What do we always say about guns whenever a mass shooting takes place, or any shooting for that matter? It’s not the guns that are the problem, it’s the people who are the problem.

We’ve let the Democrats brainwash people into believing that guns are evil and kill people. If that was the case, there would be millions upon millions of Americans dead because there are tens of millions of Americans who own firearms with no problems whatsoever.

Criminals are going to harm people regardless of whether or not they have access to a firearm. How regularly do we see people in liberal cities, especially New York City, killing people without guns? They push them in front of trains, they beat them to death, they run them over with cars. There are several ways for criminals to kill and harm people.

A clear example of this just took place in Canada, where they have very strict gun laws. Two men just went on a mass killing spree by stabbing people with knives.

According to S&P Global,

At least 10 people have been killed and another 15 injured in a stabbing rampage in Canada’s central Saskatchewan province, police say.

The victims were found in 13 locations, including in James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon.

Two suspects that police identified as Damien Sanderson, 31, and Myles Sanderson, 30, are on the run and considered armed and dangerous.

Residents have been told to shelter in place under a dangerous person alert.

“Do not leave a secure location. Use caution allowing others into your residence,” Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Saskatchewan said, urging residents not to pick up hitchhikers.

“The suspects may be in black Nissan Rogue [vehicle],” the police said, warning anyone who sees the men or the car to stay away and call police.


Are Democrats going to start calling for a ban on knives now? Maybe certain kinds of “assault knives” perhaps? Again, it’s not a matter of guns being the problem, it’s sick individuals who hate their lives and hate everyone else that’s the problem.

One of the attackers has been located and it was discovered to have been murdered himself.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • “Are Democrats going to start calling for a ban on knives now? Maybe certain kinds of “assault knives” perhaps?”

    No, Democrats in politics and the media are going to ignore this mass stabbing as if it never happened. That’s what they do when reality doesn’t fit their wrongheaded thinking. Murders by knives are actually much more plentiful than murders by rifles, but you see that doesn’t fit their narrative, so they don’t acknowledge that reality. That way they can continue to peddle their falsehood that AR-15s are the bigger danger.

      I guess we ought to ban rocks also since that was used in the very 1st murder when Cain killed Able

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      • I wonder when the Democrats will outlaw “assault weapon” baseball bats, “assault weapon” automobiles. I can’t seem to come up with any more, but these 2 will do very nicely

    • Their “narrative” is to disarm Americans so we are no longer a threat to their despotism. To them, the average citizen are only numbers, “flyby people”, or relatively useful idiots as much as it aids them to retain their wealth and power. Swords, tomahawks and similar items will be after handguns. But first they want the “scary” black rifles. It’s because those types of weapons represent the greatest threat to them in the form of protecting us from their tyranny. It’s that simple…..”Shall Not Be Infringed!”

  • Were those “assault knives”? Were they “registered”? Did they have licenses to carry those “assault knives”?

    Are authorities now going to call for mictostamping for knives now?

    Are they going to make mass stabbings more serious crimes?

    SO many questions, so FEW answers!

  • Canada’s boy prime minister, Untruedeau, won’t hesitate to ban knives, forks, and other stabbing implements. Spoons and sporks will soon be ruled dangerous weapons followed by Chinese carryout bamboo chopsticks, which have a history of putting inebriated folks’ eyes out. Eating Chow Mein with one’s fingers will be the only safe alternative…

  • Naturally, my pal is well-versed in this lovely freelancing method. Yes, I have tried the Associate title. I currently receive a monthly salary of $26,000 USD, while also devoting a reasonable amount of time to my Associate in Nursing degree. Additionally, you will ———>>>

  • Well…. the People need to start bring this out on news. Cain killed Abel with a rock. and the NRA ( National Rock Association ) had NOTHING to do with it, but a dark heart certainly did. On the other hand, David killed Goliath with a rock, and the NRA ( National Rock Association ) also had NOTHING to do with that either. What is the miralbof this? It’s NOT the inanimate object that is evil or good, but the human mind and heart. Not Rocket Science eh.

    Eagle 275 Peace Out

  • If the Biden team has their way we won’t need to worry about eating a steak there won’t be any if you find one you won’t be able to afford to buy it.

  • They won’t worry about these knife murders. They want guns banned so the government has more power over the people and there would be little chance of a successful retaliation by those same people.

  • The dumb-o-crats care nothing for people being killed, what they desire most is to abide by Adolf Hitler’s statement; “To take a country you must first disarm the citizenry”. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Will Leftists now demand laws against knives? Sure they will, Britain is already banning most knives leaving mostly blunt butter knives Legal…. Since Britain banned citizens of having most guns, crime has turned to knives, now Canada is following suet.

