Would you believe it if I told you that yet another Democrat has broken the law in regard to the stock market? It’s difficult to believe, isn’t it? Well, of course not.

Representative Tom Suozzi of New York failed to declare a total of $885,000 in stock transactions, some of which date back to at least 2019.

In a complaint filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) that cited multiple media reports, the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) said the New York Democrat’s “transactions occurred between September 2017 and June 2021 and were ultimately disclosed on March 3, 2022. One of Suozzi’s transactions was the stock purchase of aluminum manufacturer Superior Industries International Inc. on September 5, 2017, which Suozzi disclosed over four years late.”

Take a look at this:


Any financial transaction worth $1,000 or more must be recorded within 30 days of completion, but no later than 45 days. Every member of Congress’s lower chamber is also required to report such transactions in their annual reports. However, as this image shows, Rep. Suozzi reported at LEAST 800-900 days too late!

Nancy Pelosi may be as crooked as a fishing hook, but she does at least file her transactions on time…or does she? Don’t be so sureof it , because Nancy Pelosi is the biggest thief of all.

And as FACT, the Washington, D.C. based watchdog group reported, “Additionally, this is not the first time Suozzi appears to have violated disclosure requirements. He was the subject of a prior complaint filed with the OCE on September 22, 2021, alleging he failed to disclose approximately 300 stock trades. The length of the delay in this current instance, the volume of unreported financial transactions, and the repeated inability to comply with the rules clearly indicate an intentional disregard for the law at a minimum.”

Now, I must admit that Democrats aren’t the only violators of this, but it sure does seem that they are the most frequent ones.


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