The news about Bob Saget’s recent passing was both saddening and surprising. Beyond the sorrow surrounding Saget’s sudden death, a number of questions have surfaced. First, the circumstances in which Saget died were strange.

Initial reports indicated he died in his sleep. Apparently, while accurate in some sense, it’s only part of the story. Some speculated that Saget died of a heart attack. The first information that was made available mentions nothing about drugs or foul play being involved.

It appeared that Saget’s death was simply unfortunate and bewildering. Then, the report about Saget’s having experienced multiple head traumas surfaced. It’s now believed that his cause of death came from these blows to the head.

No one is certain how Saget could have received so many different blows. Speculation is that he may have fallen down and then lay down on his hotel bed. This is how his body was discovered. One arm was across his chest hinting at a possible heart attack. But Saget just never woke up.

But there’s now another interesting story surfacing about the beloved comedian’s death. A few months ago, Saget sat down for a podcast. The podcast was taped for the October 25th episode of Saget’s Here For You. Saget was talking with his wife, Kathy Rizzo.

The couple were discussing Saget’s proclivity for “head-bashing gangster movies”. Saget mentioned some of his favorites; The GodfatherScarfaceCasino, and GoodFellas. Then, the former Full House star said something ominous.

So, I don’t have long to live if these are your favorites.” “I’m going to be found dead in bed,” Saget said, with an expressionless stare. He was not joking. His tone was clearly serious. Remember, Saget was not known for drifting into expressionless, dark routines to get a laugh.

After all, Saget was best known as “America’s Dad”. Saget never gave any indication that he enjoyed the morbidly subtle innuendos used by more shock-and-awe comedians. This revelation adds more mysterious questions about how Saget may have actually died.

Orange County Medical Examiner, Dr. Joshua Stephany, finally ruled out an unexplained death by natural causes. The medical examiner still disqualifies drugs, alcohol, or foul play. However, Stephany did include a more definitive cause of death.

Dr. Stephany confirmed that Saget had died from a blow to the back of his head. But parts of Stephany’s autopsy report aren’t sitting well with other experts. World-renowned pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht has asked to do a second autopsy. Wecht says there are too many inconsistencies.

The key question is the magnitude of the head trauma. According to medical experts, these blows were more injurious than anything from a normal fall. The trauma was the equivalent of getting pummeled by a baseball bat, or falling 30 feet and landing on top of your head.

Regardless of the outcome of these investigations into Saget’s death, new questions have everyone’s attention. Is it simply ironic, or was it foretelling when Saget predicted how and where he would die? Even if his prediction only turns out to be prognosticative, it’s still eerie.


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