Millions of patriotic Americans are sounding an alarm. They believe the progressive wing of the Democrat Party is trying to drive our country towards socialism.

They are. These radicals want to model the United States after Communist China. It’s the global elitists’ single ambition.

When we consider the full body of evidence supporting such a claim, it becomes obvious. Liberals want to transform America into a big government, socialist mirror of China. One of the most obvious tactics they’re using is the double standard of justice we’re witnessing in America.

Violence and anarchy have no effect on these entitled elites. It does, however, destroy the heart of American society, the middle class. Our democracy is at a crossroads. This is why the radical left promotes “defunding the police.” Such ignorant policies would fuel crime and violence.

By pushing for unbridled big government spending, liberals drive up taxes and trigger skyrocketing inflation. All these factors help to erode the middle class.

It’s their plan. But the double standard used for political purposes is their biggest gamble with the biggest payoff.

Americans are seeing how uneven justice is when addressing protesters. They’re bleeding the chaotic moments from January 6 for all they’re worth. January 6 was not an insurrection, however, the radical left is going all out to fool the American public into believing it was.

Hundreds of innocent bystanders are still in jail. Something that was far closer to insurrection was the riots during the summer of 2020.

Businesses were destroyed. Billions of dollars in property damage occurred across the country. People were afraid to come out of their homes.

Even if it didn’t meet the criteria for insurrection, the summer of violence was anarchy. It’s what the left wants. More recently, another left-wing group that promotes violence launched the “PinkOutTheCapitol” campaign.

A band of Marxist revolutionaries swarmed the Wisconsin Capitol. They support Planned Parenthood, which has nothing to do with being a parent. Planned Parenthood has everything to do with providing people a way to murder babies so they don’t have to accept responsibility.

But what’s disturbing about the Wisconsin insurrection is that it is not an isolated incident. These radical factions are spreading violence and mayhem across the country. But unlike the hundreds of individuals locked away for protesting on January 6, these people are going free.

During the riots of 2020, Democrats raised money to bail out criminals. But people swept up in the January 6 chaos, accused of misdemeanor trespassing, have been locked in solitary confinement. Again, this is a purposeful tactic waged by the liberal Department of Justice.

It is an unbalanced, double-standard system of justice. If a group supports the radical Marxist ideology, they are free to pillage communities with impunity. It’s disgusting. These are the true insurrectionists. We must elect leaders who will bring them to justice. Our democracy is at stake.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • It is not a social wing of the Democrat party. The problem is white people that remember the old days. They don’t realize DEMOCRATS are dividing the USA. Democrats USE blacks, anything sexual , hate everyone including old people that have always supported them. It ‘s a fact!

    • Angela Jackson, so true. takeovers like this, also “mostly peaceful” demonstrations where buildings are burned, businesses ruined, people attacked or killed are largely ignored or minimized by the mainstream media and DC “insiders”.

    • NOTHING is going to change unless and until the people of this nation who are NOT part of this marxist movement decide to rise up off their keisters and take action.

      The (good) people of this nation simply MUST decide to ride up and put an end to this attack against the nation from both within and outside. Or prepare for a marxist controlled country. It’s one or the other.

      • So very true- very scary to think that the honest, hard working people of this Nation- I don’t care what color you are!!!!-will not take our Country back from the
        MINORITY!!! Yes, the Minority! For some reason these Liberals have wimped the Democratic politicians somehow to go their way? The REAL Americans need to stand up, vote against these arrogant politicians and take our Country back! Come on!!!! Rise up!

  • The US is definitely degenerating into a “mob rule” society, were vocal or violent groups hold control, with the assent of the media and DC “swamp”. Note that the people who occupied the Capitol building on January 6 were actually just protesting, did not attempt a government takeover and yet they are being treated as though they were conducting a “coup d’etat”.

    • You are correct. Those who committed the violet acts did so before most of those protestors even arrived at the bldg & were let go by police!

    • America has been taken over by scumbag liberal activists and unless Americans stop them now, America will be doomed as the FBI DOJ and the CIA are working hand in hand to destroy anything American.

