The parallels between Nazi Germany and modern-day Canada are becoming more and more striking. That’s exactly what I mean. It’s becoming a reality one step at a time.

But isn’t that how it’s done? I wouldn’t do everything at once if I were a tyrant. As time went on, I would slowly erode their freedoms one by one. That has been the case in Canada since the pandemic, but what their government is proposing today is far too extreme.

Canada, much like the United States, is also dealing with crippling inflation, homelessness, crime, supply chain problems, and product shortages. A lot of this was caused by themselves, especially when Justin Trudeau refused to allow truck drivers the right to make their own medical decisions. This in turn caused problems that the country is still dealing with, and honestly, we’re dealing with as well.

But Canada has proposed a way to help fight these issues. If they’re “too poor to continue living with dignity” then Canada wants to help kill you. I kid you not.

The Canadian government wants taxpayers to pay for euthanizing those people who are too poor to living a dignified life.

I’m going to tell you right now, that this will not stop here is this is passed. What I believe will ultimately come from this is the government later having the ability to decide who is “too poor to continue living with dignity”. What this would then become is a new Holocaust in which the homeless and anyone down on their luck will be eliminated. Maybe it will come to a point in which if you don’t make enough money they’ll choose you as well. “If you’re living below the poverty line, that’s no way to live. We’re requiring you to come forward and be euthanized.”

I honestly don’t think that’s too much of a stretch.

If you want to read more about it, I suggest this article from The Spectator and this one from The Guardian.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • And there we have it – – -“Justine, the NAZI perp”; Oh, Canada, OPEN YOUR EYES and get rid of the murderous bastard.

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  • If you give control freaks permission to kill you under ANY situation you will eventually be killed. They (exactly like the Democratic Party in the USA) NEED to kill you because that is the easiest way for them to handle a problem that is difficult to solve. In California the Democrats give a hotel room, narcotics, booze to their homeless people. Is this because they CARE for the homeless? NO. It is a method of intentional murder. Stand up to these psychotics.

  • All the Progressive, Liberal, Demoncrap, Commies and RINOs who want to depopulate should all commit suicide; They are all Seditious, Treasonous and Traitors to the US Constitution and the American Citizens and all of them need to be Executed. The money for a Trial can be saved as their actions have proved their guilt.

  • Hitler told the people how great they were, put the unemployed to work building his war machine. Making everyone believe he got them out of being in poverty(government disinformation). Then started staving them to feed his army till those supplies ran out and the army staved. All dictators lives end with violence.

  • Is this what will come next here in the US for us? I am getting some BAD vibes here reading about this next level of murderous idea for the American people…..NOT enough to kill the unborn en mass, eh………

  • Trudeau is an outright globalist, totally dedicated to the agenda; it calls for global population reduction to 1/2 billion people, which means 7 billion of us MUST DIE, 1 way or another, the sooner the better, so it’s almost certain to be reduced to open murder as it was under Hitler, Mao, Stalin, et al.

  • They are training with china’s Military in Canada, why? Why China…???? Is trudi getting his ideas from them…???? Wouldn’t put it past them/trudi…….


  • Well at least we’re not going to have to cross an ocean again to fight Facism like my relatives did in 1943. We could probably do Canada in a weekend, weather permitting.



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