It’s hard to believe sometimes that there are other countries, major countries that are top tier nations that have fallen to even greater tyranny than what we’re experiencing here in the United States.

It’s expected in other countries that maybe aren’t so much known for their freedom like China or Russia, but when it happens to a big English speaking country like Australia, it really catches you off guard.

The Australian parliament just recently succeeded in a major power grab that will give them so much power over the citizens of Australia it’s ridiculous.

They will have full control of citizens’ social media accounts and place that power in the hands of the government. Nothing will be sacred on social media. The Australian government will be effectively spying on its own citizens.

The government can now access email accounts without consent. The government can now add and delete information they deem to need attention. The power to edit, remove, add, delete information, without citizen consent, is the feeling of a true authoritarian government making a strong move.

The bill allows the government to perform three types of data disruption. AU authorities will have unprecedented access to all accounts. Access is one thing and that is bad enough, but now the government can literally invade citizens’ privacy with zero recourse.

The Guardian reported,

“It is alarming that, instead of accepting the committee’s recommendations and allowing time for scrutiny of subsequent amendments, the Morrison government rushed these laws through parliament in less than 24 hours,” Pender said.

“While the safeguards for journalists and whistleblowers are welcome, they highlight the lack of wider entrenched safeguards for press freedom and free speech in Australia.”

The ability for federal agents to delete, copy, and modify citizens’ online accounts is now within the “legal” realm.

The government can impersonate its citizens, while using online accounts, to achieve tasks they deem worthy. This is a true infringement upon every AU citizen and it feels an awful lot like the movie 1984 coming to real life.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • The Entire Commonwealth has Fallen. The People of these Countries need to write their own Declaration of Independence. They can just copy ours. And Apply it.

  • Holy tyranny, Batman!
    I don’t see the people of Australia putting up with this for long.
    Don’t even think about trying it here.

    • That’s right Paula, although the Australian government recently disarmed most of the citizens. What are they going to fight with, harsh language?

    • Don’t be an ass, of course they try it and either succeed or a revolution will ensue with the loss of millions of lives. Just wait until their army of robot dogs and robot humanoids are strong enough to take on anyone, then say “it can’t happen here”.

      If everyone owned paintball guns with lots of ammo that might be effective, but we’re in for some serious wars in the near future.

      • Looks like I was too quick to Reply. Truth is “they” are already trying it here and succeeding so far: Covid 19, now Vaccinations that are even more dangerous to the vaxxed and unvaxxed; and soon Booster Shots, whoopee.
        So a simple airborne chemical released by our commie government and BigPharma will likely trigger all vaccinated fools and unvaxxed with poor immune systems to drop dead on the spot, who knows.
        What’s important to realize is we are already at war, but We the People seem oblivious to the fact. If we don’t get off our asses soon and march by the millions in protest and demands, we will surely be enslaved much worse than Australia.

    • Too bad they gave away their guns. Funny how this works. Australia used to be populated by tough Aussies. Now I guess they can just replace the A with a P… Pussies. (I’m half Australian)

    • When the tyrants control the vote, recalls are a fantasy. We’ll soon discover that in California.

      The people have let the tyrants get away with voter fraud, and now there’s no recourse but to shut the government down.

  • While I don’t agree with The Australian Government, at least they are open about it. The HYPOCRISY going on here is far worse. We always seem to see the bad in other places but NOT here at home.

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  • These F’er’s, faceas* and gobble, who put this wage shit on all these opinion polls need to be wiped off the face of the Earth!

  • The people will soon rise up and defeat the government take over, there will be bloodshed in the effort. LIVE FREE OR DIE.


  • Before this sort of thing can happen, you need to take away the “gun rights” of the citizens…oh yeah they did that… It’s going to get a LOT worse….

  • Many don’t realize that the CCP owns a great many businesses and real estate in Australia, to the point the Australian government has to pretty much do what they say. Look up the amount of Chinese influence in Australia. Nothing secret or conspiratorial about it.

