A jury convicted Jussie Smollett on five of six counts for perpetrating a hate crime hoax. Hopefully, Jussie will spend some time behind bars to contemplate his woeful lie. Most people were scratching their heads as soon as the first reports about the incident surfaced.

Many believed, from the very beginning, it took a special kind of ignorance to accept this as anything but a hoax. First, the whole caper went down at 2:00 AM. Not a big deal, except for some other weather-related factors present at 2:00 AM on January 29, 2019.

Chicago, and much of the upper Midwest, was engulfed in a frigid polar vortex. A polar vortex is a southward push of extremely cold arctic air. It was approximately 9 degrees outside in Chicago on the fateful morning, with a 12-mile-per wind to add a further chill to the air.

Weather pundits expressed that it was so cold outside, people should avoid talking. Seriously though, no one within the befuddled mainstream media found the irony in Jussie Smollett deciding to hike on down the street to grab a late-night snack.

Then, we consider the note sent to Smollett’s employment address a few days prior. It suggested that Smollett was the target of some vicious white supremacists. Why was he out alone? From this point, the believability of Smollett’s tall tale becomes even more unfathomable.

Not only was Smollett strolling around in dangerously frigid weather, so too were a pair of radical white Donald Trump supporters. Now, without drawing a political diagram to impress, most will accept that liberal Chicago is not a haven for MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters.

It’s just not. But, not only was Smollett braving the icy weather this cold January morn, this pair of radical Trump supporters were out as well. In addition, they picked this frigid night to purposefully stalk Jussie Smollett. In addition, they showed up with props.

Their prop of choice was a carefully crafted noose. It turns out this wasn’t the only prop this pair of pranksters used. Since they really weren’t white, they needed some strategically blended face paint to make them fit the part.

As Smollett’s trial unfolded, each of these odd coincidences were exposed for what they were; a hoax. However, one juror found the noose to be a key item in proving the insanity of the whole plot. Like Smollett, the juror is a black man.

He found one aspect of the whole noose portrayal as extremely suspicious. This person was the only person of color on the jury. However, what he felt must have weighed heavily during deliberations.

This juror, again, a black man, could not fathom how Smollett, or any other person of color for that matter, could hang a noose around their own neck. He found it more than just odd. The juror said it raised a clear red flag in his mind.

Andre Hope made his feelings clear. He said, “As an African American person, I’m not putting that noose back on at all.” As a fellow black man, Hope insisted that he would have ripped the noose off and never put it back around his neck, never.

This same odd detail also triggered suspicion in former Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. Johnson agreed with Hope. He felt this was such a strange thing for Smollett to do that it almost automatically proved something wasn’t right.

Andre Hope, and millions of other Americans, was confident that things just didn’t add up. One was the ability of a black man to easily slip a noose around his own neck. That wasn’t all. We’re still trying to figure out how hungry someone could be to venture out for a midnight snack during a polar vortex. Okay, so Jussie may have been hungry.

But as his hoax fell apart, he obviously thirsted for something else. He thirsted for attention. His thirst for notoriety, and to paint an evil picture of anyone who supports President Trump, backfired. It backfired miserably. At a time, when the liberal left tries to spew racial hatred and divide the nation, we need examples of truth.

Smollett is nothing of the kind. However, a nice stay at the local Cook County Jail might go a long way to helping project Smollett as a role model for truth. Smollett’s incarceration would be the perfect role model of truth for how not to help bring about racial unity.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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