President Trump’s ascension as one of the most successful presidents in U.S. history has been marked by endless assaults from the radical left. Progressive ideologues within the Democrat Party see President Trump as a threat to their efforts to make America a socialist country.

Driven by a core group of elite globalists, the Democrat Party cannot allow “America to Be Great Again.” America’s core values must be unraveled. Patriotism and national pride do not mix with the global elitists’ dark visions for society.

For their ideal world euphoria to become a reality, Americans must give up their freedom. There is no other way for a global order to work. The U.S. must mirror the communist model used in China. People cannot have the freedom to choose for themselves.

The government must make all decisions for everyone. There will be a peasant class of taxpayers, and an elite group of rulers. That has been the underlying objective of the radical wing of the Democrat Party for the last 20 years.

However, never before have they ramped up their attacks on freedom and democracy. Their number one target has been the man who stands for “Make America Great Again.” America cannot be great again. In fact, America must cease to exist.

President Trump and his “America First” agenda are the enemies of socialism. He had to be stopped. The radical left has attacked him from day one. The latest sham is the January 6 committee. A band of radical leftists and two Republican turncoats are leading the assault.

The January 6 committee is one of the biggest shams in U.S. government history. First, there is no room in the investigation for contradictory evidence. What these President Trump haters say must be revered as the gospel truth. It’s not.

They’ve been caught in one lie after another. Second, most of the evidence this sham committee has tried to use has turned out to be bogus. The most recent lie is a “so-called walkie-talkie” communication.

“Supposedly,” there is a conversation using walkie-talkies between members of the Oath Keepers group. The exchange was said to have happened while they were breaking the law by being inside the Capitol.

There’s only one big problem. These conversations weren’t even conversations. They weren’t over any walkie-talkies, either. The recordings claimed by the crooked committee to prove a plan for violence are nothing more than recordings of people watching TV.

There was no one talking on a walkie-talkie, cell phone, bullhorn, or any other handheld device. The committee has entered as evidence a bogus recording of people actually watching January 6 events unfold on a television.

The sham Jan 6th committee has taken a fake audio and combined it with a video of peaceful protesters. They recorded people walking inside the US Capitol and dubbed it with the conversations of people who weren’t there. These crooks are trying to peddle yet another lie.

The Russia collusion investigation was a total hoax. Both attempts to impeach President Trump were scams. Democrats used the pandemic to cheat in an election. January 6 is a bogus sham. They’ve lied repeatedly. They’re a crooked cabal of conspirators trying to destroy America.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Trump is a Patriot with many leftist enemies. The real reason that Liz Cheney voted to impeach Trump is she like many corrupt politicians fear the real investigations that will come when Trump is back in power. Liz Cheney’s financial worth was 7 million when she was elected. Now it’s 33 million. CORRUPTION.

  • Cheney is the most corrupt lying person in government she should be removed from all positions…..America has lost all creditability for Cheney….. a complete loser full of hate anger & malice.

  • Cheney is another satanic family like the Biden, O’Bama, Clinton, Bush, Pelosi/Newsom, Soros, Rothschild, McCain, Romney, and so many more in both “parties” (the two parties are just the left and right butt cheeks of the globalists).

  • And that should be the only answers they get from anybody that they force to testify! I fear you will change anything I say into one of your many lies! And what guaranty do I have you won’t? Then list all the lies they have already told! Have that through the entire hearing from everybody! on TV!

  • Of course their evidence is fabricated, because without making stuff up, they’d have NO evidence at all, much less PROOF of that so-called “isurrection.” Just another lie on the way to destroying this country and our liberties, both of which they HATE.

  • Liz mediocre mealy-mouthed snowflake white woman a morons who don’t have two brain cells to rub together ,She actually enjoy destroying their competition such as Mr. TRUMP by any means necessary! A sport for her no good woman in politics

  • Arrest prosecute these vile evil politicians, judges, lawyers, police,even the freaks in the military this needs done Immediately why are these criminals able to walk around Free they belong in prison their benefits revoked, their assets ceased

  • No surprise here….we can expect nothing but criminal activity, when it comes to most any Demoncrat activity!

    I say…[ if guilty}…throw the book at them…Federal penitentiary, & lengthy sentences!

    for ‘ALL CONCERNED! Hillary, Biden, Obammy, Pelosi, *Toad nadler, *Schif-face, et al…[ Demoncrat congressional committee!}……Clinton, …lead the way!

    • Lizzard Cheny….”Pure scum”!



  • Is anyone surprised? Demoncrats, have no soul! Corupt to the core!

    Dems…will stop at nothing to defame Trump! **That’s their only purpose….Not…doing what their electorate expected of them!

    America, is bleeding profusely, from the *ruptured Constitution, that the Demoncrats, have violated consistently, from about the Obama time!

    WHAt can one expect from demoncrats, that practice breaking the law…” DAILY”…365? WITH NO REMORSE…NO SELF RESPECT…NO HONOR, OR MORALITY, OR INTEGRITY…:o{{{ SO VERY SAD!

