My belief is that we as Americans are overall in support of the police. For the most part, they are out there doing the right thing and doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

There are certainly those who overstep their boundaries and I do think that there are some things that police do as part of their job that they shouldn’t be doing.

Just last night I was watching a video about a police officer who was planting drugs inside of people’s cars when they pulled them over and then hauling them off to jail. This is crooked and outright hateful.

By-and-large police officers are doing what they feel is right and they don’t want to be doing wrong. But there are still some who do.

Sometimes, that line is blurred and it’s really hard to tell if a police officer is overstepping his boundary or if he’s following the law.

Take for instance an incident at a Waffle House restaurant in Tennessee. A man was arrested for apparently “hootin’ and hollerin'” while a police officer was trying to drink his coffee in peace.

@jarochito51#fyp funny how they can just accuse you with out proof of anything I respect the law but not this kind 1,200 dollars later♬ original sound – Carlos Martinez8291

@jarochito51##fyp now this is wrong people took my friend to jail too for recording♬ original sound – Carlos Martinez8291

There are so many facets to this thing and we honestly don’t know how loud the man was being. But being loud isn’t usually an arrestable offense. If the restaurant wanted the men to be quite and they refused, they could ask them to leave and even ask the officer to help enforce that. However, according to one of the men involved in the incident, they had asked the waitress is she could play a certain song for them and she put it on the main speaker. No one else was complaining, the police officer just didn’t seem to like it.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if the police officer likes it or not. If it’s not against the law and the establishment owner is okay with it, then the officer has no grounds for saying anything and especially not arresting them. He said he wanted to drink his coffee in peace and quite, well then he shouldn’t go to a public restaurant to do so.


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