A Reuters Photojournalist Who Was Left Behind Enemy Lines in Afghanistan Was Murdered and His Body Mutilated By Taliban Fighters

If you believed the Taliban when they told the Biden administration that they were a more tolerant terror regime, then I have some bad news for you.

It has been reported that Danish Siddiqui, the award-winning Reuters photojournalist who was covering the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, has been killed and mutilated by Taliban fighters.

Siddiqui was killed during the Taliban’s takeover of Spin Boldak in southern Afghanistan, according to the Daily Mail.

The story goes that Siddiqui was hurt by rocket shrapnel and was left behind by the Afghan army he was embedded with when they retreated before he was found by the Taliban fighters.

It’s been said that the poor guy asked his bosses if they could send him to Afghanistan, saying, “If we don’t go, who will?”

He arrived at a Kandahar Afghan Special Forces base on July 11. He was then embedded in a unit of several hundred elite commandos that were attempting to flush out Taliban fighters that were capturing sections of the country.

The photojournalist was traveling in a convoy that was coming back from a mission to rescue a surrounded policeman when the convoy was attacked with rocket-propelled grenades, otherwise known as RPGs.

Siddiqui was able to video when an RPG hit the Humvee he was traveling in. The Taliban attack completely destroyed three other vehicles that were part of the convoy.

Siddiqui was caught in the crossfire on July 16 as he was photographing an Afghan offensive in Spin Boldak. During that offensive, the Reuters journalist was injured by shrapnel from a rocket.

He was then transported to a local mosque to be treated. At that point, the soldiers withdrew from Spin Boldak, according to Afghanistan’s Special Operations commander Major-General Haibatullah Alizai.

The Afghan troops left Siddiqui behind. It was believed by the convoy that the two commandos who were with him had all joined with the retreating convoy.

“They were left there,” Alizai said.

Afghan security officials, along with representatives of the Indian government, told Reuters that based on photos that were shared online, it looks like Siddiqui’s body had been mutilated after he died.

British ballistics expert Philip Boyce of Forensic Equity compared the photos to x-rays and pictures of Siddiqui’s body once it was reclaimed after the Taliban left.

According to Boyce, the photos show that it was “evident that he was shot multiple further times after he was killed,” according to the Daily Mail.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, of course said the Taliban found his body that way and that the Taliban had nothing to do with it. So we are to believe that the Afghan troops he was embedded with did it?

In the aftermath of Siddiqui’s death, some journalists of Reuters are now questioning the decision to let the photojournalist remain in Afghanistan.

According to the Daily Mail, “Members of the newsroom familiar with the decision-making say Siddiqui’s embed with soldiers in Afghanistan was backed by senior photo editors, vetted by external advisers and newsroom managers who handle security, and reviewed by a group of top editors who regularly meet to consider potentially dangerous assignments.”

Reuters Editor-in-Chief Alessandra Galloni stepped up and in a written statement she said that she was the one who agreed to Siddiqui’s embed with Afghan Special Forces. “As editor-in-chief, I take full responsibility for the decision,” she wrote.

In a July 23 email to Reuters staff, Galloni wrote that Siddiqui was “our brilliant colleague and devoted friend.” She added, “I also know many of you want answers. We do too.” The review process that’s under way, she said, “includes a detailed examination of our security procedures.”

The Saudi government assassinated journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018. Our news media went toys-in-the-attic, bat guano crazy on then President Donald Trump, going so far as to blame him for Khashoggi’s murder because Trump didn’t start a war with Saudi Arabia over his death. Despite Trump having absolutely nothing to do with Khashoggi’s assassination and despite the fact that Khashoggi was not an American citizen, the press ripped on Trump, anyway, for “doing nothing.” What was he supposed to do? I have to wonder if the same lying news media will hound Joe Biden the same way over Siddiqui’s death? I’m not going to hold my breath.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • Resign? Hung for treason along with his handlers, Pelosi and any other left wing parasite that made these decisions to let the Taliban kill our own.

      • Resign??? Hell NO! So he and Hunter can ride off into the sunset with their China Cash and live a life of luxury when they have set up AMERICAN LIVES??? Hell NO! They ALL need to be brought before a Military Tribunal and TRIED FOR TREASON AND HUNG!! AND DON’T FORGET HUSSAINE OBAMA WHO IS AT THE FOREFRONT OF THIS SHIT MESS. Recall how he said he’d like to call the shots in his sweats from his basement?? His ASS needs to be TRIED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY RIGHT ALONG WITH RICE AND THE REST OF THEM. They haven’t made a rope short enough for the entire gang and that includes that red headed lying whore who stands up for him every freakin’ day. GITMO FOR ALL. GET IT DONE!!!!!! GET IT DONE NOW!!!!

