It’s being referred to as a political quake.

Residents of Los Angeles and San Francisco are now living with the consequences of their votes for far-left politicians, and they are not happy.

This is why Democrats were taken aback when former Republican billionaire Rick Caruso switched parties to run for mayor of Los Angeles against six-term Democratic Rep. Karen Bass. Caruso is running as a moderate Democrat, and he is attracting support from local people who are fed up with the crime and foolishness perpetrated by far-left extreme politicians.

NBC News reported,

Homelessness continues to rise while housing has become even less affordable. Crime is up, traffic is worse, and high gas prices come with extra sting in a city infamous for its long commutes.

Los Angeles County, which has for decades been a magnet for Americans dreaming of a fresh start, saw more people leave during the first year of the pandemic than any other in the U.S., according to census data released in March.

Bass is playing the usual Democrat card, claiming Caruso is a “fake” who is similar to Donald Trump. However, incumbent Mayor Eric Garcetti’s approval ratings are in the toilet, and residents desire a change, which Bass will not provide.

The same thing is happening in San Francisco, which has had a much larger migration of population over a longer period of time than Los Angeles. Crime has become a major concern for locals, and people are working hard to remove District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who is one of the country’s most extremist officials.

Boudin’s parents were members of the dangerous left-wing Weather Underground, so when he was elected in 2019, he made news. The radical DA has embraced BLM, but San Franciscans are sick of the crime his policies have caused three years later.

Even CNN admitted that there is a political “earthquake” building:

An earthquake is building in Tuesday’s California elections that could rattle the political landscape from coast to coast.

In Los Angeles and San Francisco, two of the nation’s most liberal large cities, voters are poised to send stinging messages of discontent over mounting public disorder, as measured in both upticks in certain kinds of crime and pervasive homelessness.

That dissatisfaction could translate into the recall of San Francisco’s left-leaning district attorney, Chesa Boudin, likely by a resounding margin, and a strong showing in the Los Angeles mayoral primary by Rick Caruso, a billionaire real estate developer and former Republican who has emerged as the leading alternative in the race to Democratic US Rep. Karen Bass, once considered the front-runner.

The fact that Californians are moving to the center is a big deal and it is a rebuke of the Democrat party.


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  • Who said Democrats voted for these idiots??? There is absolutely zero proof they did! And Democrats refuse to let the people check what they did in their name! And the corrupt courts are backing the people afraid to let the people see! They know it will start a civil war when the people find out their vote never counted at all! They were just suckered!

    • Correct ! Once the Dems understand that NO ONE’s vote has counted in 30 years, people are going to be pissed.

    • It’s discouraging to find out that outsiders to the City or State handpicked the primary winners and then fixed the election to ensure their candidate won and the voters never even realized how the system was corrupted in most big Cities and many key States.

  • George Sorros should have been arrested a long time ago for TREASON and using his money to put in place Communist Democrats and Communist DA’s across America in order to destroy our Country. Sorros pulled this same tactic in England and destroyed the English pound, he was then kicked out of England and told never come back or you’ll be arrested, this happened in the 60’s. The Communist Democrats love him and protect that ASSHOLE, all in the name the destruction of America.. Pelosi and Schumer should be arrested and charged for high crimes against the United States and the constitution but their protected by Communist Judges and the Communist FBI. Even when the Republicans had the majority in the Senate and Congress they never brought up charges against the Communist Democrats because they haven’t got the guts to go after them, the Republicans always had a yellow streak a mile wide on their backs..

  • Treasonous Demo☭rats must …NEVER be allowed to run for, or hold elected office …EVER AGAIN!

  • I don’t care WHAT promises they make! NOBODY should vote for ANY conniving Demmunist for ANY office! They will LIE and tell you whatever they think you want to hear to get elected, and the ONLY thing they can be trusted to do with political power is ABUSE IT trying to get more of it. This guy may be making “moderate” sounds NOW, but soon as he gets in there, they will discover he is JUST as power-mad and conniving as any OTHER conniving Demmunist.

  • WHo cares???….. They get what they deserve I have no sympathy for people who have no discernment to know the difference between a good politician and a bad one The difference between a rattlesnake and a garter snake. This countries filled with naive spoiled lazy brats who think they have all the answers but then when they go pull the voting lever now they got buyers remorse sorry it won’t wash there’s an old saying misery loves company



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