    • Let’s not forget the RINOs. Some of them had a hand in this also.
      We have been sold out by many in both political parties who were more than willing to sell their soul and their country for money, power and votes. Many are re-elected by those who actually want a Socialist/Communist style of government. What they perceive to be cradle to grave welfare.
      Our nation is in serious trouble, we may well have passed the point of no return.

  • This Jan 6 committee reminds me of the Warren Committee put together to investigate the Assignation of JFK. These “committees” were nothing more of a Cover Up to what really happened! Liz Chaney is a female version of John McCain and Kennedy

  • The J6 committee is populated with folks likely to wear tin foil hats in the safety of their homes. In their desperation to remain relevant and powerful, they have embraced an alls fair in love and war attitude… so if they need to make it up, that’s OK with them.

  • The morons in WashingtonDC are messing with the wrong people – we the people have a 100 million strong Armed Army – the largest in the World- you start it democraps and we will end it. The st one we need to hand is Liz – along with Joe Biteme and Oblama – and Pelosi & Blow Job Kamala !

  • Treason, Corruption, Scams, Bribery, Lies, Theft, Cheat, Coercion, Colluding with America’s enemies, open borders, Anti-Police, Antifa, BLM, Destruction of the constitution, Threats, Covid vaccine Deaths, Attacking Supreme Court Justices, Destruction of the Middle class, Higher taxes, Blocking Shipping ports, Selling America’s land to China, Forcing A Scam of Green New Deal, Out of control spending.!
    What more will it take for Americans to Wake the Hell up.?
    Bring back the Gallows and allow We The People to Bring Justice Back.! All Communist Democrats and Rinos are Guilty.!

    • I wonder if the Black population of America, have “put this together yet”? ? ?

      Abortion, *plus black people, = the highest abortion rate of the nationalities!

      BLM? ? ? ? [ evidently “NOT”!] Antifa?…[ Just another communist party George Soros inspired, & funded ….ENEMY OF AMERICA!


      How can America, & her Republic exist, under these extremes? ? ?

  • These kinds of inquisitions need to have consequences spelled out before they begin. That is : if evidence is introduced it needs to be irrefutable under scrutiny. If proven not to be the penalties need to be extremely harsh.
    Telling lies would suddenly become deciding to live or die.

  • All comments are RIGHT ON ACCURATE!

    This is why Americans need to Remove all the Corrupt Democrats and RINO’s from Congress and the Senate!

    November 8th is coming and WE need to take this country back.

    TRUMP 2024!

  • Simply “2” female scum buckets…..2 of a kind… sad to see Lizzard Cheney, go to the “dogs”….with *Hillary, *Ocrazio Cortez, & *Nasty Pelosi!

    That’s what the “new corrupt *Demoncrat party is all about!


  • Why doesn’t Ms. Cheney go home, cook and take care of her house, we don’t want to see or hear from her. She’s got so much hate in her heart and I wonder does she even go to a church? Hell is full of people like her.

  • I wonder if the country will ever be free of the disgraceful indignities suffered by President Donald Trump. I am a USN Veteran and I love this country with such pride in its beauty and freedom. Now half the country deems it necessary to remake her in the likes of China. I just cannot figure out how this happened. How did Liz Chaney come to hate her country so? Why do so many also hate their country and love Liz Chaney? Will this Constitutional Republic survive, with her history, or have we already let the Liz Chaneys of the country remake her with their interpretation of freedom? It all is so demoralizing to watch and hear what they want to do to beautiful America. God help us all.

  • My sentiments exactly. Well most of it. I’m thinking that maybe not the Chinese communists, but the European royalty yearning for the time of real kings instead of foolish democratic fantasy.

  • Every lie by the left against Trump has been discovered yet unlike the boy who cried wolf, the left keeps trowing big whoppers gets away with it.

  • So do these Demoncrats truly believe that these elite socialist positions will be filled by all of their children and grandchildren? I’m trying to understand what it is that motivates them to want to destroy lives in America.

    • If all of these people just read the book of Revelations they could know what is happening in our country.

      Trump’s name is mentioned multiple times. Now just how is it this great man Trump is so important that his name is in the new testament of the Bible.

      God put Trump in office & God took him out to give him extra time to dig up more of all these criminals crimes. It would scare me so much to fool with someone that God put in office.

      FBI raid was the biggest betrayal of all times. God is watching & God will take care of all of this mess.

  • When are all of you RUE AMERICANS going to finally come to the indisputable conclusion that these Liberals are mentally challenged and will stop at nothing to have their “NEW WORLD ORDER” put in place, the ONLY way to stop this stupidity is to KILL IT !!!! You can talk until you are blue in the face but in the end, a bullet is going to be the solution to OUR problems. The GOOD thing about that is that Liberals are scared schitless of GUNS and have no idea what to do with one and WE have grown up with guns and know everything there is to know about how to properly use them.



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