like the Russian collusion hoax, of which none of them have apologized to America after it was discovered that there was no evidence whatsoever that it happened but a plethora of evidence that the Obama/Biden administration spied on the Trump campaign and used federal law enforcement to go after members of his campaign, to impeaching an innocent president for something Joe Biden actually did, in total putting the country through hell for 4 years, along with media hacks, Hollywood elites, and academia just fabricating negative stories about Trump, it’s amazing how successful he has been, which is really just a testament to how much more Trump is ready and able to do the job of president than Joe Biden who has spent 47 years in government with barely any notable achievements to speak of.

I don’t think most Biden supporters understand that we got the most vibrant economy in our country’s history by Trump reducing tax rates on everyone, cutting job killing regulations, renegotiating bad trade deals, pulling us out of the Paris Climate Accord, which was a disaster for American jobs, and overall reshaping American policy from a globalist agenda to an America First ideal.

To the contrary, Joe Biden has said he will eliminate the Trump tax cuts, which will increase your taxes and reduce the amount of money you take home each week.  Biden said he would rejoin the Paris Climate debacle, which will kill millions of American jobs, and he has said he will go back into the the dangerous Iran nuclear deal, which in the text itself allows Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon within 15 years of the agreement.

Trump’s actions reduced the unemployment rates to the point where we have 7.5 million more jobs available than workers to fill them, while Biden’s policy proposals will do the exact opposite.  Voters have felt the difference in their lives by Trump’s successes.   They know that another four years of Trump will usher in more economic wealth for their wallets, and that has been confirmed as a major priority for most voters according to a Pew Research analysis, repeated by the Kaiser Family Foundation, and backed up by Gallup.

So, in the end, people can dislike how Trump for how he fights back against a never-ending onslaught of lies and fabricated nonsense, they can believe he’s not presidential because he speaks directly to the American people in their language, but you cannot mistake the fact that most voters know that life was better for them under Trump than most past presidents and their administrations.  This is why most voters still believe Trump will win, and despite the planned coming coup by the Democrats after Election Day, they’re going to vote for four more years of economic progress.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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