        • AMEN AMEN MARY i love your way of thinking and i agree totally the democrats aka biden & wife & the democrats and and all the rino republicans should be charged with treason against our country and our constitution calls for a death sentence from treason oh absolutley get obama and the clintons in for treason

      • I don’t know who we as Americans can turn to for justice. When we the people have allowed this take over of our government.
        This puppet that is standing in as our president is not calling the shots. He has been set up for this very fall that is happening. When the other puppet is sworn in she as well will be set up for her fall then is when things will really get interesting. No longer an elected official in the oval office. Some one that will give the order for military coup and no more freedom for the people. We will be governed by the UN security council and America as we know it will no longer be.

        • “When we the people have allowed this take over of our government”.
          Then “you the people” gotta get offa yer butts and take it back. Who ya gonna call ?? Maybe Canada can help. Haa, now there’s a joke.
          Biden is the No. 1 enemy of the State, guilty of treason and aiding and abetting the enemies of the State. Time for you Yankees and patriots to ‘saddle up’. Time for a ‘coup’ from your Generals.
          Or, you can pray and wait for Jesus to come take us home…which ain’t such a bad idea ’cause He is the only way outa this mess anyway. Straight up.
          Even so, Maranatha, come Lord Jesus.
          Rev. Roy…….<

        • I will fight against this, will you? It will be up to the patriots to take our country away from these communists! If we don’t, this nation will be no more!!!

          • My question is what are we to do? Voting is rigged, writing your congressmen doesn’t work or writing comments on websites do nothing as well. What do we do, pick up weapons and storm the Whitehouse? Another Civil War? I’m sorry, but it’s easy to talk tough, but I have not heard about anyone even preparing to do anything
            Biden will remain in office and things will remain the same. Cheating will continue and politicians will continue to ignore us. We are doomed. America is dying right before our eyes.
            I no longer look to man for anything. I know that God is in control and will take care of all this mess because we no longer can.

      • Amen! The joe, hoe, pig and so many other worthless creeps in the so called GOVT, gotta GO!! All left overs from bo plentys mob! Worthless then and plain evil and dumb now!

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    • SO agree……. he seems to be chinas puppet, clapping hands and drooling to get at OUR Equipment! He says he is only told what to say and do??????? WELL who the H is doing the BS he is spewing? WE did not VOTE for the voice or HIM! Bring so much evil to we Americans. Fly in afghans, illegals crossing the border plus who knows what else beside diseases? Waiting for another Twin Towers you stupid piece of dog poo! AMERICA AND AMERICANS FIRST!

  • Far more now dead, including 10 of my Marines, than this journalist! When will the (former) #1 World’s Power rectify this gross incompetence?? As a Marine, I will never get over the sickness and anger that is a result of America’s INCOMPETENT (non)Leadership! Every DemonRAT and ‘brain-dead’ individual that voted for this mess has blood on their hands that will never be washed off.


      • I agree 100% Linda! The fraud that was perpetrated against this country, in last year’s election, is unprecedented in all of our nation’s history! We need to start fighting back and we need to do it sooner than later!!

  • “As editor-in-chief, I take full responsibility for the decision,” she wrote.
    Since I didn’t see anything about her resigning, I will just assume that she went back to her desk to drink her latte, which more than likely serves as Reuters showing responsibility.

  • The fall out from this travesty performed by a known incompetent installed in the WH by a Fraud election is every thing it was predicted to be, the US/Mx border was a heads up and no one would impeach this POS….Maybe now the right things will be done to begin the repair this debacle has wrought…

  • I am sick and tired to people who “take responsibility” for tragedies with no concept of what means, or even any remorse. I recall that former AG Janet Reno tried to shield the President by accepting responsibility for the horrible loss of life in Waco, that should not have occurred. We will never know who actually made the call to invade the compound, or how it was set ablaze, but few think it was Ms. Reno. If Reuter’s editor-in-chief Allessandra Galloni is the person who made the decision to put the dead photojournalist in harm’s way, and she wants to take responsibility, she should resign.

  • This story must have come out before the 11 Marines and a Navy medic were also killed. Somehow Lying Corrupt Quid Pro King Joe will blame Trump. Trump isn’t POTUS, Corrupt Quid Pro is. This is on his watch. This imbecile, along with Sec. of Defense Austin, Sec. of State Blinken, and JCOS Milley, belong on the inside of a jail cell. Corrupt Quid Pro’s bad policy making is getting our troops killed. Who ever is advising Corrupt Quid Pro is just as much to blame. This should be expected. during the Obama Administration, Obama and Hillary left 4 of our guys out to dry in Benghazi. No one was held accountable. No one will be held accountable for the deaths of these 12 service members. It will be up to the voters not to buy into Corrupt Quid pro’s B.S. and hold the Democrats accountable.

