Arizona Democrats have fought tooth and nail against Arizonians who are only seeking the truth.

They have done nothing but delay the truth from coming out and showing Arizona residents that they truly do not give a crap about what they think. They’re going to try and get their way whether Arizona likes it or not.

It really disgusts me that there are people like this in seats of authority. They just abuse it because they let power get to their head.

The truth is, we haven’t even seen the majority of the evidence and that should be coming soon with the preliminary report.

Some of this is being delayed a little bit now because a few members of the cyber team contracted COVID. The Democrats really enjoyed hearing that and even laughed about it.

I’m telling you folks, Democrats as a whole are some of the nastiest people in the world.

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors petitioned the Deputy Solicitor General to try and not enforce the court-ordered subpoenas that have been issued for them to turn over the equipment which includes the routers that were used during the election.

Well…they now have their answer. Comply or lose their funding, and then they’ll still make them comply.

Kelli Ward said,

Now to bring it back home, as I mentioned at the top of this update, there are significant developments regarding the Arizona audit, America’s audit. Arizona attorney general Mark Brnovich announced that his office has determined that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, is, is in violation of state law for failing to comply with the Arizona Senate subpoenas related to the 2020 election audit. If the Board of Supervisors does not change its course, the Attorney General will notify the state treasurer to withhold their allocated state funds until the board complies. This can be as much as $70 million. And according to state law, they have 30 days to comply. Both the courts and the Attorney General have spoken.

I believe the board of supervisors must give the audit team, the routers, Splunk logs, access tokens, and anything else that they have withheld from this audit team. The delay tactics and legal gaslighting have got to stop. The American people deserve to know that our elections are fair and legal.

I do wonder if they’ll give up 10s of millions of dollars in order to attempt to continue to keep Arizona America and the world in the dark about the potential digital manipulation of our elections.


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