Kyle Rittenhouse was recently acquitted of all charges. During the Kenosha, Wisconsin riots in August 2020, Rittenhouse was forced to defend himself. He was attacked by the mob. Rittenhouse had to shoot and kill two white men, and wound a third.

The jury pronounced Rittenhouse not guilty of all charges. He acted in self-defense. However, the corrupt mainstream media continue to exploit Kyle for their own disgusting narrative. As the puppet voice of the liberal Democrat Party, fake news keeps spewing lies for political gain.

However, the fake news mainstream media aren’t the only ones who have abused Kyle Rittenhouse’s situation. His own lawyers forced Kyle to remain locked behind bars for nearly three months. They said it was for his own safety.

Lin Wood and John Pierce, two attorneys handling Rittenhouse’s case from the outset, lied. Rittenhouse said that Wood was telling him that being in jail helped him raise money. This may or may not have been completely true.

What is true; however, is that within days after Rittenhouse was arrested for murder, the attorneys had raised well over $1 million. This was sufficient money to easily launch Kyle’s legal defense.

However, Rittenhouse was not released from jail until late November. Kyle was stuck in jail, without his family, for over two months. In an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson, Rittenhouse insists that Wood and Pierce used him for political gain.

Rittenhouse told Carlson that he was eventually made aware of a process that would have led to his release months sooner. Kyle told Carlson, “They could’ve had me sign the waiver for extradition and had me back in Wisconsin and I could’ve been bailed out by mid-September.”

Rittenhouse went on to insist that they wanted him in jail for the publicity. Kyle’s being in jail did nothing to help his defense. It helped these two self-promoting lawyers produce a narrative to benefit their own agenda.

Everyone from the mainstream media to Joe Biden has abused Kyle Rittenhouse. He’s been called a racist and white supremacist. He is neither. Kyle Rittenhouse is an innocent young man. Maybe even more shocking is how his own legal counsel took advantage of him.

The truth is, Kyle Rittenhouse was abused and misused throughout this whole terrible ordeal. He should have never been arrested to begin with. Shame on these people who will exploit the misfortune of others to perpetuate their own gain. It’s sickening.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I agree he should have been acquitted but he needs to stop lying about Lin Wood and Mr. Pierce. Mr. Rittenhouse’s parents should be arrested and charged with child abuse for allowing him to be in that situation to begin with he was a minor and because of their neglect he killed 2 people and injured another. this is him trying to get rich by telling lies about his attorney. He is a murderer but he did it legally it is still wrong.

    • How do you know if Kyle is lying about Lynn Woods or if his parents are abusive? Good gravy, you’re entitled to your opinion, but try to stick to the facts/truth.

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