    • Jerubbesheth, it’s up to the dominion voting machines to make that decision, just like biden, just like obozo who is still not a citizen of the United States.

      • FACT: Barry Soetero, aka BHObama had 9. Discrepancies on his birth certificate. The certificate he finally produced is indeed a valid certificate on face value, but the security paper it was printed on didnt exist at the time he claims he was allegedly born. The doctor’s signature belongs to a doctor who hasnt worked in that hospital for decades. Now you know why they are fighting against voter ID so strongly. I pray whenever America gets her rightful leader back, that the Democrat party is utterly dismantled, and all those who participated in perpetrating their frauds are brought to Justice. No longer care if that ends up being street justice just like those who they abandoned around the world, while our heroes fought to keep America and indeed other nations safe. We the People now have the right to reject a stolen election since it has now resulted in American lives lost by these fraudulent occupiers in the WH. Their immediate removal is now 100% justified. 15 Million disenfranchized voters deserve answers NOW! 👇

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    • Good for you Mick, now post your address so a burglary crew can b sent to relieve you of some of that drug money.

  • U can Only Blame Dictator and Com.ie Joseph Russell Biden and his Administration. This Administration has Blood on their HANDS from the Southern Border and now to Afghanistan. Beijing Joe needs to be ARRESTED and COURT MARSHALLED ” NOW ” !!

    • NA, there are thousands of people that helped put china joe in charge long enough to give china and russia the metals out of Afghanistan, why do you think biden’s son was paying the big guy with the loan from china with a 5 BILLION price tag? Many people need to be held accountable for stealing this election and letting this happen, Many need to be hanging from a rope

  • People DO understand that the ‘taliban’/’al qaeda’ IS ‘OWNED & OPERATED’ by the CIA, don’t you?! This is WHY ‘taliban’ members are able to FLY BLACK HAWKS (ect)! Because it IS the CIA who are doing the FLYING. I bet that most do not know that the CIA have THEIR OWN AIR FORCE?! And the Saudi’s?? OWNED & OPERATED by ‘The Queen’ (England). People have NO CLUE what goes on IN THE REAL WORLD! Time to GROW UP, kids!

  • It was the photo journalist’s decision. Biden is a moron, an idiot, who was not elected by the people but by criminal cheaters, but fair is fair. This journalist knew what he was getting himself into and was willing to risk his life.

  • No death should be tolerated by these Taliban members but why is it so much different if the person killed is a journalist than one of our soldiers. Journalist have to know the risk when they go to report their fake news. This whole quagmire created by this imbecile puppet in charge of our government is going to get worse, I believe.

    • since when the life of a journalist have a lesser value than any one else else over there in that waste land??? NONE!!
      I want to see a GLASS PARKING LOT!!!!!!!



  • A War Tribunal against Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Administration for Sedition, TRAITORS Aiding and Abetting the ENEMY!

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  • Anything to blame Biden when he did not send that person there and had no control over that person, in Nam we lost quite a few journalists but they knew the risk they were taking when they went to a combat zone. This journalist knew the risks also so if you want to lay blame blame it on the person them selves who enter dangerous waters.

  • After Bidens speech he talked about leaving our citizens behind. He referenced his son in his speech. I ask would he leave his son behind also????

  • At first I felt bad for the journalist, but then I realized he was totality stupid and arrogant. Those savages have been murdering journalists the entire time. He seemed to have forgotten Daniel Pearl and what these murdering savages did to him. Basically he committed suicide. He was just trying to make a name for himself, win some journalism prizes, etc. This sounds horrible, but he made a name for himself, by his arrogance thinking he was untouchable.

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  • It will never be pinned to creepy Joe, none of the American deaths will be pinned to Biden….he hasn’t been held accountable for decades why would he be held accountable now….? He has the full force of the federal deep state to whitewash him…right?

  • This is during “War Time”, so all those “Leaders” should be put on trial for treason during War Time and punishment applied as such! This includes: Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State and the Chief of Military Staff Gen Milley, who were all responsible for the catastrophic withdrawal plans (or lack of them) and everything that has happened since (including all the deaths)! War time actions as per the Constitution and military law.

  • Everyone in Bidens party should be removed. Biden needs to be court-marshalled, jailed etc. where are the military men that can do this? Oh yeah, forgot Obama cleaned the good ones out along with cutting military budget. He certainly aided the enemy in several ways an should be tried in a court of law; as he is a traitorous thug who started racebaiting to make his fundimental changes: destroy the middle class to ensure the USA can give out everything free in socialistic programs

    Karen Hlgers

  • This is the type of people that the communist democrat cult party members are lifting up and supporting, and they want to bring them to our shores to invoke Shira law on all Americans!
    Do not support the communist democrat cult party and remove them all fro all offices!