On several occasions since President Trump left office, we have found out that many of the things that he warned about or actually true. Of course, we knew all along that he wasn’t just blowing smoke in that there was actually some real substance to whatever claims he was making about particular people or groups.

But now what makes this even sweeter is that one Democrat lawmaker actually admitted that President Trump was right about something that he had been warning about for many years. At the time Democrats just blew it off because they didn’t want to acknowledge the President Trump could possibly be right about anything. But he was.

Senator Mark Warner called an Australian audience earlier this week that President Trump was actually right whenever he warned about social media platform TikTok being used as a tool for spying by the Chinese Communist Party.

Warner, who heads the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, offered rare praise to Trump, whose 2020 bid to ban the app was blocked by a federal court. Trump then tried to force the CCP-controlled company ByteDance to relinquish its ability to access U.S. users’ data, but the Biden administration shelved that plan last year.

“This is not something you would normally hear me say, but Donald Trump was right on TikTok years ago,” Warner said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Warner, during a visit to fellow “Five Eyes” country Australia to meet with intel officials, political leaders, and business people, said the U.S. military bars service members from downloading TikTok’s app. Parents should be worried about the addictive platform being used by China to harvest data on their children, he said.

But you and I know that this wasn’t the only thing that President Trump was right about. He warned us about what would happen to our economy under Joe Biden and he nailed it on the head.

He was right about gas prices going sky-high, he was right about inflation going high. He was right about all of it. I think we’re all missing President Trump right now even Democrats although they won’t admit that. But we all know that everyone was better off on their President Trump. Gas prices were lower, inflation was lower, and we weren’t on the brink of World War III with Russia.

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  • 🥰CHRISTrumpC.Owens and all our US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2022-2036 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen🥰

  • Yes we were all a million times better off under President Donald Trump. Biden and the rest of the freak show has done everything they can to hurt us all. I know some of those head in the sand Dem’s will never admit it. But, I for one have zero problem pointing out where we were, and where we’re at now. Pull your heads out Dem’s, kick this current freak show to the curb.

  • Of course President Trump was right and about a lot of things. But he wouldn’t follow the past leaders so both sides hated him.

  • Finally, it is sinking into the heads that think for themselves. Most democrats are monkey see, monkey do or whatever they are told to do. They will probably oust this guy or nail him to a tree and throw knives at him. Trump was right about a lot of things, and they (the democrats) know it, but will never admit it. Trump really deserves another term to finish the one he started (really 2 terms) because he was not left alone to work like he wanted, he had to fight and defend himself most of the term. They can call me Uncle Tom, Token or whatever, but I am one black man that can think and understand for myself. I will vote for Trump if he runs again. MAGA again.

    • I agree. Trump still accomplished a lot while the left was waging war against him. Trump needs 2 new terms to Make America Great Again.

      • Chinks : A slant eyed person from China who sells drugs to Hunter Biden and gives him hints on what stocks to buy to support his drug habit!

          • Are you a liberal with her head buried in the sand? Wake up Dee. Our country is being destroyed BY DESIGN. If you and other liberals can’t see this you need a serious mental health workup. On the other hand, if you agree with Biden’s policies, please leave America and go to China. They will welcome you with open arms. America certainly doesn’t need your communist beliefs.

  • Of course, Trump was right about the tiktok scum and that was only the tip of the iceberg. He was right about the dems destruction of the world economy and no war would exist in Ukraine or almost anywhere else if he were rightly occupying the oval office in lieu of the lifelong criminal posing as the president at present. dems are guilty of high treason, fraud and murder. They must pay the price in full. Instead, they want nuclear war with Putin. Ain’t that a hoot? Kilemal

  • Donald Trump is and has been right about a great many things. The only real protest against Trump’s statements is that it disturbs the folks’ comfort zone, so the advice of the mainstream media and the political establishment is pull that cocoon real tight around your head and that way the truth can’t get through and hurt your tender feelings. Sorry folks but just remember the old saw “the truth hurts”. When you can’t face the truth it’s time to reacquaint yourself with Earth.

  • All shall be REVEALED! President Trump Wins Again, Again and Again! President Trump WON and the WHOLE WORLD KNOWS IT. NCSWIC, WWG1WGA, P.A.N.I.C. LGB,FJB! President Trump’s still my President! Yahweh save our poor souls Amen. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE CONSERVATIVE AT ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT. VOTE,VOTE,VOTE

  • A lot of Democrats turned Republican because the Democratic Party has gone so far to the Left. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat. Donald Trump was a Democrat. The beautiful (married) Tulsi Gabbard was a Democrat until last week. I’m still a Democrat. I have no idea why. I am thinking about becoming an Independent.

    • Don’t forget Louisiana Senator John Kennedy. He was also a democrat but is now a staunch republican. AND A VERY, VERY GOOD ONE.

  • Don’t understand how the Democrat can be so stupid? Even after voting for Biden and his first act was to screw them all and the entire country! They are in the streets cheering they are getting screwed! Maybe it was something in the Jab! As they had BLM and ANTIFA burn and loot half the country! Then flooded the country with illegal for them to support! I say we bill them for every illegal at the very least! As if you keep letting the idiot Democrat off the hook! They just keep doing it! They need a punishment that is only for them! Since they voted for this disaster! Remember they would do it to you without even thinking! Just ask the BLM and ANTIFA!

    • And the damndest thing about artifacts and BLM burning and stealing from the business owners, is that law enforcement protected them while they did it!

  • President Trump did not win the office as a “politician”, he was one of us. An American who loved his country and wanted to do good. He also wanted to ” clean house” with the rotten politicians that were there. Instead these criminals in office ganged up on him and TRIED to drive him out of office before he dug up the dirt on them. Scared of him and jealous of what he accomplished despite their attempts to kick him out. There is also no doubt in my mind that the election was rigged by democrats and that Trump was the winner. And now they know how to get by with it so there is not much reason to vote and believe in the elections but I still do, hope it helps. Just hope Biden don’t get us into WW III, none of us would survive. May God help us thru all this mess.

  • I agree. Trump still accomplished a lot while the left was waging war against him. Trump needs 2 new terms to Make America Great Again.

  • Trump has been correct on all of his assumptions, including the fraudulent election. The citizens of this nation are in serious danger of becoming Communist slaves.

    • that happened in 1865, when a tyrant destroyed the republic, killed 660 000 people. Enslaved those that survived the war. That includes you.

  • America was THRIVING,
    under President Trump,
    until they stole OUR election,
    and installed their Joe CHUMP!
    They’ve LIED for two years,
    to prove they were right,
    but all that they’ve proven,
    Is they’re not very bright.
    They have destroyed,
    ALL that was great,
    and always blamed others,
    for their FAILURES and HATE!
    They have totally FAILED,
    at every turn,
    but refuse to accept,
    any blame or concern!

  • Iam pleased that some Democrats now admit that Trump was correct on ever so many of his predictions of what would happen if Joe Malarkey and whoever controls Malarkey’s teleprompter being the true President.

  • Hope you all see how useless these lifetime politicians are. Trump was ruinning their power grab and the little babies did not like it, They stole the election to try to remain in power and as you can see they do not know how to run our country at all, WELL, it is our job now to get Trump who has lived the American dream most of us wish we could do. With the democrat steal and then hide all the evidence and get their media buddies to repeat the phrase “without evidence.” and abortion is their brain cell drive for their 100,000-dollar shot. they lowered crime penalties for the pass 40 years . You should not have to wonder why. it was not for the citizens. Democrat party has to be destroyed and buried forever.



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