  • The citizens of Australia lost their freedom when the government took their guns away. The first thing that occurred was a large increase in violent crime because criminals would not turn in their guns. Now the government knows that the people can do nothing to protect themselves from either the criminals or the government.
    The democrats in the U.S. are working hard to destroy our precious Second Amendment because they want to rule us like the people of Australia are being ruled.
    Our nation’s founders knew what they were doing when they wrote the Bill of Rights.

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  • 30 some years ago the Australians gave up their guns … now they wish they had them back ! Their Government has gone completely toward Communism ! The Citizens are so screwed and probably will never get their freedoms back !

    The USA Citizens must never give up their guns no matter what ! Having guns distributed within a population is insurance that We The People will always be in control of our destiny and government !

  • Yes, of course…after the leftist govt felt it disarmed enough citizens…this is what you get, plus will be much more in the future. Foolish citizens turned in their firearms.
    New Zealand more recently followed the same path, so another country never worth visiting or spending even one cent!

  • Did this bill pass into law or is it still in the legislature, even committee? We can’t tell from this piece. If enacted, it signals something I’ve been aware of for nearly a year–that Aussies are getting distorted information about conservatives like Trump administration making them love the cult and hate government representing law and order, freedom and due process. Why is there no attention in this article to individual freedoms lost, privacy invaded, government takeover demonstrated to be bad. This whole piece is a foggy mess, just like the wool being pulled over heads in America that Trump is a god-send and savior to ordinary people–HE’S NOT, the reason for his landslide defeat last year in America. Perhaps this issue will awaken Aussies to the possibility they should reject those who seek to grab power for dictatorial reign over a relatively successful western-style English-speaking country. One hopes citizens in either country will be alert henceforth that their freedoms are in jeopardy from power grabs of authoritarian types who want to rule over, not with, the people.

    • I’m not sure you know what the heck you’re talking about. On one hand you argue that Trump was arguing against law and order government, and on the other you talk about government power grabs. You’re not too clear in the head.

  • True Socialism in action. Remember what is going on in these socialist countries, the next time one goes don to the polls and thinks about voting for the deceitful, dishonest and corrupt Democrats.

  • Australia, was once thought of as the last frontier of rugged individualists, then they allowed their weapons to be confiscated, and now they are a nation of sheep, being sheared of their dignity and freedom. Where’s Crocodile Dundee, when you need him?

  • The citizenry of Australia gave up their guns over 30 years ago and now their Government Controls with Tyranny !


  • This is socialism in action. Australia won’t be the only country. Expect New Zealand to go the same way. All of Europe is comprised of socialist countries. There is no Democracy in any of these countries. Open up your mouth the wrong way, got to jail. The U.S. could follow. it will be up to the citizens not to let it happen, which is exactly why America has a 2nd amendment in their Constitution. To protect the citizens from the likes of Lying corrupt Quid pro King Joe and the liberal commie Democrats. When Corrupt Quid Pro and his court jesters come for the guns, they will have started the 2nd American Revolution.

    • I applaud Great Britain for dumping the EU and going it alone. What faceless bureaucrat in Belgium gives a F what anyone thinks in any particular country? When the people govern themselves closer to home there is accountability and they can possibly rid themselves of bad leaders – no way that they can do that with the EU.

  • Obviously if you have a lick of sense the solution becomes obvious. You try every possible means for a peaceful return to democracy, and if that doesn’t work, civil war becomes the only alternative. Time to organize time to take back your government BY FORCE OR LIVE UNDER SLAVERY. As one great American put it here, GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH.

  • Firearms or no firearms, we’ve seen large-scale demos in Australian cities (with tough police pushback). Zippo from the US, with all of our firearms. If Americans can’t be bothered to go downtown, march around, and carry a few signs, why do we think they’re gonna be up for street fighting when things just keep getting worse? The Boston Tea Party was the inspiration for the “shot heard round the world”. Also, the demos and protests were the way the resistance first got organized. The fact that the Left has the BLM and Antifa militias attacking every little protest that pops up anywhere ought to tell you what they’re afraid of.