  • Canuck socialist creating hell for all by letting criminals run amuck……The Eyebrow Trudeau is content to suppress and abuse law and order to fit his weak minded narrative……The citizens ought to ignore his mandates and run him out on a rail…..

  • First of all the Democrats wanted to get AK17 and any other gun that shoots a load of bullets at one time. There for the army and that is it. Ask yourselves why you need them and don’t say to protect yourself from the gov’t. They have more powerful weapons then you will ever see.
    Boy’s use to buy big cars to compensate for their size. Now it’s guns. Real men don’t have to. That is why they call you proud boys. Your proud of what you own not proud of what you have.

    • Are you on drugs? Anybody that fought the Viet Kong will tell you the did just fine against us with home made junk. Sure we beat them in every battle but they were far from a push over. Go look at the wall in DC if you don’t believe me. It has to do with their will to win, Bunkey. If you think the kind if weapon that you are killing each other with makjes all the difference in the world then you might want to check out the Taliban before the White House sock puppet gave them all that front line American stuff. They were far from ready to give up.

      Soreass, the half honkey, and the rest of the NWO Marxist elites that pull brandon’s strings understand that and they want to take away as much of our ability to defend ourselves as they can before they make their move. = You don’t think they are arming 7-infantry divisions that report directly to brandon without any control by congress for nothing do you? – (70,000 IRS Agents they are putting on right now need calculators and ledgers, not firearms and armored vehicles, but that is what they are giving them. The only reason is they plan on using them against We the People. There is no other reason to have 70,000 IRS “agents” under arms.

      The only thing we got going for us is the shear numbers of us that have adequate weapons, that when POd enough will fight against their Coup de’Tat.

  • When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. People need to have guns to PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM CRIMINALS!

    • They’ll take them, IF WE LET THEM. I, can say that. I Did say that! LGB,FJB VOTE, VOTE, VOTE CONSERVATIVE AT ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT.

  • Any thing can be used as an assault weapon. From rocks, sticks, writing utensils, bottles, bars, hammers, Anything! An Assault is an action committed by one or more persons against one or more other persons, REGARDLESS OF THE WEAPONS. THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS AN ASSAULT WEAPON. MSR “Modern SPORTING Rifles are not assault weapons NOR ARE THEY WEAPONS OF WAR! MSR’s are SEMI AUTOMATIC, one trigger squeeze equals one discharge of a cartridge. Military Weapons M16, M4, and other Rifles designated for War HAVE SELECTIVE FIRE MODES, SINGLE, THREE ROUND BURST, AND FULLY AUTOMATIC. IF, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT, THEN SHUT UP, UNTIL YOU GET EDUCATED ON THE DIFFERENCES.

    • What has been used more to kill large numbers of innocent victims. What action will do more to reduce the numbers here in the USA?

      • Outlaw tenure and fire any woke teachers on the spot. Bring back the pledge of allegiance and morning prayer in schools. End all “diversity” and and anything even close to “woke” in schools. Start teaching work ethics and personal responsibility again. Stop giving everybody a trophy and make it clear there can be wither positive or negative results form you actions. Teach kids HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

        Laws and outlawing things people want do nothing to prevent crime, but teaching morals to kids will. The entire goal of the commie teachers unions is to do the opposite so the NWO Marxists will have an easy time of taking over our country and turn We the People into slaves. – The easy way is to turn the kids into good little commies first. – Look how well it worked for Hitler when he got all the schools to preach Natzisim.

        We have to win back the kids or we don’t have a chance.

  • When they get their civil war! The media will be some of the first that the people go after! And IT WAS JUST MY JOB! Won’t mean a thing! Same for the courts and everyone in government that is part of the destruction of America! No excuse will be good enough!
    Won’t be a fight against the people! But it will be a war against the corrupt! Trump did a great job pointing them out! Most will flee the country! Hide out while the fighting goes on. But when and if they ever come back the people will be waiting as there will be nothing left here for them!

  • Really think these two give a crap about any law a Democrat can dream up? Are you that stupid? Really think Biden will give up his armed protection? He wants you to give up yours and a large group of Democratic idiots are doing just that! Even their media has armed protection but nothing for you idiots that voted to screw yourself!

  • When knives are outlawed only outlaws will be able to cut their steak.

    Yo,,,,The NWO Marxists up North don’t seem to be doing so well when it comes to preventing mass murderer. ,,,, Anybody else think maybe if just one of the victims would have been armed the suspect might not be on the run? I say there is a better then average chance for him to be dead himself instead of going on with this killing spree. Who is next to be killed in Canada where it is illegal to have the means to defend yourself?



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