The narrative surrounding the COVID pandemic has never been honest. Scientific bureaucrats have promoted tyrannical polices that have contradicted the truth. Lockdowns have proven a failure, and now an abruptly approved vaccine may be more dangerous than the actual virus.

Recently, the CDC opened the door for children under the age of 12 to be vaccinated. They did so with the full support of Big Pharma. With the billions of dollars in profit awaiting the corrupt big pharmaceutical companies, no one should find this surprising.

However, reports are surfacing about serious risks to children from what is an unnecessary medicine. Children are poor transmitters of COVID and are at minimal risk of serious illness when they do get it. The science proves that they do not need to be vaccinated.

Nevertheless, the liberal big government tyrants are insisting it’s okay for kids to get “the jab”. They have enlisted animated characters, trusted friends to children for decades, to help peddle their scheme. They are lying, and the lies may kill thousands of children.

New data speaks to an ugly truth. Data from the CDC and Big Pharma say more children will die from getting the COVID vaccine than the shot will save. Despite children being virtually unaffected, medical bureaucrats are still saying they must be vaccinated.

The entire scientific community has either gone completely insane or totally corrupt. We’re leaning towards the latter. Again, nothing should be lost on the billions of dollars at stake from just the volume of vaccine doses required for children alone.

Joe Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandates follow the same financial formula. For every concerned person who is forced into getting “the jab”, Big Pharma’s cash register rings. But now these corrupt bureaucrats and Big Pharma execs are playing with lives.

They are playing with the lives of our children. The corrupt mainstream media have no interest in covering these alarming stories. They kowtow to the wishes of the liberal left. The liberals want citizens to conform; the fake news puppets chime along, singing the narrative.

One step towards total societal conformity is to hand over your personal health decisions to the government. That is a key motivating factor behind mandates. The crooked mainstream media are all on board with these unconstitutional orders.

The data released within the CDC’s Guidance document defines 21 things that a health economics study addressing vaccines must do. The final FDA risk-benefit analysis for vaccinating children between 5 and 11 years of age violated over half of the risk benefit models.

Despite an overwhelming amount of evidence against giving children the shot, the CDC is still promoting the policy. There is an astounding wealth of scientific proof these shots are not necessary.

Again, individuals who may be immune-compromised, especially the very elderly, may warrant a COVID shot. Not to be redundant, but it is clearly about exercising power and control, and the money.

Furthermore, there is even stronger proof that the CDC and Big Pharma are manipulating the narrative to force kids to get vaccinated. There is a vaccine research-grade known as the Number Needed to Vaccinate (NNTV).

NNTV is something that Big Pharma will not discuss. It undermines their profits. When talking about the NNTV for the COVID vaccine, the truth is obvious. Data from the Pfizer clinical trials shows for every single life saved, the COVID vaccine killed four people from heart attacks.

The statistics for children are even more startling. The CDC’s own data indicate 170 children have died from COVID-related illnesses since the pandemic started. The estimates for deaths caused by the COVID vaccine in kids could reach as high as 5,000.

When we review the NNTV numbers for children and the COVID vaccination, the results are the worst in the history of vaccinations. There is absolutely zero evidence that children need a COVID shot.

Kids are being coerced into getting “the jab”. The CDC is tricking kids, and their parents, into compliance. It has nothing to do with protecting their health. It is about exercising power and control over the public. Unfortunately, it’s also about money, big money.

Big Pharma will have blood on their hands for the life of every child that dies from their greed. Our children do not need, nor should they be forced to take, a hastily released drug. Aren’t the lives of our children worth more? Not to the CDC and Big Pharma.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Any parent that gives their child the clot shot in this day is either an imbecile or just evil! There is enough data out there that NO ONE has to remain ignorant.

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  • A lot of propaganda statements without proof of facts and sources. I am conservative, but not anti-vax. Please, only state and provide 100% factual info for all to make “good” educated decisions.

    • you can read the truth from VAERS which gets their shared data with the CDC.
      It’s not directed to support an agenda.

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  • Anyone NOT asking what the real agenda here is, is NOT paying attention! This has NEVER been about anyone’s health or well-being! Neither have any of the rest of the insane policies that protect exactly NO ONE from anything!

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  • Whether it is a youngster or an oldster it is up to the individual to decide that they want or don’t want the “shot”. Our so-called government is responsible to give the person the facts about the vaccine, good and especially bad. They are not entitled to badger, harass, threaten or bribe people to get vaccinated. The clowns in Washington have apparently been withholding anything negative about the vaccines for whatever reason!!

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  • The report covers a variety of data from multiple sources and still leaning to a position or conclusion “not to get THE JAB”.
    There are many obvious reasons not to.
    There are fewer and fewer benefits to get—-THEM. Those people recommending them keep proving the inefficacy of the existing vaccines.
    Remember, “the vaccine” was designed to minimize hospitalization, not prevent one from contracting the virus.
    Politicians got way ahead of themselves boosting to “SAVE PEOPLE” which they nor the vaccine can do.

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