What evidence do we have that the Democrats are losing ground? How can we tell whether there is a shift taking place in our country, if the left has gone too far to the left, and if people are making their voices heard?

As it turns out, there are multiple signs pointing to this. There’s the fact that people are standing up and speaking out against institutions like the public school system, which indoctrinates children with leftist propaganda, there’s the fact that Joe Biden’s approval ratings are continuing to fall, and there’s other polling data that shows Democrats are at all-time lows.

However, one of the more striking signals recently has been the Democrats’ attacks on their own constituents. Senator Joe Manchin is the individual I’m referring to.

Sen. Manchin has been an ally at times for the conservatives when the left has tried to push their radical agenda too far. Thank God for that. But because of this, he has been scrutinized and ostracized within his own party.

So, what has been the result of this? Well, his approval rating has actually skyrocketed and he’s now one of the ten most popular senators in the country!

“Over the past year, @Sen_JoeManchin has seen the largest job approval rating improvement of any senator. It places him among America’s 10 most popular senators for the first time since Biden took office,” Morning Consult political reporter Eli Yokley tweeted.

Take a look at this chart below, you’ll need to open it up and see the full image. But the thing to point out is that Joe Manchin has the biggest percentage point change for the better among all senators.

This chart is rather interesting though. Let’s see who else has gained approval and who has lost approval.

The man who has lost the most is Democrat Patrick Leahy and right behind him is ol’ Bernie Sanders himself.

There are some who have surprised me a bit though. Rand Paul has lost support, when in reality, he’s probably the best senator there is, yet Mitt Romney has actually gained approval, and so has RINO Lisa Murkowski.

Somehow Mitch McConnell has gained in popularity as well and so has Lindsey Graham. I guess America has forgotten about the November election.


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