    • A bit clunky to say the least but our skill set and experience won the day. Poor ref with no regard to offside and he bottled it on the sin bin, red card all day long if it had been on sky

      see here…._____………..____𝐥­𝐢­𝐯­𝐞­𝐣­𝐨­𝐛­𝟐­𝟒­𝟕

  • Angela please stay on point; these people at the Wisconsin Capital building want to murder the baby they created without impunity. Reckless behavior should be rewarded with abortion.
    If that means Citizens such as myself are appalled by that premise then we do in fact long for the old days.
    Let’s not forget that 85% of blacks continually vote democrat regardless of the candidate or the platform.

  • Yes all this is going on and yet the GOP is all but silent. Wonder what it would take for the GOP to take any action against what is happening to this country.

    • I think what you fail to understand is that in DC, there is only an uniparty, except an handful in each house. Effectively, there is no “GOP” or Democrat party, just 2 heads that pretend to be different parties, when poked outside the Beltway. Look at how the votes go & that should be plain enough even to the most dense…

  • So how come the liberal commie Democrat Abortion Lovers aren’t arrested? In order for one to be arrested, one has to be either a Conservative, Republican, or trump supporter.

    • You are so right!! This is worse than Jan 6th, yet not one demorat will be arrested. We have to do something, it is sounding more and more like a takeover of our government.

  • Yes…and a majority of abortions are black children…so why can’t the black population see the democrat party is the party of death…not just abortion either? The democrat party is not the party of our grandparents. I switched after Roe vs Wade was made law. I’ll have no part of baby killing. Now it’s overturned, done and I’m glad it is. Praised be Jesus.

  • The GOP is spineless… all talk. They had an opportunity when they had both the Senate and House to do something. Paul Ryan was a REAL disappointment. And all the Never Trumpers and Rinos….instead of getting behind Trump and accomplishing something for the people and the country….all they care about is themselves. They won’t get a penny of campaign $ from me. You have an imposter in the WH and the country is going to crap. ~ “Trump Won” and I’m beyond happy that he accomplished getting conservative justices in.

    • Lack of accountability for bad choices & behaviors; in a word: SIN! As God has been pushed out, Sin & Satan naturally moved in. Nature really does abhor a vacuum, even in the spiritual realm.

  • Fact is this. If the Demoncrats got everything their evil hearts desire, our country would continue to fester, and they would still never be satisfied. But I agree that the GOP has always been way too easy on Demoncrats, and they’ve always cheated and taken advantage of our good nature. We can no longer afford this luxury. It’s time to play using “their rules.”

  • NOTHING is going to change unless and until the people of this nation who are NOT part of this marxist movement decide to rise up off their keisters and take action.

    The (good) people of this nation simply MUST decide to ride up and put an end to this attack against the nation from both within and outside. Or prepare for a marxist controlled country.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is only a hand full of men and women in our government that has our back. Our whole governmental system needs to be re-done. Which will leave us vulnerable. We will need a strong military to watch over our country while this is done.
    We, as the American people, MUST rise up and say NO MORE. We will not accept your BS any more. YOU ARE OUT!!!
    The question is are there enough Patriots willing to do so?
    I for one am tired of these people ruining my country. How about you??

  • The only disturbances, insurrection and crimes committed at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C, on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 were planned, staged and carried out by the seditious DNC/FBI/ATF/DC Capitol Police/ANTIFA crisis actors. …like FBI plant Ray Epps!

  • Dear Governor,

    Hold on! We are sending an emergency re-supply of Testosterone, since your bult-in supply seems to have withered.

    May take a few days – Bidens gaggle of losers have screwed up everything including transportation, but we are moving as quickly as we can.



  • When the trash gets out of hand, kill a few of them. Nothing sends a message better then dead bodies. You’ll find they don’t want to die over their stupid beliefs.

  • Communists, Socialists or Marxists, they are ALL the same. A Dictatorship, under a different name.
    This is just how, they ALL begin. They STEAL OUR ELECTION, then ATTACK FROM WITHIN. They buy up the media, to control what’s reported, then twist the facts, until they’re distorted. WE ALL THE PEOPLE, ARE UNDER ATTACK, and MUST find a way, to UNITE and fight back. Else we give in, and become THEIR SLAVE! This is just how, they ALL BEHAVE!!!

  • the Highest Court ruled, NOW FOLLOW THE F’ING LAWS…will any of these protesters go to dc gitmo? NO, two tiered justice system, there is going to be civil war, it is just a matter of when



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