Bill Gates created one of the most revolutionary technological advances in modern history. His Microsoft products have helped the world. But the real Bill Gates is far more than an innocent software developer. In fact, Bill Gates is actually rather creepy.

Gates is the perfect example of money and power going to a person’s head. Somehow, because he helped create a helpful piece of computer technology, he should automatically be afforded control over the planet.

Gates thinks he has an answer for his pet peeve, climate change concerns. So, what’s his solution? Gates thinks we should spray a synthetic cloud all over the earth to block out the sun and stop global warming. What could possibly go wrong with that strategy?

If that kooky suggestion isn’t enough, wacky Bill Gates thinks everyone should start eating “100 percent synthetic beef.” Remember, this is the same person who doesn’t hide his radical anti-population stance.

Do we think it’s a coincidence that the same person who pushes for to reduce the global population believes a vaccine could help achieve that end? Funny thing is, within two years of making this startling admission, the world spirals headlong into a deadly pandemic.

What was the primary strategy for dealing with a dangerous virus? Well, it was to vaccinate every living, breathing human being on the face of the earth. Does this sound too coincidental to be true? Please think again. Bill Gates is a rich geek, and a really creepy rich geek at that.

But now he’s become a world-renowned political expert. During a keynote conversation at the 2022 Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit, Gates made an astonishing prediction. He thinks the U.S. is headed for a hung election that will lead to another civil war.

It’s critical to consider this summit in the proper context. The Forbes 400 Summit is full of really bizarre and immensely wealthy liberal elites. Not all of them subscribe to the radical progressive ideology, but the vast majority does. Gates is one of the more radically progressive in the group.

Gates was forced to answer a question addressing a Robert Kennedy Jr. book about his involvement in eugenics. Gates said, “One of the best-selling books last year was a book by Robert Kennedy, saying that I like to make money and kill millions of people with vaccines.”

He didn’t dispute the author’s belief, other than to denounce everything as “misinformation.” Are Gates’ own words about excessive global population misinformation as well? Oddly enough, Gates also has a staff who track the web for things connected to the radical geek.

Why would anyone need to keep track of people who disagree with their wild ideas? Probably no one would, unless, of course, these wild ideas really are true. Gates finished by insisting that, “We’re going to have a hung election and a civil war.”

Gates is not a scientist, a medical doctor, or a political analyst. But millions of people watched as he offered radical advice during the pandemic. But remember, this same creepy rich dude predicted a global pandemic five years before it happened.

Does Gates know something the rest of us don’t? Is he already pushing buttons behind the scenes to trigger a civil war? When will the world realize that Bill Gates is dangerous? Many believe Gates is already dangerously insane, and these types of comments prove it.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Bill Gates is a threat to humanity. He is insane. He really thinks he should rule the world and has the money to do great damage. I suspect that Gates and Soros are close friends.

  • Seems like he better get a better fort then the old Cheyenne Mountain NORAD bunker because I’d sat the nimrod will be on the top 10 list of one or even both sides of a civil war here. He has less chance of surviving a second American cifil war then Hitler,had of surviving WWII. (I just don’t get why we didn’t put the Jap Emperor to sleep, though).

    Better dig in good and deep Billy boy. Any private army you may have and all your gold is not going to stop people that deal in lead.

  • Bill Gates is nothing but a college dropout who’s parents made a lot of money creating “UNPLANNED PARENTHOOD” so that they could kill off ALL the black babies that were destined to be born. They paired up with Margaret Sanger who’s stated goal was to do this!! Don’t believe me?? Look up Sanger’s Wikipedia!! Bill Bob Gates is living off his parents income. How do you think he could afford to drop out off college?? HE HAS NO MEDICAL DEGREE AND ALL 4 OF HIS COMPANIES CREATED AND PUSHED THAT COVID NARRATIVE ALONG WITH THAT POS NON-VACCINE so that HE could further KILL OFF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE TO BRING TO PASS HIS MENTALLY CHALLENGED IDEAS OF EUGENICS!!! HE, KLAUS SCHWAB, GEORGE SOROS & that CREEPY little minion that parades as a DR (the Israeli cretin) who’s just beside himself with glee bc so many have been VACCINATED and will die shortly!!! WE MUST ALL DEMAND NUREMBERG 2.0 AND DANZAK, COLLINS, FRAUDCI, BARIC ALL NEED TO HANG FOR THEIR CRIMES!!!

  • Looking forward to it, if you commies make it happen, Bill.

    Sure hope to see you on the wargrounds. But you won’t see me.

  • Bill gates did not create the initial products of Microsoft – try reading where he stole it from his college roommate.

  • Gates is one of the largest land owners in the USA. His land once fed cattle. Now he wants a smaller world population, people vaccinated with a gateway vaccine, people to eat synthetic beef, and he supplies most global governments with technology. Do the math.

  • Bill Gates wants everyone to eat synthetic meat.? The human body will die with complications from his crap.
    Protein from real meat is what the human body needs in order to survive but Gates has other plans to eliminate people.
    And he also wants an artificial cloud to block out the sun.? Everyone gets vitamin E from the sun, so eliminating the sun will kill off every living thing on earth just like it did millions of years ago when the dinosaurs died off.
    Is Gates and Sorros the Anti-Christ and his minion and should they be assassinated real soon.
    If they want a Civil War then so be it, that maybe the solution America needs to eliminate the Communist.

    • Gates is a supporter of the UN “Agenda 21” which calls for “depopulating” meaning to re-wilderness two thirds of the continental United States. Not Canada or Central America, just the US.
      He claims his proposed experiment to put a several million ton dust cloud in the stratosphere is needed because science does not have an understanding of how beneficial it could be in cooling the Earth.
      Well, the answer already exists. Like you mention, that kind of cloud killed off the dinosaurs.
      In 1783, Laki Volcano in Iceland erupted, killing most of the island’s live stock and the resulting famine killed a quarter of the population. Tens of thousands in Great Britain also died.
      In 1815 the eruption of Mt Tambora in Indonesia spread ash across the world. It resulted in 1816 being known as the “year without summer.” Diminished sunlight led to crop failures world wide, as well as violent storms and abnormally high rainfall across Europe.
      In 1883, Krakatoa exploded with similar results in many regions. The 1991 Mt Pinatubo ash clouds cooled global temperatures for nearly three years.

  • Dr. Death Fauci and Dr. Frankenstein Bill Gates didn’t murder enough with their COVID misinformation and Death Jab so he wants a war to help with his Depopulation Agenda. All I have to say about that is he and the rest of the Depopulation Globalists will be the ones taken out first to cut off the money flow to their private army

  • Republicans won the first Civil War against Democrats. That was before Democrats became anti-gun and disarmed themselves. So, bring it if it must come but expect no mercy if you come.



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