There are probably thousands of bizarre incidents where the true cause of death is never accurately revealed. Most of the time, there just isn’t a need to dig deeper into how a person died. Often, it’s pretty cut-and-dry. An autopsy is performed, followed by a report.

However, sometimes the initial findings don’t line up with the truth. Frequently, dignitaries and celebrities get a more thorough investigation into what caused their deaths. There’s nothing really nefarious about it all; it’s just the way it is.

People want to know all about high-society types, especially how they passed away. That intrigue is even greater when the circumstances of the death are even remotely mysterious. That’s what happened in Bob Saget’s recent death.

Initially, there didn’t appear to be anything problematic about Saget’s cause of death. The first assessment was of death by natural causes. There was no indication of drugs or alcohol present, and there was no reason to suspect foul play. Saget, apparently, died in his sleep.

Nevertheless, things have changed dramatically. The investigation still contends that Saget died in his sleep. However, while some suspected a heart attack, now it appears Saget died from blunt head trauma. Most experts still believe that foul play was not a factor.

However, there will be a certain level of suspicion amongst those who like that stuff. The immediate guess is that somehow Saget hit his head right before he fell asleep. It was a bump on the head that killed him, but he evidently didn’t pass out or die immediately.

He was found lying in a seemingly comfortable position, one arm draped across his chest. That’s part of what fueled speculation that he may have experienced cardiac arrest. But then the reports surfaced of there being more than one head injury.

In fact, there appears to be multiple traumas. Because of these revelations, another forensic expert has even more questions. Respected forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht wants to perform a second autopsy. He finds the seriousness of the injuries most troubling.

Medical experts say that Saget’s injuries are consistent with someone being smacked in the head with a baseball bat. The seriousness of the head trauma would also reflect someone who fell 30 feet and landed on their head.

These theories believe that Saget died from something more than a little unintended “bump on the noggin”. Wecht says there is no way that the amount of brain hemorrhage could happen as the result of a single fall.

At least now, investigators believe a knock on the head is actually what killed Saget. There’s just a disagreement over how many knocks there were. Don’t be surprised if some aspiring private eye concocts a bizarre scene that has Saget being thumped on the head by a mysterious killer.

We seriously doubt it, but then again, stranger things have happened. Millions thought of Saget as “America’s Dad” from the role he played in the popular sitcom “Full House”. Pending further reports, the worst part of this whole ordeal is that we lost a beloved actor.


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